SB2: Early small losses are huge


I’m in.

Current weight 110kg.

My story:

Always been big for my height. When younger, played soccer (cant call it football – just not right), rugby, cricket, squash, swam, sailed, biked, fished etc all through school and university – played hard, ate hard, drank hard and (apparently) studied a bit. A serious knee injury along with a career, wife and family has gradually curtailed activity to the point where I find myself the wrong side of 50, and trading the right kind of of body condition (muscle) for the wrong type (flab). Clothes that were comfortable in the right places now don’t fit in all the wrong places, and commuting daily from south of the Bombay’s to the big smoke daily for work is cutting into available time for physical activity.

With type II diabetes a genetic risk, time to get real and I know that it wont happen without some kind of disclosure – I’ll just keep kidding myself otherwise.

Managed to hit 92kg for my wedding day but have been nowhere close since to guess if I need a stretch (shrink) target, it should be that. Lets give it a go – nothing offered, nothing gained (lost)!



A lot of us have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s in our family.  Changes we make today can have major payback later.

Even if you’re not “too heavy” now, or you are “healthy fat”, you’re actually taking out a loan you may never get to pay back.

Personally, I have heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s in my direct bloodlines.


I’ve notices some of you are posting your early results.  And I saw someone who in on week lost more than I had in 3.  My initial reaction was to want to compete, but I talked myself out of that.  It’s not a race with others – it’s a steady race with yourself.

2.0 may not look like a large number, but walk to the fridge and hold a 2 litre milk bottle.

2 kg is an awesome amount of weight actually.

So small numbers have huge impact on your life.

milk jug-500x500


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  • RobT

    Eat a good breakfast…whole grain bread/ cereal/ fresh fruit / tea or coffee. Loose the sugar.
    Eat a small lunch no fatty stuff..loose the sugar.
    Eat a reasonable sensible dinner, no pudding,preferably before 6pm. Loose the sugar.
    No supper maybe only a tea or coffee. Loose the sugar.
    Try and go to bed feeling non full, even a tad hungry..don’t ever go and raid the fridge during the night.
    Watch the scales every morning without fail…any loss quietly celebrate, any gain, mental note to self for next day, cut back and up the exercise a bit.
    If you can reduce under this regime…it is your new life plan.
    When you do get back to the real goal weight you will be able to do the odd pig out now and then…but then straight back to you daily discipline of watching your scales and your input/ output.
    Try it! Works for me…I’m a closet fatty in remission.

    • Wallace Westland

      This is good advice TY. Stuff I know but don’t really implement.
      Think I’ll pop this comment on the fridge for a few days.

      • RobT

        Hope you do and it inspires you.
        It’s all about a bit of discipline at the end the day.

  • Garbageman

    Proud of all you brave people, at 6’4 and having now breached my 40s things are not all where i remember them to be and the line i hear is, oh you can pull it off because of your height, is getting old to me especially when the clothes you enjoy wearing are feeling more like a wetsuit than anything else, anyway keep up the good work, im well due for a lifestyle change but need to sort some things out first with luck i will join in for Blubbergedon #3
    Edit…damn its quite hard pushing the save button when you disclose even a small bit of yourself, good luck all

  • caochladh
    • wooted

      I was put off going to a gym because of the bad reputation they seemed to have. However, the one I go to (Activ8) is totally opposite to the stereotype. It is mainly a fitness & health gym, with single people or groups doing mainly cardio, stretching and eating healthily under the guidance of trainers.

      Everyone, staff and clients, is positive and supportive of everyone around them. I turned up At age 64, weighing 128kg, and totally sedentary, unfit, and the lungs of a heavy smoker from age 15 to 55. I spent significant periods lying on the ground sweating, gasping and groaning. No one ever told me to harden up, or looked down on me. Nothing but encouragement. Another advantage was not having to sign up for long periods.

      So if you need structured support, like I do, give it a try. Many offer cheap boot camps for people who want to give it a go. Try it, all you’ve got to lose is your weight.

      • Wallace Westland

        That’s really cool. I hated gyms, used to go in a different lifetime but gave up. Thought the people were arrogant and rude..and it was hilarious in a way as I was the fittest person (according to the trainer that did my assessment) in there…including the aerobics instructor.
        Of course in my rugby shorts and black singlet I didn’t quite fit the mould for the Spandex wearing yuppies of the late ’80’s.
        I never got over it and won’t go back. But that’s just me.
        I’m loving this.
        I was going on a diet and exercise regime anyway, had it all planned for Monday and Pete posted Blubbergedon on Sunday night. I’ve never had timing like that before!

        • Mrs_R

          I was on the bike (at the gym…), and I thought of you :) I figured I would keep you company. Knowing you were doing 30 mins a day on the bike I thought I would do the same. Let me know if this changes. It’s always nice to know someone else is keeping you company doing the hard yards :)

          • Wallace Westland

            Aww awesome….that’s why I’m doing this…I keep thinking of everyone else too so TYVM. I’ll keep it up :-)
            Got two 20min sessions in on bike with my 2kg dumbbells today, first time I’ve tried them, 15 min first time and 5 mins second (lol the pain)
            I come from a hard physical background, I’m used to pain to get work fit, good peasant stock I am. I don’t know if my self training self diet will work but it used to lol.
            When the saddle doesn’t hurt my bum so much I’m hoping to get up to two hours a night on it. (Not so sure about swinging the dumbbells for that long though)

  • Hedgehog

    Pete, can I be in? Never been keen on the group thing, always been a lone wolf kind of guy when it comes to personal goals. Which of course means I have failed miserably. I’ve been fighting the weight for a long time. In the past the body has always managed to work off my excesses – like food and wine far too much, But recently I’ve been fighting a debilitating a resurgence of a form of arthritis known as AS (ankylosing spondylitis). Was diagnosed it 20, maybe 30 years ago and couldn’t understand the problem, few anti-inflammatories and all was good with the world. But it’s been draging me down over the past couple of years. A year on prednisone and I went from 98KG to 113KG. Off the horrible stuff now, and I’ve manged to drop a few KGs, now 110KG. But I’m finding it tough controlling my poor me impulses. I find it far too easy to drink the extra couple of glasses of wine, or stuff the extra bit of food in the gob. What do I need to do to sign up? I’ve seen the posts but have by-passed them (in denial).

    • Wallace Westland

      Email [email protected]. when he get’s it he’ll reply to you with a link to the spread sheet. Fill it out and you’re in. Some peeps make a new email and nickname to enter in the spreadsheet cos not everyone wants other readers to know who they are but like a lot of us you’ve said your story.
      Come on in Hedgy.

      • Hedgehog

        Thanks Wallace. I’ve emailed Pete. So willing to give it a go. Cheers

        • Wallace Westland

          Good luck :-)

  • Wallace Westland

    Awww come on! A 110kg….surely someone out there can take the crown off me? :-)
    Welcome aboard FatMansTrack and good luck with your goals.

    • FatMansTrack

      Thanks WW. 110kg doesnt sound huge but still casts a shadow that I am not proud of.

  • la la land

    It was the thought of this group working really hard to lose weight that just stopped me buying a magnum in the dairy with my kids for dessert tonight… So glad I did – a cup of tea does just the same thing but without the fat and sugar!

    • Wallace Westland

      Nice one. Go you :-)

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    Have to agree with Pete in that it is not a race. Each of us will lose at a different rate. Even if one’s weekly loss is small, the important thing is that over time it all adds up.
    As to exercise, walking is good. Don’t need to bust a gut but it has to be a sweaty walk. Ideally 40 minutes but if you haven’t the time, even 20 minutes will help.