State media the same the world over

State media seems to be the same the world over.

Left wing activist journalists pushing their own agendas or the agendas of weirdos.

The ABC’s 7.30 has come under fire after airing a story on US vaccination rates that failed to declare one of the interviewees was a high-profile anti-vaccination campaigner and head of a “natural” health care business.

US-based James Maskell, CEO of Revive Primary Care, was introduced only as a concerned parent in the segment presented by reporter Jane Cowan and introduced by Leigh Sales.

Maskell later appeared to say on Twitter that he had told producers from the outset of his professional interest in the issue.

However, at no point in the segment was this mentioned, nor was he identified in on-screen text.

In addition, a transcript of the program on the ABC’s website, appears to have been altered to read “James Maskell, Anti-Vaccinationist”.   

Maskell has since taken to Twitter to defend his role in the program.

An ABC spokesman said in a statement that the broadcaster stood by the content of the program, denying there was any need for an apology or correction.

The ABC admitted it had been told about Maskell’s background and business interests but that they had spoken to him only as a “concerned parent”.

“At no point in the interview (done at his home with his wife and child there) did he mention his company or projects,” added the statement.

The statement also denied that the phrase “anti-vaccinationist” had been added in to the transcript.

And media wonder why people no longer trust them.

We see the exact same thing here, and it is the reason I call Radio NZ Red Radio.

Corporate media is no better though, constantly pimping the poor and using political activists as struggling home owners or union hacks moaning about bosses.

Journalists seem to have taken it upon themselves to be crusaders for their causes, wallowing in the misery of their subjects all to try to change the government or push a barrow.


– The Age


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  • ChrisMcM77

    I wonder if the reason for this is becasue all jornalists are now trained at university, where they are all taught to think the same way. Rather than back in the day when they did their training at a particular media organisation(s), where they were exposed to staff members with different back grounds and belief systems, and who had a strong ethic’s base they were prepared to pass onto those who were prepared to listed.
    The MSM today is nothing more than Info-Tainment rather than real information or fact finding,

    • Even when they were university educated, they didn’t read ‘Journalism’. I think that’s part of the problem. We’ve moved, ever more, towards the idea that you must study a particular topic at university. You thus get people who are narrow-minded / trained being your sole entrants, whereas in the past, university was merely an intellectual endeavour, which people then left to find jobs (which were often not related to their degrees).

      • Albert Lane

        But like any other profession (or occupation), if they get on the short list for a job interview, their selection is so often based on the opinions of the interviewer. If one candidate says something the interviewer doesn’t agree with, and another candidate says something that the interviewer does agree with, guess who will probably get the job. I call it cloning. And that’s why newspaper, TV and radio newsrooms are all run by people with similar backgrounds – similar political backgrounds. And if I’m wrong, prove me wrong. And the odd exception doesn’t prove the rule.

    • Dairy_Flat

      The University of Life is the best teacher out there and I have no doubt you are right on the mark. For people wishing to specialise in a field requiring a high level of technical or historical knowledge then university is ideal but journalism is a very broad based area which would benefit from people with life experiences and common sense, not things in evidence at university.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    It’s legit, he was wearing his “Concerned Parent” hat, not his “I’m a Anti-Vaccinationist” hat.

    • RightofSingapore

      Was his hat made of tinfoil?

    • bristol

      Hmm – Not that he was biased then?

  • peterwn

    Imagine the outrage if John Key discussed something with Cam in his role as a ‘concerned parent’. Seems to be different rules for different people.

  • cows4me

    It would seem the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing in the US government . I always thought the US government was very pro vaccination when came to protecting it’s citizens, it has to be many times more cost effective than fighting epidemics. The left and it’s loons do the devils work again. If I was funding ABC there would be some serious arse kicking going on and many would now be signing up for food stamps.

    • Honcho

      There are dingbats in every organization, government, ngo’s, the media.
      Dingbat beliefs include but are not limited to being anti-vaccination, they also include flouride being harmful ‘mass medication’, cannabis being a powerful anti-cancer medicine but ‘big pharma’ keep bribing the government to deny us this cheap alternative, through to ‘chem trail’ mass mind control and weather modification, ‘building #7’ conspiracy theories, area 51 and roswell … they are dingbats, and dangerously they work for us.

    • Dave_1924

      Cows… the ABC referred to here is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The Anti Vacination guy was a Yank….. So the ABC in this instance has nothing to do with the US Government.

      In fact the ABC network in the States is owned by Disney Corporation, so has nothing to do with the US Government apart from being regulated by a US Government Agency….

      Just to make things a little clearer…

  • taurangaruru

    State media? This is typical of most media not limited to State media.

  • Albert Lane

    If you listened a few seconds before the 9 am news on the national programme this morning, you will have heard the announcer read out an email from a listener criticising John Key. Is the the action of a neutral broadcaster? Nope. It’s the action of a biased broadcaster. It’s time for a change.

  • JC

    Thirty years ago I was at one of those media training courses for those of us who had to get out scientific research to landowners.

    One of the speakers was a well known reporter from Christchurch. In explaining to us who we were talking to in the media that male reporters could be described generally as older, hard drinking cynical buggers on the way out and were rapidly being replaced by very young female university types who were incredibly hard working but completely innocent of the facts of life.. they believed everything they were told by the so called down trodden.
    He did not have much optimism for his profession looking forward as it degenerated into little more than a young feminine perspective of how the world *should* work.

    How right he was.. but I doubt he foresaw that the fewer young male reporters would also report from much the same viewpoint.


  • Pacman

    If you want some entertainment and have 20 minutes or so listen to this article on Red Radio. The three guys (Bill Ralston, Tim Watkin and Gavin Ellis) talking to Guyon Espiner about the changing face of the media clearly live in a different part of the world to me. They are all in denial about what is happening and think the quality of the MSM is what sets them apart from the “unfiltered’ blogs who all have agendas.
    Like many other things in the MSM this is an example of a bunch of people who agree with each other interview themselves and dress it up like news.

    Here is the link