That’s about 10 years too late. Let’s have it, anyway


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  • Richard Holden

    over and over again?? call me old fashioned but usually a maximum of 2 attempts lol. Yiu just need to look to see which is right way up. Whats next? Lets make 3 pin plugs reversible because it is too hard to see the earth pin goes down.

    • peterwn

      Except when Western Digital produced a portable HD lead with the USB symbol on one side and ‘WD’ on the other – you have to plug it in ‘WD’ side up, unlike any other USB lead I have seen.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Put a white dot on top of the USB plug with an eraser pen.
    KISS keep it simple stupid

  • Mammon

    Omg! Where do these people get those ideas from. Who would’ve have ever thought of coming up with a one way fits all USB. Now I can sleep easy.