Slater: Losing is like kissing nana and she slips the tongue in


This morning I was on Radio Live with Mark Sainsbury to discuss my upcoming boxing match with Jesse Ryder.

I still find it amusing that Jesse Ryder has never heard of me.

When I heard he said that, I thought great it seems I’m up against a deaf and blind guy…shouldn’t be too hard.

Training has commenced…I have some weight to shed, and aerobic fitness to improve, along with my punching power.

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  • john Doe

    People who are not team players tend to live in their own little bubble. However in Ryders case the knock he took in Christcurch may well have dislodged a couple of his marbles. Give it heaps Cam. Enjoy the occasion.

  • Huia

    Good luck Cam, wondered about Ryders head injury though. It will be an experience though and maybe a forerunner to a bout with Tricky Nicky. I bet he would win a fight by a hundred yards.

    • Isherman

      How about a forerunner to a bout with Wrongly Wrongson, that would draw a good crowd, heck, I reckon even Lynn Prentice would be cheering for Cams corner on that one.

      • Huia

        I would probably join in with that and put the boot in as well.

    • Mrs_R

      That’s the troubling part. If Cam lands a punch that causes further concerns to Ryder’s existing head injury, you know the limelight won’t be on Ryder’s poor decision making for choosing to get into the ring, instead it will be all Cam’s fault for hurting him.

      • spanishbride

        That has been exactly my concern from the start. No one these days takes responsibility for their actions. The MSM will blame Cam if Jesse is hurt. If Cam is hurt they will say it served him right for getting in the ring with a younger man who is a sports person.

    • Rick H

      Hagar looks very ill.
      He would probably be a bit like “Cecil Coffey” – start falling to the mat before the blow hits him.

  • Bartman

    It’s interesting that the MSM have now (finally) given you some air time that does not involve the words “attack blogger”, about time they pulled their heads out of the sand and started to give some credit for the way in which the new media operates – openly, honestly, and with far less bias.
    In terms of the fight, I hope you knock Ryder for 6 as I loath people with obvious talent who proceed to piss it up against the ‘failure wall’. Not the Kiwi way!

    • Yeah it is “hard hitting” blogger…

  • Pita

    I’m sure Sainsbury meant Cojones…According to urban dictionary Kahunas means “Big Tits!”…or just maybe he’s shaping up for a round or two with Cam.

  • Tom

    He’ll be a tough opponent. Strong, with outstanding hand eye coordination

    • Davo42

      True that, but Rider’s down fall and usual weakness is his beer to mouth ratio. Good on them both for manning up and “doing a lot of good work for charity”.

    • hookerphil

      Yes, I agree, he has outstanding eye to hand coordination, will be very fast with the hands, moving in slowly wanting to land a big one will not work.

      • Tom

        A natural sportsman too. If he keeps off the beersies and actually trains, Cam might see stars. Cam has big brass balls for giving this a go

        • Valid Point

          I agree. Cam has a real chance of being casually flicked over the long-on boundary in this one. Gutsy call though and is making me look long and hard at my unemployed, bludger running shoes.

    • Look on Youtube for his last fight and see if you still say that.

      • Tom

        Shall do

  • Grocersgirl

    Also practice your nasty look!

    • Dave

      Excellent idea, see if you can channel Angry Andrew. If you can master his angriness that should have Ryder on the run.

    • caochladh

      The aunty H death stare should do it……..

      • pak

        From the photo at the head of this article Cam looks like he has an excellent death stare already. Though Aunty H’s is pretty frightening!

      • Grocersgirl


      • Wahbonnah

        Good god man, someone please think of the children!!!

        • caochladh

          I don’t recall Aunty H ever baby sitting…..far too scary for that.

      • Huia

        No amount of photo shopping is going to help that. Would make a great hallowean mask but a bit scary for the kids.

  • Tony Norriss

    All respect for taking on Ryder, Cam. Perhaps we could divert Ryder to a local bar prior to the fight?

    • I was thinking of a pallet of beer delivered to his hotel room the night before

      • Dog Breath

        Might need to make it 2. I have heard stories.

  • CouchKumara

    Fitness is going to be important, so you don’t fade in the second and third rounds, that is if you haven’t knocked out Jessie in the first round. Good luck.

  • Countiesfan

    I’ve thought about boxing before. Fear of being one of those guys who turn their back and do the windmill hand bag retreat motion has stopped me. Ryder is a strong aggressive athlete who isn’t 46 years old. Success for me will be Cam staying face on in the fight and not getting hurt.

  • Fat Sally

    To be fair, Jesse couldn’t even read a colouring-in book. He’s never been fond of literature so it is no surprise he hasn’t heard of you.

    I’m no marketing expert but if you want him to know who you are then I suggest putting your photo on a bourbon bottle, a pizza box and release an X-Box game.

