Sony hackers threatening to hack a media organisation, please let it be the NZ Herald

Excuse me if I don’t just laugh a little bit at the latest hacker threat…to hack a media organisation.

Now we will get to see weapons grade hypocrisy exhibited as they all claim this is an outrage against their rights as journalists…never-mind they have all been feeding off of the criminal exploits of hackers for some time.

The hackers who infiltrated Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer servers have threatened to attack an American news media organization,according to an FBI bulletin obtained by The Intercept.

The threat against the unnamed news organization by the Guardians of Peace, the hacker group that has claimed credit for the Sony attack, “may extend to other such organizations in the near future,” according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security obtained by The Intercept.

Referring to Sony only as “USPER1”and the news organization as “USPER2,” the Joint Intelligence Bulletin, dated Dec. 24 and marked For Official Use Only, states that its purpose is “to provide information on the late-November 2014 cyber intrusion targeting USPER1 and related threats concerning the planned release of the movie, ‘The Interview.’ Additionally, these threats have extended to USPER2 —a news media organization—and may extend to other such organizations in the near future.”  

In the bulletin, titled “November 2014 Cyber Intrusion on USPER1 and Related Threats,” The Guardians of Peace threatened to attack other targets on the day after the FBI announcement. “On 20 December,” the bulletin reads, “the [Guardians of Peace] GOP posted Pastebin messages that specifically taunted the FBI and USPER2 for the ‘quality’ of their investigations and implied an additional threat. No specific consequence was mentioned in the posting.”

Pastebin is a Web tool that enables users to upload text anonymously for anyone to read. It is commonly used to share source code and sometimes used by hackers to post stolen information. The Dec. 20 Pastebin message from Guardians of Peace links to a YouTube video featuring dancing cartoon figures repeatedly saying, “you’re an idiot.”

No mention of a specific news outlet could be found by The Intercept in any of the GOP postings from that date still available online or quoted in news reports.

“While it’s hard to tell how legitimate the threat is, if a news organization is attacked in the same manner Sony was, it could put countless sensitive sources in danger of being exposed—or worse,” Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, told The Intercept.

The media didn’t care about my sources, or my privacy…they started this by entertaining and collaborating with hackers.

I’ve always said you reap what you sow.

Let’s hope the Guardians of Peace choose the NZ Herald…


– The Intercept


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  • conwaycaptain

    Noo Zeelnad where’s that???

    • Effluent

      There are times when it pays to be a pimple on the @#$% of the world!

  • Carl

    If the GOP hacked into the Herald they would think they had got into Marvel comics by accident.

  • Don W

    The left wing media need to learn that you don’t piss into the wind as you end up get your own back.

  • Eiselmann

    No it won’t be the New Zealand Herald…a defacing hack would actually improve the quality and accuracy of that rag.

  • Carl

    Andrea Vance please let it be Andrea Vance.

  • shykiwibloke

    This sort of hack needs to be justified by extracting something of value. Be very hard to do with DMSM

  • Bart67

    If they hacked the Herald, and did things like post incorrect links, attach wrong photo’s to stories, and such like, would we even know the difference?

  • Rick H

    Guardians of Peace –
    Any relation to the “Religion of Peace”?

    Or is it more akin to the “Giant Mega Piece”?

    • JAFA Gazza

      Or ” Religion of Pieces”?

  • Ratchette

    To the Guardians of Peace, please choose the NZ Herald.
    Great trial opportunity to make sure your systems work. NZ is small country on the outer edge of the world & the hack would not attract too much attention.
    So Guardians of Peace, if you read this choose the New Zealand Herald, ever shrinking in physical size and circulation. Minimal damage as the NZ herald is slowly self-destructing. But it would be a lot of fun.

  • Korau

    May not happen.

    “Police in the U.K. appear to have collared one of the
    grinches responsible for a massive DDoS attack on XBox Live and Sony
    PlayStation, which spoiled Christmas for many gamers by knocking the consoles’ networks off-line.

    According to the Daily Dot,
    British law enforcement raided the home of 22-year-old Vinnie
    Omari, arrested him, and seized phones, computers and an Xbox One. Omari
    is a reported member of the so-called Lizard Squad, a group of trouble-making hackers who followed up the Christmas attacks by offering to sell their tools to others who wanted to knock sites offline.”

    Source :

    Obviously the English cops are smarter than the NZ plods!

    • peterwn

      And hopefully the judiciary in UK is much more robust as indicated when the cops got a search warrant to search every safe deposit box on three separate sites several years ago. Holders could not get their stuff back until cops had checked with the tax people and were satisfied that it was not the proceeds of crime or laundering.

    • Pete

      Kiwiplod would only be interested if they were doing a couple of Km/hr over the limit..or had a .001 more of alcohol in their system.

  • peterwn

    Sorry to spoil a good story, but the hackers have bigger fish to fry than Granny.