A stick figure too far

We now live in a world where a drawing can get you killed. Not only killed but blamed for your own demise.

It turns out that even a stick figure of Muhammad can be a stick figure too far, even in the so called land of the free, America.

In the comments section a few days ago I uploaded this image that I created on Gimp.

image - Spanishbride

image – Spanishbride

I made it to point out how ridiculous the whole, ‘ you cannot draw the Prophet thing is ‘

It turns out that I am not the first to draw a stick figure of Muhammad.


moblows_1Blogger and pundit Bill Hobbs drew this stick-figure representation of Mohammed and posted it on a now-defunct blog, along with the comment, “Exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam’s ‘Prophet Mohammed’ before the West gives in to Islamist intimidation and fear of Islamist violence and makes it illegal to do so.” Incensed, a columnist named John Spragens of the Nashville Scene wrote an attack piece implying that Hobbs had violated some rule of decency. A firestorm of accusations erupted, resulting in Bill Hobbs announcing his resignation from his job at a local university, apparently due to political pressure.
(Hat tip: Dar ul Harb.)


We now live in a world where a stick figure can cost you your job or your life.

It sounds like  Tui Ad but it is no joke.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 11.11.42 AM




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  • I remember the stink when a school teacher (British lady teaching English) in Sudan, had a class teddy bear who she allowed the kids to come up with a name…..the kids named it Mohammed.

    “On 25 November 2007, Gibbons was arrested, interrogated and then put in a cell at a local police station. On 28 November, it was reported that she had been formally charged under Section 125 of the Sudanese Criminal Act, for “insulting religion, inciting hatred, sexual harassment, racism, prostitution and showing contempt for religious beliefs”. This carries a maximum sentence of imprisonment, a fine, or 40 lashes. On 29 November 2007, Gibbons was found guilty of “insulting religion;” one of the three counts against her, and was sentenced to 15 days’ imprisonment and deportation. The Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella organization of British Muslim groups, including MPACUK said the punishment was “completely unjustified” and that it was “appalled”, and called on the Sudanese government to intervene.

    On 30 November approximately 10,000 protesters took to the streets in Khartoum, some of them waving swords and machetes, demanding Gibbons’s execution after imams denounced her during Friday prayers. During the march, chants of “Shame, shame on the UK”, “No tolerance – execution” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad” were heard. Witnesses reported that government employees were involved in inciting the protests. Gibbons was then moved to a secret location because of fears for her safety.”


    • Alright

      Why didn’t these fruitloops go after the children who named the teddybear Mohammed?

      What is utterly beyond comprehension is that these idiots apparently don’t realise that in doing so the children were promoting their religion.

    • Jaffa

      I think the kids just wanted to get rid of the teacher!

  • sandalwood789

    One of the best “Mohammad cartoons” I’ve seen was simply a completely black box with the title “Mohammad at night”.
    I’m sure that even that would get a few hundred million Muslims foaming at the mouth.

    • Especially if you added ‘naked’ to the title!

      • Murray Smith

        Don’t think you’d see him smile.

      • Cadwallader

        ….naked with his 5 year old wife.

        • HR

          Lets be fair to Muhammed Cadwaller; she WAS 6 after all, not 5

          • Cadwallader

            Oh! So that’s OK then?

          • HR

            I’m Sure there is something in the Koran justifying it

  • LesleyNZ

    Teacher says to the kids – draw a picture of yourself and then write your name under the picture. All the Muhammad’s wouldn’t dare for fear of being beheaded.

  • sandalwood789

    Muslims need to get over themselves.
    I have no sympathy at all for them, snarling and whining whenever a Mohammad cartoon appears.
    Let it never be forgotten that theirs is the cult that has massacred around 270 million people in the last 1400 years.

    • tinfoilhatguy

      From the islamic perspective the body count is good thing, the bigger the better as the Dar al Harb is reduced, and the Dar al Islam is increased (the two opposing worlds in islam). That’s the essence of Jihad and therefore they are bathed in glory.

  • kayaker

    There are 150million boys and men in the world called Muhammad, or various spellings thereof. So that’s an awful lot of Muhummads to potentially offend. It is said to be the most popular/common boys’ name in the UK (and in the world, some media report).

    The most common surname in the world is Wong. How many Muhammad Wongs do you know?

    Edit: punctuation

  • Wheninrome

    Children start drawing with stick figures maybe explains killing of children.

  • Tony Norriss

    A hypothetical discussion:

    Terrorist: You have drawn a picture of muhammad. You must die.

    Person: It is actually a picture of my son, named muhammad.

    Terrorist: That is OK then. You can live.

  • NZ 2014

    Pak n save are good at drawing stick figures

  • idbkiwi

    Oh boy, pigeon fanciers the next ISIS victims, three executed so far.

    “This habit is taking him away from worshiping allah”