The cause against Lycra-clad road lice has gone off-Whaleoil


And they say that my influence is next to zero after Dirty Politics.  Pah!

Administrators of a Facebook page titled NZ Drivers against idiot cyclists deny their site is a “hate page” and say they are trying to control comments with death threats against cyclists.

The page has alarmed Dunedin cycling mum Lara Hearn-Rollo who thinks it should be shut down.

I don’t agree, so you must be silenced!   sigh.

After Charlie Hebdo, people still don’t ‘get it’, do they?  

She said it was carrying posts that incited members to “mow” down cyclists, and did not just target irresponsible cyclists, as its title suggested, but was directed at the cycling community as a whole.

Administrators of the page said they were not anti-cyclist, had nothing to do with some comments and images posted on the page, and did not condone them.

Snigger.  Oh yes.  The old “I’m not responsible for the comments” chestnut.  Well, I’ve learned that it takes just one comment and the media, or some other single issue nutter will make a case out of it.

This morning they issued a statement on the page, saying it was “not a hate page”.

Explaining is losing people.  Be proud.

“We do not condone any ill will towards cyclists at all. And we don’t want them all off the road. We are trying to keep on top of death threat comments as we see them which is hard to keep up at times as some of you get heated.

“We want safer riding on the road and cyclists to take more care in their surroundings.”

I’ve got no problem with cyclists that stick to the rules and show courtesy to other road users either.  Problem is, there aren’t enough of them.

Hearn-Rollo said her children often went cycling through the city. For that reason some of the page’s contents terrified her.

“It’s directed at all cyclists, and at all ages as well. They don’t care. They really just don’t care.

“It’s about attaching big bull bars to your vehicle so you can mow them all down.”

Media found someone with dumb outrage to quote.   Like shootin’ fish in a barrel.

Some users had posted comments offering suggestions on how to cause a cyclist injury, such as by throwing bottles of urine at them or sticking things through the spokes of their wheels, Hearn-Rollo said.

Comments on the page “just made me feel sick”, she said.

“It really has just been absolutely horrific. It’s crazy really. They just get on here and go mad. I think it’s appalling, actually. I think it is absolutely disgusting [Facebook] have allowed this.”

Well, I only sow the seed.  But let it be clear that I love cyclists.  As long as they stop acting like they own the road and traffic signals are for motorised traffic only.   If not, they are road lice, and the Facebook page reflects the fact that an increasing amount of people are fed up with cyclists’ behaviour.


– Wilma McKay, Southland Times


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  • RAS

    Hmmm… the death penalty for someone who causes you a minor inconvenience on the road.
    Sounds like the drivers are the jihadis.

    • Catriona

      Agreed. And plenty of people have been killed by motorists who are now wishing now they hadn’t been so arrogant and slowed down passed them when it was safe to do so. I know of one individual in particular who will never be the same ever because of their inconsiderate, impatient actions. After all, a motorist wouldn’t run into an elephant on the road would they because they thought it shouldn’t be there? No, they would wait patiently and pass when it was safe for both parties. I rest my case.

      • Tom

        Wouldn’t run into an elephant? How about wobble out in front of an elephant? Or ride three abreast when there are elephants moving two three or four times as fast as you?

        Cos that’d be really silly

        • Catriona

          Ok, an elephant might have been just a tad overstated. Would you drive into a cow on the road then? Or a dog or a kid even?
          Hope not because you will regret your actions.
          My husband was out cycling and he was on a single-lane bridge and had the right of way and a driver coming the other way, who was legally required to stop because of the give way sign – continued to drive across the bridge knowing he was there on his bike – he thought for a few seconds that it was all over rover – got a hell of a fright. When drivers have thoughts like this, then there will always be cyclists killed on the road by arrogant motorists. Just saying ……

          • Tom

            He should have had his forcefield turned on

          • Goldfish

            Crikey Tom, you’ve got no problem dishing it out, have you? You epitomise the bad arrogant attitude that many car drivers have.

            I hope you and I never meet while I’m riding – I also have several black belts. It would be a shame to have to put them to good use.

            Of course you could always step down from your trolling comments. It’s easy being arrogant and offensive when you know that it’ll be the cyclist in the morgue after you’ve asserted your “right” to the road.