  • Steely Man

    So you’re almost there Cam: Just fitness, punching power and stamina. Otherwise spot on….

  • Albert Lane

    Cam, I don’t know what you’ve done to annoy him, but Radio Live talkback host, Sean Plunket has been more than nasty to you this morning. I have never in my life heard such a diatribe against anybody as what he said against you. He would like Jesse Ryder to punch your lights out (and worse). He was also encouraging other listeners to support his views, which some happily did. I think that his behaviour and his language were disgraceful, and that he owes you an apology.

    • Dave_1924

      might have something to do with the article/s on Plunket’s partner a month ago……. Here’s a link to one of the posts…..

      • pak

        Think you absolutely right. Some sort of misguided attempt to extract retribution for the (deserved) sledging his girlfriend got! No fool like an old fool.

    • He’s just annoyed I called out his missus and instead of telling her to shut the hell up he egged her one and so got another slapping.

      She got all hurty and aggieved as often people do when I smack back at their attempts to try and hurt me.

      Apparently I was the bad person even though it was her who was trying to organise a boycott on my business.

      As I said to Plunket privately…tell your missus not to start a war that she can’t possibly win.

      • JAFA Gazza

        As far as I recall..Sun Zhu said ” plan to win then fight and you will be victorious. Plan to fight then win…you will lose…” Or something ike that.

      • spanishbride

        He should be attacking me NOT you as I wrote the article about his girlfriend as I was defending my man. How dare she try to use her professional skills in the area of advertising to try to take away our families income just because she doesn’t like you. How would she like it if I tried to cost Sean his job? She was totally in the wrong on that one, she was on the attack and we simply used our words to shut her down.

      • la la land

        Yep I bet he didn’t come clean with the back story to his listeners…

        • Albert Lane

          He certainly didn’t.

    • spanishbride

      Wow I have been listening to it just now and it was appalling. Laughing about hitting Cam into a coma with a cricket bat with a nail in it. Mocking his past depression and saying that he will cheat. No mention of the money it will be raising for Charity. Nope nothing but vicious character assassination and vitriol.
      Sean wants a year to get into shape but claims he is a lover not a fighter and that he would win easily in a war of words.Tried to make Cam out to be someone who can only fight with his fists not his words which is so ironic given Cam’s ability with words is what built this blog and is what has got him on T.V and on Radio. So many people who do not know Cam condemn him for the exact same things that they themselves are doing when they smear him, make up stuff and say nasty things. It totally destroys any moral high horse that they ride in on when they do exactly what they accuse him of only worse!
      The main thing is that heaps of people are talking about the match now and lots of $$ will be raised for the charity. As Cam has said, he sells newspapers. Soon however those days will be over so they should make the most of it while they still can. Soon Cam will only talk to Freed and every other Media organisation will not be able to get a look in.

  • Young and Dumb

    Good luck Cam, I hope if Smokey turns up he’s not standing over you.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Just remember your old adage Cam it aint the dog in the fight..its the fight in the dog….Good luck chap.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Without being sycophantic – gotta say I admire you for doing this Cam. Arguably the most hated “blogger” in NZ and yet one of the foremost talked about. You have shamed all..ALL the others from Nick Hager to Minto and the rest of the self serving types that try to carefully control their image and perception.

    You are going to .1) Lose weight…2) Get fit…3) Learn a new skill and 4) put it out in public where you will give satisfaction to 100% of the viewers. By that I mean if you whack Jessie down…you will get admiration from 50%….if he whacks you…you will have satisfied the blood lust of the leftie haters.The 100% satisfaction quotient is that we will ALL be watching….hoping for an outcome that suits each individuals needs.

    But all said and done – Even if you get put over the ropes and nailed….you will still have reached all 4 goals above.

    While Hagar, Minto and all the screaming skulls will be left (without realising it…) that they have achieved nothing.

    Good luck Cam, I admire the Cojones to do it and in public!


    I hope Jesse kicks ya ass all the way to Israel ya Feral Jewboy

  • Benoni

    I predict a Ryder win by a country mile. The match-up is an unfit professional athlete against an unfit professional office-worker (with attitude). I don’t think the attitude will outweigh even the age gap much less the occupational differences.

    • sandalwood789

      But the so-called “pro athlete” has “attitude” as well – a slack attitude.

      After Cam sheds a few more kilos he will be *solid*. He will have the low-set built-like-an-outhouse body to be able to take a few punches and will definitely land some “beefy” ones.

      I see Ryder as being a bit of a mollycoddled Mummy’s boy – very different to Cam.

      • Fat Sally

        You couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of being molly-coddled.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Cam – All you need to do is imagine Nicky Hager for a moment and one left hook should do it then….

    • sandalwood789


      Just keep this thought in your mind, Cam….

      “Half-sucked throatie, half-sucked throatie…..”