Super 8 – #WhaleRyder update – first week of training



Last Friday at the photo shoot for the Sunday Star-times I met my trainer, Henry Schuster for the first time.

Seemed like a good bastard…little did I know that the emphasis is on the second word.

He said turn up on Tuesday at the gym ready for the first day’s training.

I duly did as instructed and that is when the pain started.

Our focus right now is on fitness and core work…lots of bag work, lots of pad work, plus the core exercises. An hour and a half later I stumbled out of the gym sweating buckets hot as all hell and heading home. ¬†

static1.squarespaceI felt my arms and shoulders stiffening driving home.

I managed to eat dinner then struggled up and went for a brisk walk as well.

The next day I was sore as hell in my arms, chest, and shoulders.

I still did two long brisk walks on Wednesday and then turned up to training again last night. Just as I was leaving home a courier turned up with some sponsors gear, new gloves, some wraps, t-shirts, gear bag and the like…I tried out the new gloves at training…comfortable and with a Super 8¬†logo on them.

I have to say the guys I am training with are a great unit, and there is real camaraderie there, I feel real welcome and there are some top blokes there and all will be helping me with sparring and techniques, guided by Henry.

Henry punished me again…more bag work, more combination work, more pads in the ring so I am moving heaps.

Again I am sore, and have the shakes in my arms…but I feel great.

Even better since Monday I have lost about 5 kilos.

You guys on Blubbergeddon are going to get caned…your only saving grace is that I can’t drop too much otherwise I will be giving away weight to Jesse.

Training again on Sunday…

It’s tough work, but will only get easier…as the guys in the gym say…Train hard, fight easy.



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  • Isherman

    Whats the saying?, “pain is your freind”. If so I’m sure your good for it. Well done on the weight loss so far and hope you meet ALL your goals in this venture. Good luck, and just keep that image of Hager in your minds eye, and you’ll be right.

  • George Carter

    keep up the good work Cam

  • Hard1

    Keep the electrolytes up. As the pain sets in it is essential to avoid getting grumpy!

    • Wendy

      Anyone with a normal healthy diet and does not have vomiting and/or diarrhea does not need additional electrolytes. Just water. Sports water drinks are full of sugar and should be avoided. They are a total con for 99% of the population.

      • Hard1

        Sparring and bagwork is creating a lot of sweat. Extra body salts are essential for boxing training.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        For “normal” I agree, however reading here in Camerons situation it is intense for a specific goal.
        When I trained for long distance running I required electrolytes

  • spanishbride

    We are both doing the 5-2 fasting diet which is easy and cheap compared to other weight loss options that we have both used in the past. I am loving the intense long walking we are doing together twice a day. At this rate I will have my bikini body back in no time. Don’t tell Jesse though shhhh we want him to think he doesn’t have to train hard cause he will be fighting a big fat desk jockey ;)

  • Mountainmadness

    Pain is weakness leaving the body!!!

  • NotGandalf

    Water is life. It is good for your garden, but it also allows your body to filter out the build up of acids that result in sore muscles. So keep hydrating especially after training. Best of luck to you, Jesse is 15 years younger and reasonably fit, but you look like a tough nut to crack. I’ll be cheering for you both just for getting on with it!

  • Richard

    After a couple weeks, the stiffness & soreness will go and it gets a lot easier.
    6 weeks of good training to get fight fit, you should peak just in time.

  • Sweet Lips.

    Hope those massages from your loving wife are helping. All the best, may try and get there and watch the match, as they say, no pain no gain.

  • Karma

    Invest in some Tui sports massage balm, and consult the web on how to a do a tennis ball massage.

  • Bart67

    Need a sparring partner? I could use the exercise as well!

  • kehua

    What is your daily calorie intake and have you made major changes to your diet?

    • No idea…but losing weight so it is less calories in than being burned right now

  • Fairnz

    Perhaps Jesse would step down so Martyn Martin could perhaps step up into the ring.

  • LesleyNZ

    Get some Anti-flamme (in the purple container) – it is the best – amazing stuff. The tube is better value and buy online – much cheaper.

  • Hans

    You sound like you are volunteering for self inflicted slavery – i hear that working on Roman boats below the decks works wonder for the arm mussels – just a thought

  • Hans

    Get better drugs, see Lance Armstrong or just head off to the pub with Jesse

  • axeman

    Cam I just don’t get it. I admire you for having a crack but seriously middle aged men stepping into a boxing ring taking blows to the head can’t be good.
    Jesse has had previous boxing training with Billy Graham, so he got a head start.
    Good luck mate

    • Richard

      The money goes to charity….do you get it now?

      • axeman

        No, if so hell bent on it why not just stump with a cash donation, I get the charity thing, but let the young and fit buggers do it.
        Look I don’t know Cam personally and he is free to do as he chooses and I sincerely wish him the best. I know these bouts are about hype and donations, I know Cam will be well trained and an will be fitter and lighter than he is now by streets, but he will be hit and hit hard by bloke that can smash a cricket ball bloody miles. Who has been trained previously by Billy Graham arguably one of the country’s top pugs in his day and good coach. Just saying it not something I would do and wonder why Cam would, but all power to him and go get him tiger

  • Sam Hill

    I reckon you will be able to beat Jesse if you punch him in the guts a lot.

  • Caprice

    I have obviously been living under a rock, as I haven’t seen the WhaleRyder headline before. Had me grinning. It has to be worth the pain of fighting, just to be able to see that one in print.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Well done.
    I know the shakes bit been there done that.
    I love the emphasis about trainer being the second word…at least your humour is holding up,I got a smile out of your post.

    The enemy is those that profess positive but it is a back handed compliment…those type of people are jealous of your commitment is all.
    You have a tough mental constitution I think (based on all I have read on WOBH) so your body will be fine if your mind is tough.
    You can and will do this one day at a time…whahoo I like sporting competitions.

  • wooted

    The first time I muttered “B—h” at my trainer, she laughed and called out to everyone else in the gym “He just called me the B word”. I went bright red, everyone else just laughed and cheered. I had just joined their fellowship.