Sean Hannity vs Anjem Choudary – Cleric Reveals Roots Of Terror Culture

Watch Sean Hannity debate Anjem Choudary, the mad imam from the UK, who wants and demands sharia law for all of the UK and indeed Europe.

Following the horrific attack at the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper that left 12 people dead, radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary took to social media in defense of the killers’ motivations.

You can watch the volatile exchange by clicking on the video above — a clash that clearly reveals Muslim radicals’ extreme thinking that feeds the Islamic terror culture.

Hannity finished up by stating:

I still think you are an evil SOB…but I really want people to hear you.


– Western Journalism


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  • Captain Darling

    I think “debate” is a bit wide of the mark, Choudary’s not interested in answering questions, just a chance to spout his usual islamic nonsense.

  • Wendy

    How any men have been stoned to death for adultery?

    • Nechtan

      No where near as many as women who are raped then stoned for adultery.

    • pirate vs ninja

      Would that be more acceptable?
      How about child rapists and the ferals that kill their kids? Would we be ok with stoning them to death?

      • Wendy

        You have totally misunderstood my comment.

        Choudary says that Sharia calls for adulterers, both men and women to be stoned to death. Well we know plenty of women are being stoned to death for adultery, but men? Not so many. In other words, despite him saying that the Sharia treats men and women equally in this issue, the truth is very different. He is trying to suggest that women are being treated equally, but that is just a blatant lie.

  • Whafe

    Debate is back n forward discussion of ideas and sharing views. Choudary is far from capable of doing this…
    Still waiting to hear from these Moderate Muslim Clerics sell to me this is a religeon of PEACE, not a religeon of terror, violence etc etc

    • DangerMice

      We heard it from the horses mouth; submission, not peace

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I note that Choudary would not answer the questions directly.
    What a great interview to use in the learning of how manipulative communication Choudary utilises ~ he said a lot of words but very little of substance.

    About stoning he did say it applies to men also if evidenced hmm can anyone find any examples of men being stoned I have NEVER came across any examples of this occurring?

    So if these Islamic types want to live the way Choudary proposes then why is he in UK go set up a world in one of their countries and have a mass exodus from the other countries, also allowing those who do not wish to live among them to leave safely, that is not likely and I think he spoke public lies and promotes the evil behind the public camera

    Listening to that if Choudary is an example, to me his Islamic religion is nothing but a bully trying to take the toys off others that the others forefathers worked for .

    • mike

      Men are stoned, but they are only buried up to their waist… if you can get out the stoning stops.

      Women are buried much deeper making it almost impossible for them to get themselves out.

      • Nige.

        Well what a sophisticated bunch.. Why oh why would anyone give credibility to a religion so primitive… Yet they love our modern technologies.

  • Meta

    Sadly it’s not just radical Muslims who want Sharia – Gallup polls consistently show that about 70% of Muslims worldwide want Sharia incorporated into the law of the country.

    • symgardiner

      And that is the real problem.

      • spanishbride

        Yes the real problem is that Moderate Muslims may not want terrorist violence but they support Sharia Law which has violent punishments for crimes such as cutting off hands and feet for theft. Stoning/ death for adultery, being homosexual, being raped ( same as adultery in their twisted eyes ) Women’s rights are a joke in Sharia law. Can only inherit half what a man can inherit but only if Muslim. Domestic violence is ok under most circumstances as a man is allowed under Sharia to beat his wife. Yes in comparison they seem the lesser of the two evils but their law is in direct opposition to our western laws. The fact that the UK has Sharia courts spells the end to western rights and values as they have mixed oil with water and the two are totally incompatible.
        Think about this for one minute. A moderate Muslim may say I do not support violence against Charlie Hebdo but they do think that people should not criticise or make fun of Mohammed. If they do not want us to have the freedom to criticise then they are against freedom of speech, a key foundation of democracy. Unless they defend our right to disagree with their views they are not moderate at all.Freedom of speech is not a minor point to be given away lightly.

        • symgardiner

          A few days ago someone made a comment basically saying that they are increasingly uncomfortable with the plight of 2 billion other humans on earth – namely those in Muslim countries. It raises two interesting issue…
          1) We don’t accept particular behaviour in some countries and we impose sanctions. But is the behaviour in say Nth Korea any worse than those in Saudi Arabia (i.e. the blogger beatings) or the UAE (tourist imprisonment for being raped)? Shouldn’t sanctions be imposed on countries like this – especially when they are funding this extremism in other countries.
          2) The western-democracy approach is not without its flaws. The US and Ferguson being a current case. However despite those flaws at least we can actually criticise authorities when they go to far.

