The future belongs to…

…whoever is willing to fight for it.

Attacks by Islamist terrorists grow daily.  Their goal is singular and focused.  Islam must be the one and only global religion, and anyone who stands in their way will be dealt with at the end of a gun, via beheadings or car bombs, to name just some of their favored methods. The killings are intensifying in their frequency as each successive terrorist is emboldened by the success of his predecessors. Incredibly, after each attack the apologist pundits are quick to point out why this is not the fault of Islam, Islamists, and a slew of other obvious perpetrators. All of this masks one basic issue: we are in a fight with Islamists about the future.

Western Europe needs to realize the threat that is growing in their midst. Young ideological men, with no promising future, are being indoctrinated by radical Islam, an ideology promising a better future, where they will no longer be lost in society, giving them purpose and meaning in their daily struggle for existence. Contrast that with the hedonistic vision proposed by the current culture that exists in Europe. It is hedonistic, with a future that has little promise of a better life, of growth, of meaning, spiritual or otherwise.

Not sure I agree that there is no future for non-Islamic people in Europe, unless Islam takes over, in which case it is somewhat of a moot point.  

It is unclear how many Western European countries could fight a sustained war overseas.  Western Europe has a financial advantage, although for some countries that edge is marginal, due to the economic instability brought on by the rampant spending that socialism demands. Western European countries also have a military advantage, though for many countries in Europe that edge is marginal since they have cut military funding in favor of evermore domestic welfare programs.

Islamists have a few advantages that may be large enough to overcome this financial and military edge.   First, they have a clear goal and a dedication that is unwavering; they are willing to fight and die for their cause. They perceive the West as unfocused, wavering, spoiled, weak, and self-indulgent. Second, they have a demographic advantage; they are producing on average five to six children for every woman of child-rearing age. These children are vulnerable to radicalization due to the sustained indoctrination that is the basis of radical Islam. Third, due to lax immigration policies, there is a large population of sympathetic adherents upon whom they can rely on for material support and a ready supply of terrorists. They can operate in Europe with ease, since this is their home turf.

Will Europe dare to fight back to save itself?

Some say it is already too late.  Time and the numbers game will take care of the rest.

Appeasement is next to capitulation and one step ahead of suicide.


– Robert Nelson, Truth Revolt


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  • The Accountant

    This is possibly the jolt that the Western World needs. We have become too soft, and used to luxury and welfare from the State. All the compromising and back pedaling that goes on nowadays is a result of wanting to sustain this. The necessity of becoming a bit more hard-nosed might be just what we need. After all, the only thing constant is change.

  • Bombastic

    And yet we let the left tie our hands behind our backs with their political correctness. I don’t think the battle can be fought without first dismantling the ideological shackles installed by socialism.

  • tjb

    Literally only 1 hope left; that the next elections bring in actual leaders that will make hard anti-islamic measures in europe & UK, and USA.

    The next 0-10 years will decide just how horrific the 21st century is gonna be.

    • thehawkreturns

      Absolutely. It is harsh deportations of millions of Muslims now or the deaths of hundreds of millions of Europeans by AK47, pick and shovel, in a generation.

      • Luis Cannon

        The Greeks and the Turks found this out the hard way and exported those that did not fit in back to their former homelands.

  • conwaycaptain

    1 Stop family allowances for multiple numbers of children.
    2 Stop the Family reunion type of immigration and also this marrying the cousin from the home village.
    3 Any that go to fight in Jihad when they return imprison them and then deport of completion of the sentence.
    4 Penalise all these buggers that demonstrate and have signs like Behead all who insult islam etc etc.
    5 Put the army on the street, any problems shoot first.

    • ex-JAFA

      (4) might be a bit difficult in this form – after all, we want to encourage and protect free speech. How about a copper approaches anyone with such a sign and asks if that includes them. On receipt of an answer in the affirmative, the copper can say, “Well that’s now a direct threat against an individual, so you’re nicked, me old son!”

      • Skydog

        Surely free speech doesn’t include inciting violence.

        • ex-JAFA

          True, I was just wondering if that was a specific enough threat to be considered such.

    • Sunshine

      I would interpret the behead all those who insult Islam as “a threat to kill” and therein an illegal act. I can’t go around saying to anyone I will kill you if you insult me.

  • I am quite sure there is no future for non-Islamists in Europe. You have a situation in the UK where the population is ageing and not reproducing in sufficient numbers, which isn’t surprising when each room to a flat adds £100k+ and a house £200k+, with the government telling you this is a good thing. You have a government, and the political parties than ultimately control it, who thinks you are just a cash cow to squeeze ever more out of. And you have a state that seems hell-bent on introducing fascism by any other name (we’ll keep an eye on you, because you have nothing to fear unless you’re doing what we deem to be wrong). So your house is rubbish, or beyond any cost you can ever afford, you have nothing to show for your life, and you have little else to do but consume…or move to Aussie or NZ, if you’re sufficiently skilled they’ll have you. It’s not much to live for, except consuming ever more ‘things’.

