What side is the petrol cap on?


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  • Wallace Westland

    Stupid people….world’s full of them! Sigh.

    • Carl

      And they drive on the roads.

      • Nige.


        • johcar

          If you think about it, on 20 September 2014, stupid people didn’t vote…

  • caochladh

    The indicator beside the fuel pump on the fuel gauge shows what side the fuel tank is on…..

    • Reaper

      Somehow I don’t think that would have helped her.

    • 1951

      Oooooh so it does!!! Just checked both our vehicles….you are so right.
      (pssst! there should be a law against small print)

      • caochladh

        You will also notice that the petrol nozzle is pointing to the top of the pump in typical “duh!” symbolism.

        • 1951

          Now look here Caochladh, how else are they going to put nozzle when the other side of the symblolized pump is already serving a purpose? Am I to take OFFENCE at the ‘Duh!’

          • caochladh

            Yes, of course you should be offended at the sneaky and underhand way they brought your attention to this vital information.

          • 1951

            Yes, that’s right. Sneaky, and underhand can catch a person unaware. I think I’ll just go and have a wee drop of Glayva to settle the nerve while I contemplate that.

          • caochladh

            Very nice! Now, if you want to send the nerves to Arizona, try 1/3 John Jamieson, 1/3 Irish Mist and 1/3 Baileys in a large glass over ice.

          • 1951

            Oh dear, forget about Arizona, that may send me over the top. I will keep it in mind though.

          • caochladh

            There used to be an ad on TV years ago about sending your sinuses to Arizona. My dear old departed Irish Mother used to mix this concoction prior to retiring, saying she was off to Arizona.

    • Carl

      Just checked and it has not got that.

    • Moonroof

      Er, nope.

      • Nige.

        in the absence of an acual arrow, does the needle itself point to the correct side? for interests sake?

        • Moonroof

          No, not that either, filler cap is on the right hand side. Which gets me on the odd occasion I have to use a work wagon. They’re not.

        • Steve (North Shore)

          At the bottom it does sat ‘Later’

        • caochladh

          Some earlier vehicles had the pump on the side of the gauge that the filler cap was on.

      • Greg M

        I’m a nope as well. Now I’m really confused.

        • Moonroof

          A bit OT, but what vehicle does one buy now that has simple black and white instrument dials that don’t make dash look like a cheap shiny stereo from a discount store?

      • simon

        I thought on these ones, it’s the hose on the pump graphic that shows which side. Ie on this one, the hose is on the right of the pump so you need to have the pump on the left hand side of your car.

  • Tippex

    This degree of ‘stupid’ is truly impressive.

    • Imogen B

      And sadly not that rare!

  • peterwn

    Misery is where the only free bay is opposite the fuel cap, so you choose a bay where the customer has hung up the nozzle, then the customer takes an age to go to the toilet, buy a pie (and hopes he forgets to blow on the pie – safer communities etc), etc, etc.

    • Skydog

      At work a few weeks ago, we were talking about inventions we have thought of that but not yet developed. I thought how great it would be to have a touch screen at the pump so you could order a coffee, pie etc when the car is filling. You go into the store and pay for your petrol and coffee order which is waiting or wont be long.

      This would speed up time at the pump keeping lanes free.

  • dgrogan

    Don’t most filling stations these days have super long hoses on stilts to help people like this out?

  • 1951

    Don’t laugh! Poor lady. My last visit to the Mainland I grabbed a $5 plus fuel deal with StandbyCars. Was given a 4 bed campervan to return to Auckland which was somewhat larger than I had anticipated. Never the less I needed to see people en-route so what-the-hell. Due to the arrival of a plane load of Japanese also wanting to travel the same way, I said I’d be fine and so drove off with-out the usual once-over.
    Well when I reached the beautiful Rai Valley I thought I had better top-up. Fine…but where…..how…..what……??? Next time you walk past a 4 bed Maui van, see if you can find the fuel cap.

    • Greg M

      Behind the (open) passenger door on the one we hired. Took me 40 mins and two phone calls to find it.

      • 1951

        So pleased to hear that it is not just me doing the ‘duh!’ thing.

    • Nige.

      hope you had some Rai Valley bacon while you were there!

      • 1951

        Nige, I was beside myself with anxiety, almost a nervous wreck. Bacon may well have helped the situation had I known at the time. Next time I will keep that in mind ;)

    • jcpry

      I got coaught out by a Daihatsu rental once. Had to drop it off at Wellington airport with the usual full tank. Obviously I could see the flap but for the life of me couldn’t find the release. After fussing around for what seemed like an eternity and with visions of the plane leaving I found it and completed the fill.
      As I came back to the car there was another guys going through the same rigmarole with the same type of car. Being the nice guy I am I told him where it was but it was a close run thing.

