The best feeling of 2015 so far


As we change calendars, people tend to reflect on what has been and where they think things should go.  My readers are the same, and I’ve received a steady stream of supportive emails over the last week or so.

Hi Cam and team,

I am one of those left leaning MSM journos you often refer to. I am now 70 and long retired after more than 40 years in news but still have ink in my veins and still write the odd opinion piece, military biography and a bit of investigative work.

While I don’t share your political philosophy or many of your views or those of your contributors we, as a nation, would be the poorer for not having people like you and your team who push boundaries and call it as you see it.

It provides a balance and a sounding board for the opposite view which has long been missing in action. It is also timely, informative and thoroughly entertaining. My profession lost that edge about 30 years ago and there are very few now who have the courage to do what you do.

There would have been a place in my newsroom for such talent in the 1960s and 1970s when were dealing with anti-Viet Nam, anti-American, anti-rugby and anti-almost everything else protesters and activists. We might have had the odd discussion about language, syntax and objectivity but we would have been way ahead of the pack on many issues.

Rather than see you shut down I would fight like hell for your right to do what you do.

Keep it up.

Tom O’Connor

p.s. not all us old Lefties (love that term ) are one eyed and some of us are still as tough as old nails.

This one knocked me hard – in a good way.

It’s one thing to be praised by people that support your politics, but it means a little more when people who disagree tell you that you’re doing a great job.  (sans grammar, spelling and objectivity)


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  • Michael

    Excellent post and a reminder to all that you can differ in opinion and view, it should never be personal, though it is far too often for both sides.

  • Isherman

    Good on you for saying so Tom, the great shame is that these days, it would be those from your own ‘side’ of politics that would castigate you most loudly for daring to say such a thing. I hope you enjoy the retirement, and find comfort in the balance that media FREED -om will, I’m sure, provide for all of us that can form our own opinions on a simple set of facts.

  • conwaycaptain

    A modern version of “I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”

  • edee

    What a boring and dull life this would be if we all liked the same things and agreed on absolutely everything … although it appears this is just what the MSM would like. Nice to know there are still some nice old Lefties out there who appreciate another point of view to their own.
    p.s. 70 is not old! ;o)

  • Michael_l_c

    Don’t know Tom from a pile of news print but he comments that he writes the odd opinion piece.
    The increase in opinion pieces, over the last year, has been most concerning. OP’s are usually written with second rate over opinionated, wannabes & ex finance co owners. I will exclude Bob Jones, although he may fit the type, as he doesn’t take himself seriously, mocks everyone & sticks it to the politicians & bureaucrats..

  • Chris EM

    That was an excellent read, written by a true gentleman it appears.
    Good on you, Tom.

  • Whafe

    Very cool email Cam, thanks for sharing, it gives hope. A few more lefties should spend some time with Tom and learn how to debate a point of view etc, without getting all “dirty”

    Opposition points of view are great, when they make sense

  • Sticktotheknitting

    What a breath of fresh air, long live the right to free speech. Good on yer Tom.
    Cam keep doing what you do best.

  • JC
    • Chris EM

      Yeah, nah, that guy looks too young.

    • Wallace Westland

      Outstanding. An extremely interesting and colourful character. A real kiwi bloke.
      Interesting his comment re the politics of Cam and his commentators.
      I’m pretty sure Tom would find my (and many others here) politics more in line with his than he’d imagine.
      The reason I can’t support Labour even though I am (or was) a genuine Labour demographic is…well gee…look at them for crying out loud!

      Those people don’t represent hard working kiwi’s. They represent poofs, ponce’s, lesbians, organised union thugs and people that wouldn’t work in an iron lung.

  • Lord Evans

    Mr O’Connor’s frank exchange of views and encouragement is a welcome breath of fresh air from the ‘left’. It’s also a touching gesture from one old hand to a younger up & coming maverick. I would like to hear more from this journalist. Might there be the odd guest post spot available with the launch of FREED?

  • hookerphil

    Really enjoyed reading this, I only wish all people of all political persuasions could agree to disagree without resorting to gutter level comments – a la the series of “cartoons” you have been showing. Oh, and if my daughter reads this who trawls through my comments to confirm how bad my comments and I are for being ” right wing” might in fact reflect on this gentleman’s words.