Sir Robbo on ageing


Bob Jones is a national treasure.  Don’t ask him questions unless you’re prepared to listen to what he really thinks.  Here is is take on standing on your wallet to look sexy when you’re older

You’ve been married a lot and had a lot of different partners: how do you charm the women you’ve been with?

I don’t set out to charm women, but I’ll tell you one thing – they like laughter, but they don’t like pranks.

I quite like women and permanent relationships but it never lasts that long. They last about seven or eight years but we all stay great friends and holiday together.

I’ve never understood monogamy. It seems to be unnatural for me. Variety is the spice of life. Blondes. Brunettes. That sort of thing. I’ve had all sorts of races and that.

Girlfriends everywhere.

Am I good to them? Of course I am. I’m good to everyone. Absolutely, women keep you young. Having it off all the time does. It’s absolutely critical.

Ah yes.  Good to them.  The easiest way to look sexy.


– Sarah Stuart, NZ Herald


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  • Saggy

    I’ve tried explaining all this to Mrs Saggy but she just doesn’t get it.

  • Mythrandir

    Top Bloke.

  • colin herbertson

    I remember a few years back we were doing some work at his head offfice building, People like him usually don’t take much notice of us blue collar types but this boilermakers son actually invited us in for a beer,office staff all attractive young women from a variety of countries,good taste in art too,

    • Michael_l_c

      Indicates he is probably a good boss, good leader & interested in you.
      Most people have value & something interesting to say & someone who has punched a journalist definitely is interesting. I envy your opportunity. m

  • “fat women, skinny women, ones with pimples ” He is a hoot. A national treasure not. He has his warts as we all do. Cantankerous, like able and a good read.

    • Alright

      What are you on, or on about?