          • Tom

            Oh I’ve cycled heaps. And I’ve got no problem with cyclists. A lot of cyclists are the authors of their own demise. Such is life.
            I’ve done my own fair share of martial arts Mr Rambo. I just don’t wave my willy around mentioning it to people on the internet who I’ve never met and probably never will. Doing that makes you look like some mouthbreather that lives with his mum.

          • Dave

            Seriously, get a helmet cam, and get the rego then take the evidence to the police. I detest selfish driving, and riding, but my all time pet hate is the lycra brigade ho seem to think its okay to ride 4 or 5 abreast, hold traffic up then split lanes, crawl past cars waiting patiently at the lights, and take off slowly whilst trying to get their shoes in the clips. At that point, i wish i had a massive air horn, the type the Queen mary has. This type of behavior gets most cyclists a bad name, why is it they just cant sit in the traffic like other motorists.

  • Don W

    Cyclist that don’t respect the law need to be dealt with by the justice system not vigilante justice.It is a proper law and order system of justice that promotes a civilised society .

    • HSV325

      Yep and where is a cop when you need one to sort these Lycra clad road maggots out?

      • Don W

        Probably doing check points, wof, rego ruc , but that doesn’t mean we should take the law into our own hands. That is Taliban tactics.

      • Honcho

        The same place that they are when you are the thirty thousandth car back behind a campervan or horsefloat driver who refuses to pull over and let the traffic past.
        Its frustrating but I don’t condone people murdering old people or horses to solve the problem.
        I don’t know if you have seen a bad road accident, there is blood, a lot of blood, people making the most aweful cries your ears will ever hear, it will stay with you for life and you will only hope to never see something so traumatic for the rest of your days.

        • I saw a bus->motorcycle accident and had to rubberneck (of course).
          Never again! I was a passenger in a taxi, and yep he rubbernecked as well.

    • Mark Chapman

      They need to somehow financially contribute for using the road. Its a real toughie to sort – but everyone else pays to use the road through fuel taxes and ACC levies etc – and cyclists are the least physically protected !

      • Will Travers

        Oh dear another one spouting off without knowing what they are talking about! Here you go get yourself some education so you don’t sound so stupid next time! –

        • Mark Chapman

          Its hardly spouting mate – but at least it drew the ire of someone who can only point to a 2 year old article written in one of NZ’s most cyclist friendly cities.
          Is that you Wussell ?

          • Will Travers

            At least I can point to an article that backs up what I say.

      • BG

        So pedestrians get run over on the road all the time too…should they be paying ACC levies? In fact lets tax any one who walks.

        • Mark Chapman

          No – as part of using the road.
          Don’t see many pedestrians going 50 or 60 km through red lights or whilst breaking some random road law…
          Like I say – its a real toughie – Motor cyclists pay through registration and petrol taxes/levies , and I’d rather be sittng in my Corolla when I have an accident at 60km than on a push bike or motor bike – there is no easy answer to this

  • Day Day

    How many motorists have been killed by cyclists?

    • Dave

      Motorists don’t generally hog the road, make it difficult to pass, throw things at cyclists, undertake at the lights then move in front, wobble and take off slowly, no, this is the domain of the lycra clad brigade, not all of them, just a lot of them, oh, and they don’t have Registration, if they did, the police would be getting a file from my DashCam every few weeks. I nearly bowled one a few weeks back, he pulled in front of me to turn right, and expected me to slow excessively, the lot was on camera, cops said we can’t do anything, as we can’t identify him, but he will come to our attention soon if he carries on like that.

      • DrFix

        And the attention of the CORONER.

      • Did you post it on youtube giving time and location as that might flush them out or make them shy… we can still do that right?

      • Contractor

        You went to the Police to report someone pulling in front of you and causing you to “slow excessively”???
        Interesting life you lead champ.

        • Dave

          There was far more to it, but i will leave that out, point is, without rego, the Lycra clad brigade know they can get away with anything short of murder. But, we vehicle drivers cannot.

          • Contractor

            Causing someone to “slow excessively” in the real world is actually about as far as “short of murder” as it gets. Is it only weekends they let you out?

