SPCA throw Bob Kerridge under the bus for telling the truth

The SPCA has distanced itself from claims by one of its officials who linked dog attacks to the owner’s ethnicity.

Auckland SPCA head Bob Kerridge said  people of some ethnicities had no idea of their responsibilities and “don’t care”.

But his boss, Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chief executive Ric Odom, said responsible dog ownership was not a matter of race.

“Bob’s comments are his personal views and do not reflect the views of the SPCA,” Odom said.

“We proudly work with anyone who shares our common vision and would be horrified if Mr Kerridge’s comments led anyone to think that his personal views on ethnicity were shared by the SPCA.

“They are not.”

The SPCA believed responsible dog ownership was something every dog owner should practice regardless of their ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Weasel words.  Of course it is what people should do.  But Bob was observing what is happening now.  And is it really such a surprise that the same area where they back over kids in the driveway with monotonous regularity, the pets come of third best?  

“If owners are not acting responsibly towards their animals we believe they should be held accountable, which is why we prosecute people accused of animal welfare offences,” Odom said.

In the five years between June 2009 and July last year, there were 1123 convictions for offences involving dogs attacking people or animals causing serious injury, or rushing at people.

Of those, 361 (32 per cent) were entered in Manukau and Papakura District Courts, in South Auckland, according to figures released under the Official Information Act.

Kerridge said he was not surprised.

“Ethnicity has a bearing,” he said.

“It really is a cultural thing as to the importance they place on animals and ownership, and we do not have a lot of responsible owners in Manukau.”

Between Mangere Labour MP S’ua William Sio who said that it wasn’t a race matter but an immigrant matter (sigh), and the SPCA that says it’s not a matter of race but people should simply treat animals better in South Auckland, everyone but Bob is a bloody politically correct coward.


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  • waldopepper

    yep, bob is calling a spade a spade, and if any one should know, hed be the man. rather than shooting the messenger, if his head office along with the powers that be direct targeted resources at the problem it might get fixed. but instead lets attack kerridge for saying something, and the problem can be swept under the carpet, and more kids can have their faces ripped off in the meantime like that poor little japanese girl last year. but hey, at least we have our priorities straight in life.

    • ex-JAFA

      Ric Odom must’ve gone to the Devoy School of Problem-Solving and taken Fixing 101: Why Gagging is Better than Resolution.

  • Jas

    It is more than a race issue though. In the other areas where the 68% occurs it is just as likely to be white trash ferals who own the dogs with issues. The issue is with scumbags who shouldn’t own a dog in the first place.

  • Davo42

    A spade is a spade is a spade, anyone who has seen SPCA rescue on TV one would have to concur with Mr Kerridge.

  • Just a thought …

    But but but ….. it’s not my fault…. it’s the nasty white guy who colonised me 200 years ago ( but who’s counting ) and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it……..

    Try that one on with the Taliban / Muslims when next they come a knocking …..

    ed : addition

  • virtualmarknz

    To be fair … it isn’t a race issue. It’s a ferals issue. But unfortunately some races have more than the average share of ferals.

  • Tom

    “And is it really such a surprise that the same area where they back over kids in the driveway with monotonous regularity, the pets come of third best? ”

    Every time a kid gets run over in a driveway, I wonder if Ric Odom thinks ”betcha that was in Glendowie” or Devonport or Remmers or…

    Nope me either, it’s nearly ALWAYS a Manurewa or a Huntly or an Otara. Pretending that that isn’t the case is even worse than any perceived racism, it just proves he doesn’t actually give a flying rat’s rear end about the kids or animals, just the appearance of caring

  • manuka416

    Bob Kerridge?! This is the same bloke who wouldn’t cull stray cats, putting them back into urban colonies instead! I never gave the SPCA a dollar under his leadership.

    • Unamused77

      Don’t knock the urban colonies. Banksie feeds the ones in Parnell. I’d recommend visiting, the cats are great.

  • axeman

    As Gomma Plile would say (excuse spelling on his name not 100% sure) , Surprise, Surprise, Surprise If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck chances are its a duck

    • Tom

      Wasn’t that R Lee Ermery’s character?

      • axeman

        I think so

        • Tom

          Bless him

  • Ilovelife

    That Ric Odom should be ashamed of himself. Who is he scared of offending? Gang members? His remarks are straight out gutless and to think he cannot support one of SPCA’s greatest advocates. Good on Bob for telling it like it is.

  • JC

    This sort of generalist crap can be summed up in one famous sentence.. “We had to destroy the whole village in order to save it”.

    Its how the cops manage to double the road toll these holidays.. attack the vast majority of good drivers and let the ratbags kill them whilst the Plods sat at the end of the motorway or the bottom of a hill.

    In any social problem the same action is nearly always taken.. blame the 80% who are innocent in order to spare the feelings of the 20% of ratbags. In the Charlie Hebdo massacre it wasn’t “I am CH” that was the dominant cry of the elite.. it was “I fear the backlash against Muslims” and in Manakau it wasn’t dogs that were the problem it was racism.