          • Albert Lane

            Can you imagine the radio talkback session every weekday in Saudi Arabia. Now here are some of the things they wouldn’t be able to talk about……. No, it’s quicker to list the things they are allowed to talk about. That would probably take about ten seconds. If that.

        • pirate vs ninja

          It’s also their human right, SB, to not want us to have freedom of speech. We’re ok that they disagree with our way of life. That’s the greatest irony. If the West’s laws were less liberal, the growth of this extremism may have been halted years ago.

    • Radical Islam IS Islam ………

  • Karma

    That second tweet explains how they could send an innocent child to do their bidding for them, and not feel the slightest remorse.

  • cows4me

    The issue will have to be forced, the west just can’t sit around and listen to this crap. This clown should be taken to some Muslim hell hole and left to his own devices and when his deluded supports stand up, they to can share the same fate. The security agencies know many of the top radical nut jobs. Of course our laws state they need to draw first blood before action can be taken. Clearly first blood has been drawn, anyone that has shown previous radical leanings should be rounded up. If stoats are in the hen house you don’t wait for the stoat to kill all the chickens.

  • The disgrace is that that can make a mockery of free speech rights to stand u and spout their vile hate speech while at the same time defending / encouraging the murder of innocent people that have a different view to them.

  • Nechtan

    If Sharia law is so awesome, why is Choudary living in the west? He demands that people follow his religions rules (not to insult the prophet, among others) but makes no concessions to the common rights and freedoms enjoyed by the peoples of western nations. Condones death for insulting the prophet, adultery etc… (its called murder in the west, Anjem). He wants his cake (to live in the west) and to eat it (Sharia) the intolerant git.

    • mike

      He doesn’t want to live by Sharia law… he wants everyone else to. He wants to be the boss who gets to enjoy life, not the pleb who endures it.

      Much like socialism the head honchos do not live by the ideals they demand their “comrades” live by.

  • WCMiner

    Surely this constitutes hate speech? Where are the Greens and Labour coming out against the statements that gays and lesbians should die?
    Again, if Sharia is so good and they enjoy it so much, move back to the middle east and the old testament times, mix up some camel dung and straw and get comfortable in the mud hut without western conveniences and enjoy life how it should be lived.

  • Thersites

    In 1946, in the first trial of the major Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg, one of the defendents was Julius Streicher. Between 1923 and 1945 he was the publisher of a weekly magazine called the “Sturmer” which was devoted to stories and cartoons (often semi-pornographic) stirring up hatred against the Jews. He held no position in the SS and never personally injured a Jew, however he was found guilty of crimes against humanity on the basis that his constant incitement of hatred made him an accomplice in genocide. He was found guilty and hanged.

    Yet in the UK and other western countries we see these Moslems freely allowed to preach hatred and radicalise younger Moslems. Sometimes I feel that the political authorities in the UK and other western countries are so foolish and cowardly that they deserve to live as dhimmis, as their children and grandchildren very likely will.

  • Bobb

    Why is Choudary still walking the earth? Don’t they ever learn?

  • Salmon Rushdie points out that this guy is regarded as a clown and a joke who survives only because he is given oxygen by the media.
    I think i can buy that.

    • Dave_1924

      I think Salmon Rushdie has it wrong with regard Anjem ….. the guys who killed Lee Rigby, they were influenced by Choudry. He is an articulate, well educated and cunning man.

      There are a lot of videos of him on the web. The thing about all of them is he never rants, he never loses his temper and he just repeats his consistent message ” we want the world under Islam and Sharia. it is Gods way and all is justified in dealings with the non-believer”

      Dismissing him as a clown is allowing him to continue to operate uncontested because calling him a clown means you don’t need to take him seriously.

      And he does it all on the British taxpayer as he doesn’t work and draws benefits for his family.

      Never underestimate the heart of darkness as a little shadow in the corner…. its just waiting its chance to smooth all the light in the world…

  • Albert Lane

    Did you listen to Sean Plunket on Radio Live this morning? His topic was islamic terrorism. Kerre McIvor didn’t even mention terrorism on her ZB programme, and that astounded me. Her topic was life jackets etc. But Sean was so soft on his many pro-Muslim callers who insisted that Islam was a religion of peace, and it was really the West that had was at fault, by invading Muslim lands and killing thousands of Muslims. I give up.

  • Teko Flaps

    All guys like this fool run their Mosques like businesses-this guy Choudary is worth millions of millions of dollars and loves this kind of publicity.

  • Rob

    Say hello to Andy Choudray. as a student lawyer he loved to get drunk on cider.He now refuses to work, so the British taxpayer subsidise his lifestyle.
    The British government will not offend this man because they are sheep. David Cameron and tony Blair should be locked up for the way that they have destroyed Britain,
    Welcome to Londonistan!!!