    • FredFrog

      How many dead or injured cyclists are dead or injured because they were stupid or assumed the road rules didn’t apply to them?

  • Rodger T

    The FB page make an interesting read.
    This is what they are mainly about,

    • Mark Chapman

      This pretty much much sums it up.
      We have quite a few helmet-less cyclists riding on the footpath in the Hutt Valley,
      Some even enjoy the pleasure of texting as they go ….

  • JAFA Gazza

    I drive regularly through Broadway – up Remuera rd. On more than one occasion I have had a cyclist ( in one case two) who have squeezed between me and a car alongside me and move to the font of my car – using the bonnet as a lean to. A beep of the horn and I get the death stare through $200 sunglasses and a “V” sign.

    I agree that not all cyclists are self righteous pr**ks – but that tiny minrity easily tarnishes the rest with the same brush of arrogance.

    The road is NOT yours – and just cos I drive a 7 series with A/C on a hot day and you are sweating your proverbial off doesnt bestow a right of superiority over us.

    Oh: And remeber that world famous lycra clad fight against death cyclist Lance Armstrong? Yeah I do too. Stop trying to look like him and ride like him cos he turned out to be a total **** and that was on dedicated roads….dont bring the attitude to NZ streets.

    Ed: Added comment.

    • Kevin

      What’s up with cyclists all looking like Lance Armstrong, even the female ones?

      • Murph

        I’m a cyclist Kevin. I would love to look like Lance Armstrong. 40kg less and I’m on the way! Seriously though Kevin, I turned down a request to join a local cycle club as I know they ride in groups. I ride alone. I am acutely aware I need to respect car drivers and go out of my way to not be a nuisance. All I ask is for a little patience and courtesy in return!!

        • JAFA Gazza

          Murph – if you ride that way you will always get respect (from me at least…). Its the superiior class that really gets my goat. For Instance, I took the ferry from Pine Harbour to AKLCentral for a month…5 cyclists that wouuld barge through disembarking passengers to get their bikes from the transom…the expect you to wait while they adjusted their handle bars/ brakes…..superiority attitude doesnt work.

          Its ike expecting instant adulation and respect because you walk down an urban street wearing an All Black jursey holding a rugby ball. Pfft.

          • Murph

            Don’t worry JAFA G. Cyclists that show little respect to others wind me right up too! They need an attitude adjustment just as much as hate filled drivers!

        • waldopepper

          yes, i think its the groups of cyclists that annoy other road users. 3 and 4 abreast so they can chat while traffic builds up behind them. its just inconsiderate of cyclists to do this. with all the bluetooth devices available these days surely a headset each and you can talk to each other while riding single file ? but common sense seems to have taken a back seat in this debate, and its more about cyclists rights than staying alive. then by all means. my grandad had a great saying. “the cemetery is full of people who had right of way.”

      • JAFA Gazza

        They are “better than us”…springs to mind. Weirdly. I heard a snippet from a recent Armstrong interview where he said that if the situation was the same today as it was back then….he’d do it all over again. Remorse??? Ahhhhh NO!!

        • Stuarts.burgers

          I saw the interview on BBC what he said was today I would not dope because there is no need the sport is clean but if I was back in 1995 when every body was doing it yes I would do it again.

          I am sure that a few years ago Cam mentioned that maybe what should happen is that there be ” Clean” and “Dirty” competitions, if you compete “Clean” you are tested to hell if you compete “Dirty” no testing but we the Public will have a better understanding of ability and that of you chemists.
          We would have no “Dodgy Beef” as per Tour de France a few years ago nor would Val need to worry about her competitors being “Dirty”

          • JAFA Gazza

            Agree. but what i was trying to get across is the “attitude” some cyclist have on the road. Just cos they wear lycra and $1000 dollar accessories on their $3000 bikes don not make them Lance. And even if it did in their minds…they are prosletysing (sp?) a drug induced cheat who see’s himself as superior. Thats all.

            Remeber guys…clothes dont maketh the man. Neither does the assumed attitude. You ride a bike on roads full of cars. Be respectful. Or you wil get hurt…or worse. Laws of physics outweigh lycra.

