Teacher named and struck off. At least that’s progress


A former teacher at a south Auckland school has had her registration cancelled after she pulled a child’s hair in order to remove them from under a table.

Mara Leau has been censured by the teachers Disciplinary Tribunal for her “serious misconduct” and had her teacher’s registration cancelled following the incident.

However, it was not the first time the former teacher had physically mishandled children, according to the tribunal’s decision.

In August last year Leau pulled the child’s hair while employed as a short-term reliever at Roscommon School in Manurewa, the tribunal said.

In 2011 Leau was accused of physically mishandling children.

The decision said she acknowledged the misconduct and said she knew it was wrong.

Following the Teachers Council’s Complaints Assessment Committee’s investigation Leau was required to show any prospective employers an agreement that acknowledged her past misconduct and provided the details of the conditions on her practicing certificate.

Leau said she deliberately did not show Roscommon School the agreement because she thought it would stop her from getting the job.

Repeated violence and dishonesty.   Repeated violence that went on unchecked.   Tell me again why Teacher Registration is essential to the quality of the profession?


– Laura Walters, Stuff


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  • All_on_Red

    I see they are calling for Registration of caregivers now so they can “manage” them properly. Yeah , like that will make a difference. All this just smacks of make work schemes to employ bureaucrats.

    • stanace

      What were they doing under the table? seems a bit harsh to me.

  • exactchange

    Back in the day our kid had a Samoan woman teacher. She regularly hit children with a ruler. When we found out we went to see the principal. The teacher’s response was that she only hit the PI children as that was all they understood. Unbelievable. (We switched schools after that, but also because she was a useless teacher in our view.)