  • This reminds me of the old idiom “if the hat fits”.
    I suppose, dealing with reality and writing self circulating memos keeps Devoy in a job. Good on you Bob for stating the fact.

  • Rich

    Political correctness is a plague from the left. Everyone is always scared of offending someone and it’s the do-goods on the left that cry ‘racism’ etc when someone says something they don’t like. The truth hurts!

  • “Yes, I’m a staunch macho product of the warrior culture that I was raised in and totally aspire to.
    And if you don’t believe me, just look at my dog!”


    What keeps bugging me; would they really believe their own politically correct dribble???

  • Andrew Gibson

    If a lot of these problems are not to do with race – and I’m not saying they are – can we look forward to the end of affirmative action programs and subsidies targetting said ethnic groups?

    • johnnymanukau.

      Unbelievable ,Ric Odem is as badly informed as DAMe Susan Devoy. It would do them both a great favour to spend time in Sth Auckland and they would soon find out just what Bob Kerridge was saying is TRUE. Toughen up you two and start showing some truthful leadership loaded with honesty.
      Next thing you will be saying that Muslims and Pit Bulls are, yes , creatures of peace . So out of touch it is sickening, sigh!

  • Astuteas

    “If owners are not acting responsibly towards their animals we believe they should be held accountable, which is why we prosecute people accused of animal welfare offences,” Odom said.
    Really… So why is that we haven’t we seen the SPCA commence any prosecution against the Whakatane Police officer who more than 12 months ago intentionally shot a crossbow arrow thru the chest of a neighbours dog… and then very openly admitted to it? (As very graphically seen on TV news)
    After more than 12 months of dithering around, the NZ Police have yet again decided not to prosecute one of their own who is very clearly in breach of the criminal law and who had openly admitted to it.
    Odem should stop poncing around with the PC part of the SPCA and actually do what he is there to do and look out for the welfare of the animals and go forth and commence a SPCA prosecution against the Whakatane cop to start with.
    As always… none of this is at all difficult or hard.
    Just do your job that you are actually getting paid for or just get the hell out of the way and let others who are clearly far more worthy, competent and honest get on with it.

  • mommadog

    Agree with the line that everyone but Bob is a bloody politically correct coward. There is a cultural difference between communal living cultures where the kids and dogs roam and belong to everyone and no-one and the NZ culture of ownership of the pet and child and the need to be responsible. The SPCA has lost a little respect from me for not having the gall stones to support Bob. I suspect they are simply scared some of their donations might dry up if they were honest.

    • JustTinkering

      Incredibly bad reporting. Odom is the CE of RNZSPCA which is primarily a support organisation for the individual SPCA’s. He is not Bob’s boss in any respect. Auckland SPCA is a sovereign organisation in its own right.
      Odom is new to the role and is already leaving a trail of disaffected staff behind him. He knows very little obviously. Bob has the experience and the first hand knowledge. He tells it how it is.

  • steve and monique

    PC brigade will be the death of us all. Time to call the pot the colour it is, and not get told WRONG.

  • Catriona

    Good on you Bob. Mind you there are plenty of feral white trash with heinous dogs as well. You know the type – drug dealers, bogans etc. etc. Got the dog to intimidate.

    • The Accountant

      Yeah, but drug dealers are far more circumspect about who they set their dog on. Less likely to be reported!

  • KQ

    Ha, that is what I thought when I read his comments as well.

  • Saccharomyces

    according to the latest stats I could easily find the population of Manukau and Papakira are about 425,000, and Auckland 1340000. Which would make Manukau/Papakura approximately 31% of the overall population. So surely 32% of animal related convictions being from the area is roughly proportional?

  • Matt Pearce

    Its not a race issue, Its a culture issue. What most people forget though is the most obvious point… that culture is connected to race

  • JAFA Gazza

    Correct me if i’m wrong here, but I thought the keystone mandate for the SPCA was to build and run a Society for the PREVENTION of CRUELTY to Animals. Anyone who undertakes an act of cruelty toward animals ( define that from negligence to physical abuse or lack of stewardship) is in contravention of the act and WILL BE PROSECUTED.

    So why is it that the cop in WHakatane is allowed to avoid prosecution? Who cares what race/ ethnicity he is. He is in contravention and should be prosecuted. Same as any other person of whatever race/ culture/ ethnicity.

    If the activities identifed and prosecuted show statistically a marked leaning to any demographic, this should be valued as good intelligence and go toward assisting the SPCA in their doctrine of PREVENTION…i.e if you can identify the lagest problem area, you can mre rapidly address it through stricter controls, more education or whatever.

    But to blindly run behind the curtain and pretend the elephant isnt in the room isnt something I have ever found helpful in dealing with issues.

    Grow some Cojones Odom and realise there is an issue with geographica/ demographic and, yes invariably cultural/ ethnicity treatment (or lack thereof) of animals.

    OOtherwise you are just another troughing mouthpiece apologist for the PC brigade