    • Goldfish

      I feel for you – they shouldn’t be touching your car. Allowing the vehicle to move slightly next time it happens should dissuade them pretty quickly.

      They’ll be doing it so they can remain clipped in, but that’s no excuse – they should lean on the road furniture, not cars. If there’s no furniture to use, then they should unclip and get out of the way. I say all this as a cyclist – if I saw someone doing that I would be pretty prompt in telling them to get off the vehicle.

    • Will Travers

      I agree that not all motorists are self righteous pr!#ks, but do the minority easily tarnish the rest with same brush of arrogance?

  • 1951

    30 plus years ago I was a scuba diver. It was a rare hobby back then even rarer to find a female enjoying it. I chose to dive for scallops to stock-up the freezer before the season ended. Our littlest was just 6 weeks old. Maybe it was because Hubby was on yet another over-seas mission but I was over-come with a sense of responsibility. What if……..? That was the last time I dived. If you are a mother and you part-take in a risk-filled hobby or occupation you have make some serious decisions. Take responsibility and make the right choice. In this case ……..get off the road.
    ps: if you are so sensitive you can’t cope with mindless drivel that comes on the intinet, don’t read either!!

    • JAFA Gazza

      Agree 1951. How many times diving did you hear the sound of a motor boat/ propeller close to you and wondered if you should surface or not… when there is a clear and present danger to yourself like that do you a) respect what you are doing and the risks associated with it..or b) surface and give the boatie the fingers and call for ALL boaties to cede to divers and let them have their way however they want it?

      I agree with your statement – know the risks and make your choice. Dont expect everyone to work around you and your desires…

      • 1951

        Too many times in getting scallops we would end up 2 to 300 mtrs from where we left the boat. We had a spot where we would dive on the ebb as the scallops were at 30ft and the size of a bread&butter plate. If you took too long the tide would race out and we would end up at 80ft. Not good.

        • JAFA Gazza

          Yup – been there done that so many times….they are incredible to find though huh? Torch on the purple “eyes”…and if you aint fast enough they do the scallop swim away and you try to catch them “mid-air”…. Funny stuuf! But GREAT fun..

  • Rocket

    click-bait, CLICK-BAIT
    Is this what we’ll get when we are Freed?

  • Kevin

    Put cycle lanes on footpaths and force the twats to use them.

    • johcar

      And where will the pedestrians walk? They’re called “footpaths” for a reason.

      • Kevin

        On the footpath of course. Together with the cyclists they will both “share” the footpath [snigger].

        • johcar

          Yeah – think that will end as well as it does with motorists ‘sharing’ the road…

    • BG

      I cycle and run (training for Ironman in March) and I find it ironic that I have to run on the road mostly to avoid cyclist on the footpaths????

      I ‘dislike’ cyclist who give us a bad name, but also treading is the ‘new’ cyclists using walkways on their $4k dual suspension mountain bikes barrelling along at 35km – why you need a dual suspension 29er to ride on a flat path I don’t know?

    • sheppy

      Where there are shared cycle and footpaths, normal cyclists use them. However the Lycra brigade can’t bear to have to slow down and be courteous so they use the road. They then whinge when one of their fellow lycra lovers discovers their lycra forcefield doesn’t protect them from the large metal object they didn’t take care around.

    • JDV

      The comment of a true academic.

  • Murph

    Most cyclists, like most motorists, are courteous and sensible. I have been cycling on the road for a couple of years now. I always ride alone, wear fluoro shirts, stay as far left as possible and obey all road rules. I cycle for exercise as I am unable to walk, or jog, due to osteoarthritis. I absolutely go out of my way to ensure I am as little a bother to motorists as possible. In my two years on the road I have had two close calls. One of these came close to a serious accident as a light truck passed me, from behind, and at speed, when there was oncoming traffic. It made me realise that a very small percentage of drivers harbour such an intense hatred of cyclists that they are prepared to risk maiming, or killing, someone they feel have no right to be on the road. This particular driver came within centimetres of hitting me. I could just imagine his thought pattern. It would have consisted of a string of expletives as he approached me and probably a ‘that will teach the bast**d’ as he passed. Having said this, the vast majority of drivers treat me with courtesy and care. To them I always give an appreciative wave! The psychology behind the hatred of a few baffles me??