  • lesson 1. look at your petrol gauge. On the gauge there is an arrow beside the pic of a pump. The arrow points to the side of the car where the inlet is located. This person obviously comes from wainui or naenae. Jeez – we are surrounded by morons.

    • Just a thought …

      Wow , been driving for 40 yrs and never knew that. Off out to check my car so I can confirm your assertion ………

    • Carl

      Not got that in the work van

    • Saggy

      Well I’ll be. Thx Noel I never knew that. Just went and checked and sure enough there it was. Ok fess up folks – who’s just been to the garage?

    • Imogen B

      The fuel inlet is on the same side of the steering wheel as the fuel gauge is.

    • Sorry but that is incorrect…on my truck the graphic says right hand side, the cap is on the left.

      • Saccharomyces

        Wow, for real? Is it a Ford or Holden perchance? Sounds like a QA failure to me.

    • Clutch Cargo

      Just went and checked all four family vehicles. 08 Ranger had the arrow on the fuel gauge, 96 Bighorn, no arrow but gauge on side of filler, 97 Cefiro, no arrow but gauge on side of filler, 96 Mazda 323, no arrow but gauge on side of filler. I have had other vehicles with gauge on opposite side of filler so about a 70% pattern emerging.

  • jude

    Oh dear! I remember watching an old Ab Fab tv show where they both went to France to taste wine! At the end of their wine tasting which was more like a ” taste everything twice” , Saunders got back into the car and swore because someone had stolen the steering wheel! It was on the other side☺️

  • Nige.

    Dont use perscription medication and drive.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    My head hurts. Left or right tank filler does not matter, and if you don’t know then stop driving. Left or right of the road comes to mind, do the stupid know? will they ever know?

  • OAP

    On the petrol gauge, the pump is on the same side as it is on the vehicle…mere woman knew that but can’t change a puncture…DUH

    • D.Dave

      I can attest that this is incorrect. We have 3 vehicles that have no correlation between the wee pump symbol on the Gauge and the actual cap.

      • Almost all modern vehicles have a little arrowhead NEXT to the pump symbol to tell you which side the cap is on.

        You’re welcome.

        • Kelvin

          I never knew that. I’ve always checked the car first to find out, before I drove it for the first time.

        • TreeCrusher

          My Audi does not have this.

    • Imogen B

      Thought that too, but checking my own vehicle, the gauge is in the middle. Oh, how to confuse a blonde!

    • No it isn’t, trap for noobs.

  • DrFix

    I drive a few vehicles. I usually pop the release before I get to the petrol station, then check the side mirrors to find which side the flap is on.

    • Saggy

      Make sure you don’t pop the hood. The side mirrors won’t help.

  • Rodger T

    I watched a woman do this at my local a few months ago ,much to my and the cashiers amusement.

  • Funny, have late model merc, no arrow on the pump symbol and a 20 year old MG – no arrow either. Guess I just have to remember which side the cap is on. Duh.

  • Dog Breath

    How many have rented a car then have spent time at the pump trying to figure out how the fuel cap works.

  • TreeCrusher

    The police should be focusing on people like this. Imagine relying on this person to take evasive action during an emergency at 100 km/hr, deaths, for sure.

  • jonno1

    My theory is that the filler cap is on the opposite side to the driver’s side for the country of origin, eg for European cars it’s on the right (even for RHD), for Japanese cars it’s on the left. That works for our cars anyway, and for the Honda in the clip. It means you don’t get trapped by the pump if you park too close.

    • jcpry

      We have two Mazdas – one left, one right. That’s another theory busted.

  • Lord_Montrose

    All my cars have had the fuel cap on the left, where it should be in NZ.
    A guy in a BMW with a right hand fuel cap (probably an import from some weird country) glared at me because I had driven to the far pump of two, so he couldn’t park the wrong way in front of me and hold me up.

  • Asian_driver

    get an old Jag , filler caps both sides, problem solved

    • jonno1

      Or an HQ Holden (my very first brand-new car), where it’s in the centre behind the number plate.

  • Cambo

    pop your cap as you pull in if you don’t have the indicator bar on your fuel gauge. Then look in your side mirrors.. ta da!

  • Will Travers

    Just think if we could get all the drivers like that off the road you would be able to safely increase all the speed limits by 10-20 kph!

  • disqus_iFuU9ZxTgP

    “People come into shop. I know they smoke the naughty cekareet and take long time to order. I say you too slow and have crispy duck. Sit down!”