The economy is booming – Labour never stood a chance


We still have to be grateful for Labour declaring all those industry sector crises.  Because they sure ended up fixing everything.

Trade Me analysed more than 56,000 roles listed on its website and said there had been steady job growth since 2013.

After steady growth over the last half of 2013, the number of jobs advertised on Trade Me shot up by 16 percent in 2014.

Growth was almost 14 percent year-on-year for the October-to-December quarter, with rises in all the main cities.

Auckland led the way with 20 percent growth. Canterbury was up by 10 percent and Wellington by nearly eight.

Trade Me Jobs head Peter Osborne said the whole of 2014 was a bumper year with industrial sectors surging.

He said there was also growth in retail, which he said was a key indicator of high consumer confidence.

“One of the good things to see was that year on year we saw some growth in retail as well and when there’s retail growth it does mean that the economic conditions and retailer confidence seems to be quite high, so most areas saw some sort of growth through 2014.”

Mr Osborne said many advertisers had found it difficult to source talent and fill roles because of the expanding market.

He said there had been steady growth since 2013 but last year was a bumper year, especially in Auckland.

“Auckland does seem to be a bit of an economic power house at the moment, there are a lot of infrastructure projects, there are a lot of IT related roles being advertised up there and it generally seems to have a very healthy economy.”

The only thing Labour never declared a crisis was the Labour Party itself.   And we can all see the result.




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  • Pluto

    All we need now is for Labour to declare Islamic terrorism a crisis and we’ll all be sweet.
    Alas we wait…

    • Cadwallader

      What would’ve been worse would be Labour’s declaration that Islamo terrorism is the natural consequence of John Key’s heartless administration.

      • Sailor Sam

        But according to the lefties, it is exactly that!
        Jusdt wait until Russel and the lady with paint tins as shoes get back into parliament

  • caochladh

    Even if we had full employment, everyone owned their own home and wages were such that mothers could stay home all day to look after the children, Labour and the Gweens would still trash the country.

    • Coffee Connoisseur

      “and wages were such that mothers could stay home all day to look after the children”
      Interesting point.
      In the current system we are incentivized to do the exact opposite. We are incentivized to give our children to someone else to look after whilst we go out and work in order to try and get ahead.
      It doesn’t have to be this way but unfortunately it is likely to always be like this under the current System.

      • That came about because women wanted equality. I have no problem with that. However, in the old days, you went to your boss and said you had a baby on the way, you needed more money.

        These days, it is not easy for any family to survive on one income. It is because the answer to “I need more money” is to say “why isn’t the other partner working?”

        Equality’s unintended consequence.

        There never was a need for paid “parental” (mostly the mother, let’s be honest) leave either. But I agree is is damn near essential now.

        Mrs Pete and I raised two kids and did full time study on one basic income for years, and we went backwards. It’s called investing in your future. But to the lefties it would have been an excuse to show how I couldn’t cope by having a family, a wife that’s retraining and only one income.

        Oh equality, you double edged sword you.

        • Cadwallader

          Yes, and if things had gotten too tough it would’ve all been the fault of somebody else were you a sniveling leftie.

        • Coffee Connoisseur

          It all comes down to the sort of society we want to live in.
          I and I am sure many others would want to live in a society where a parent can look after their child and see them growing up and to not be penalized for doing that.
          When you apply logic and common sense…. i.e. who would you rather have look after your child?
          yourself and your wife or the people at the day care centre?
          Do we want Women to have the freedoms they have today?
          yes or no.
          If the answer is the former for both then this is a failure on the part of the current system.
          We could have both We could have a system designed to maximize both but not under the current one, not without more tax and redistribution.

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    or is it that Trade Me are continuing to take more and more market share off Websites like correlation does not automatically equal causation.

  • Carl

    And building rose by 6.7%, things are just getting worse.

  • Aucky

    Can you imagine the massive socialist spend-up that would be going on right now had Cunliffe & the Coalition From Hell won the election? Six years of hard won gains in a hugely challenging environment despatched straight down the gurgler. My God, did we ever dodge a bullet on 20 September.

  • timemagazine

    Thanks God for that!

  • Isaac

    On the opposite side – as employers, we are struggling to find good, skilled mechanical engineers that are not muppets. Our clients are trying to find seasonal packing staff, and have to import immigrants for their season.