    • JAFA Gazza

      I try to treat cyclists ( I live rural Auckland) like I would passing horses. Gentle and distance….especially when you are coming from the rear ( I know I know..sounds bad but you know what I mean…). Most cyclists I find out my way are pretty cool..its the groups…the “torists” that think that because they have organised an “event” that they own the road…..sorry – but…a two tonne BMW v 2 cyclists lauding it up….pretty sure we all know where that will end up.

    • waldopepper

      yes im the same. i ride a large motorbike and have lost count of the number of times someone in a car crawling in traffic will try to knock me off as i go past. rather than buy a bike themselves and fix the problem they would rather injure someone going about their business and solely because you arent stuck in traffic like they are. several times i nearly went under a truck in the next lane over, and i thought how strange that someone would choose to possibly kill another person simply because they were not stuck in traffic like everyone else.

  • kayaker

    I know I’ve said this before on WO – but I’m a cyclist (relatively new to cycling), a motorist and a pedestrian (and a kayaker). I believe that most people aspire to be courteous, want to get on with life – live and let live, give each other space to pursue our interests and our lives. I also believe that what we are seeing – the bitterness and hatred of some individuals and groups towards others – is a symptom of some underlying cause, for which I cannot find the words right now.

    No matter what, there will be people who go out of their way to annoy others who will react in kind. There will be others who are courteous to their fellow humans, then there are those who are bitter and aggressive no matter what.

    Earlier this week, we were cycling on a designated cycleway (footpath) in the city (early in the morning before the commuter traffic). We stopped at a red pedestrian crossing light, waiting for it to turn green. Opposite us, a runner approached across the crossing, against the red light. He headed straight for us (despite there being plenty of room to go around either side of us). I could see what what was going to happen and started to move to one side. He came straight for me, slapped me hard on the arm, yelled expletives, and ran on. Shook me up.

    Has anyone ever read “The Power of Nice”? It’s a good read.

    Edit: deleted double word

    • JAFA Gazza

      Honestly…I think it is a case of assumed superiority by insecure people. Motorists v cyclists…cyclists v “joggers”. its all rather pathetic really – especially in an urban environment.

      After many nanoseconds of thought…and using my Msc (psych)…I blame the Greens….. ;) (See what I did there? )

      Ed: Spelling…

      • kayaker

        The irony is that I would run if I could (I used to), but cannot due to past injuries. So I cycle. I used to deride cycling, but now I love it! Healthy, saves on gas, you get to see a lot more, feel good factor.

    • philbest

      Cyclists are nothing on the growing epidemic of wowser car drivers who seem to regard it as performing a public duty, to slow traffic down to even lower speeds than the posted limit.

      I was discussing this with an American contact recently on the subject of highway lane throughput – Auckland motorway never achieves more than 1800 per hour per lane; I know 2300 is regarded as a kind of norm; and this guy said there had been measured examples of 3000 in some US locations. This requires bumper-to-bumper 115 km/h travel with NO slower vehicle creating breakdown congestion behind them as faster-moving traffic catches up.

      I asked the American how on earth they manage to NOT have one single ass-wipe driver to spoil it, for a whole hour and more, and he replied that such people tend to get one or more of: a bullet through their back window/run off the road/followed home and beaten up.

      • Goldfish

        Once you start cycling you become aware of how bad (and clueless) a lot of NZ drivers are. I know it’s made me a safer and more tolerant driver.

  • Michelle

    l was in a bus the other day going up a narrow road and this guy on his bike decides to take on bus going round very sharp bend instead of stopping to one side, bus had to stop suddenly and cyclist carried on so bus had to work to get around him up the hill
    When we got to the car park the bus driver was livid and went and told the cyclist how dangerous that act was and said they pics of him and would be letting the police know, l think it gave the cyclist a bit of a shake up
    The driver was not rude but just told him straight

    It was the most stupid thing l have seen and l could see the headlines in the MSM
    “Bus hits cyclist” not that cyclist was being idiot on narrow winding road with cars behind bus

  • Just a thought …

    Cyclists are the new ” must have ” accessory and every self respecting ” bullbar ” should be wearing one …….