    • steve and monique

      Restrict children to 2 or 3 per household. Not 8 or so as Muslims like. This should reduce their chance of taking over as the dominant culture. I know it is an out there idea, so wont be liked.

  • One thing is for sure – Putin and Russia will be very concerned and watching their western neighbours closely, and no doubt have a long term plan.

    • steve and monique

      Have heard the Russians have their share of Muslims as well.

      • Yeah, but they don’t pussyfoot around too much with the Chechans.

  • caochladh

    Remember too, the insidious mongrels have been attaining position’s of power and strength in both local and national government to give them an increasing voice which ultimately reflects on the decisions being made.

  • Kiwimurray

    So long as countries of the west see themselves as the benevolent hosts extending the hand of friendship to those less fortunate, these issues will continue to increase. Refugees and people from seriously disadvantaged countries do not leave their baggage at home. We then put them together in communities where they create their own hierarchies based on the lifestyle they supposedly left behind. Whether it be criminal gangs (e.g. Russian Mafia, Chinese Triad) or, increasingly, extreme Islamists, melding into the society of their adopted country is not considered important. If we question this behaviour we are labelled as racist or “culturally insensitive”. The western way of life as we know it is on the slippery slope unless someone has the balls to stand up and say we want to retain the values we grew up with and our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for.

  • Alright
    • sandalwood789

      Belgium – no surprise there.

      IIRC Brussels is now about 25% Muslim. Marseille (in southern France) is about 33% Muslim.

      • Alright

        So it is basically a lost cause. Why? Because about five percent will be radical Muslims. How many is that? Immaterial. Only 19 terrorists were needed to bring America to its knees.

      • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

        The scary thing is if they decide to mobilise en-mass with weapons in the streets it will be a blood bath. Imagine even 10,000 nutters with auto weapons attacking a town centre. Even if they only had 30 rds each – that’s 300,000 rds – if they landed 20% of their rounds that’s 60,000 wounds and if their fatality rate was just 10%, that’s 6,000 deaths and 54,000 wounded. Even if you scaled it to 1,000 nutters it is still scary to consider and yet it is possible. Not in NZ (maybe, not yet), but in Europe yes and in many other countries.

        Factor in a few RPG’s and the damage and toll just gets worse. How many cities could handle that many injured in a day – not many if any.

        The cops would get a few but would be overwhelmed in sort order and then a door to door slaughter could happen with little to stop them.

        Now that is what worries me. Of course I’ll hopefully take a few with me if it happened here.

  • FredFrog

    I find this interesting:

    “Western Europe has a financial advantage, although for some countries that edge is marginal, due to the economic instability brought on by the rampant spending that socialism demands. Western European countries also have a military advantage, though for many countries in Europe that edge is marginal since they have cut military funding in favor of evermore domestic welfare programs.”

    And which group benefits the most per capita from this welfare spending? You guessed right. The muslims.

    We’re taxing the Europeans to pay the muslims to wipe out the Europeans

  • Eiselmann

    The future belongs to the free and those willing to fight for our children’s future….I hope , however right now with the current crop of leaders reading from the Neville Chamberlain handbook instead of the Winston Churchill one , my hope for the future is just that…a hope as opposed to confidence that our grand-children will do incredible things rather than wear burka’s and marry children.

  • El Diablo

    It’s great to see how many people are waking up to this threat, at least judging from the comments on this thread. Although commenters at Whale Oil would hardly be representative of the general populace.

    I myself have been watching this all unfold over the last 14 years in particular since 911. I have watched in horror as Western Europe has allowed mass muslim immigration and to a lesser extent Australia and New Zealand have been doing the same. The times are definitely changing. I don’t think its too late for course correction just yet, but we are certainly getting damm close.

  • Citizen

    The west may have the financial advantage, they have the military power. But they also have the left. What happens when soldiers start to be returned home in body bags? We’ve seen it in Iraq, the 1st Iraq conflict was largely bloodless to the u.s. 10 years later Iraq and Afghanistan, calls to bring the troops home, because one casualty is too many. Look at Ukraine, Putin has counted on the fact that the west is too soft, he knows full well that open conflict between NATO and Russian troops will result in 1000’s of casualties, and he knows the west don’t have the stomach for it. In todays climate, how many of the old wars would have been able to run their course? WW1, WW2 Korea? Vietnam? I think we’d have a very different looking geo political map today.