  • abbaby

    Riding on the Cycleway the other day some workers on Waterview had tossed bread onto the middle of the cycle path. I came around a bend on a downhill run which is a speedy one (but remember this is a cyclepath, like a road and not a footpath) encountering these animals, around 30 pidgeons, across the path.
    Dealing with other people’s nonsensical behaviour is day in the life of a cyclist.
    Remind me to tell you the one of the council worker who had a long metal litter stick and oblivious swung it perpindicular to his truck over the Cycleway, like a lamba rod, into the path of oncoming cyclists.

  • TreeCrusher

    I’m an avid cyclist, riding four or five times a week and live in the most popular suburb in Christchurch to cycle in. I am always very courteous to cyclists, however, I often come up behind groups of road cyclists riding two or three a breast chatting to each other. I will always give them a quick couple of toots to let them know I’m there and would like to get past, keeping in mind that they have already broken the law at that point. There are usually one of two responses; one, they quickly move to single file I drive pass slowly giving them plenty of room, everybody happy. Two, the either ignor or flip the bird and continue to impede normal traffic flow forcing everyone to wait behind them to pass onto the wrong side of the road where people generally feel they need to speed up to finish the pass quickly.

    It is this second group that are the problem, there is no give on their side of the coin and this opposes kiwi’s sense of fair play. Kiwi’s are usually obliging people if they feel there is mutual respect and a bit of give of both sides. This group not only need to recognise that they are a bunch of A-holes, but also that they are giving the rest of us a very bad name.

    • Goldfish

      Well written.

      The cycle shops/clubs are supposed to be working to eradicate this sort of behaviour from guys who ride in bunches. But I guess that no matter how hard they try, statistically there have to be some cyclists who are just too dumb to get it or to care (of course I’m excluding the unwashed & unemployable that you’ll see tooling around on stunt bikes or junky mountain bikes).

  • Wine Man

    As an avid walker to the beach with my kids, I am fairly regularly harassed and abused by cyclists who yell at me to move out of the cycle lane that has been painted onto the footpath. The irony of this is never lost as they are no doubt the same cyclists who moan about motorists who honk their horn and get a tad angry at cyclists who will not obey the road rules.

    For the record the mere stupidity of council painting a line down the middle of a footpath and ‘creating’ a cycle lane is beyond belief.

    • JDV

      The cycle lane is for the safety of both cyclists and walkers. Bikes generally travel at 30kph and walkers at 6kph. It’s not that hard to leave a small amount of room (i.e the marked cycle lane that you are so obviously opposed to) for cyclists. Your attitude reminds me of drivers who travel in the fast lane at the speed limit just because they can.
      There is something peculiar about kiwis who are generally passive until they get behind the wheel of a car. It is not an even contest. If a car hits a cyclist then death is a real possibility. In most cases the cyclist is holding the car up for a few seconds.
      Cyclists reduce traffic congestion and road usage. Some of them are obnoxious law breakers but you could say that about any sector of society.

      • TreeCrusher

        You make a few points, but I will just touch on a couple; namely cyclists holding up traffic and the supposed reduction in congestion. First, holding up traffic is against the law. It is illegal to impede the natural flow of traffic, this is especially frustrating when being impeded to ~30 km/hr in a 70 or 100 km/hr zone because a group of cyclists want to chat. It is these cyclists that don’t respect the time of motorists and therefore some motorists do not respect them. It is unfortunate as it is this group that give the rest of us a bad name. Second, many cyclists that impede traffic would not otherwise be there in a car, they are cycling as a hobby in their spare time. That is certainly the case around the hills in Christchurch and no doubt the same around the usual haunts in Auckland. From my experience as a commuter by bike and car your average cyclist riding to work doesn’t annoy people as such, people just use the fact that they run red lights etc. as a way to justify their dislike for cyclists due to being disrespected by the first lot.

        IMO running a red light is a victimless crime, unless the cyclists gets hit and then they deserve a Darwin Award. It is the disrespecting by holding people up for a “few seconds” and not making an active attempt to let traffic past that is the key problem.

        As an aside, when I sat my racing licence a question I was asked was who’s responsibility is it to ensure there is not a collision during a passing manoeuvre, the person passing or the person being passed? The answer, both.