The left are so selective about their outrage


Sarah Palin posted a New Year’s photo of her 6-year-old son Trig standing on the family dog to reach the sink with the offering of an inspirational message of turning an obstacle into a stepping stone, social media erupted in vile attacks against Palin for allowing such an “atrocity” to take place.

Hurls of “you’re a horrible human being,” “sociopaths suck,” and “you’re still a total moron” were aimed directly at Palin. You would have thought they were beating the animal with baseball bats.

Then there was these two unspeakable comments:


It doesn’t surprise me.  We’ve seen the same here.  The “think like us or die” brigade absolutely thrive on the left.  And our media are more than happy to fan those fires.

So what happened when Ellen DeGeneres did the same thing?


Not. A. Peep.

Of course, when Andrea Vance had her emails looked at by a few people as part of an official investigation, it was the end of the world for Journalistic privacy as we knew it.

When all my emails were stolen and released to the public, it was just what I deserved.

Lefties and their media enablers are corrupt to the core.   It’s time we were Freed.


– Truth Revolt


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  • Pete

    Happens here as well, check out some of the posts on the TM message boards!

    • Aucky

      ……..along with Stuff, TV3, Standard and the online Herald commenters.

  • Mark

    It is still the mind blowing hypocrisy that gets to me & has me shaking my head even thou I should be used to it by now.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Hmmm, I wonder how these photos are any different than playing rough and tumble with a family pet? Not any different at all I would suppose.

    So clear it’s not the ‘act’ in Palin’s son’s case, but that fact it’s Palin’s son and dog that causes the outrage.

  • la la land

    No fan of Sarah Palin but that is just ridiculous. Our kids used to dress up the cat in dolls clothes… I suppose that’s abuse now too

    • LesleyNZ

      Did you ever take any photos? Would love to see some!!!!!

      • minnie

        my brother has a photo of himself as a toddler playing bouncys on dads pig dog – not sure of breed but he was big – dog snoring his head off. Dont have photos of my cat dressed up and tucked into dolls pram – think he thought he was the luckiest cat alive, he used to smile at me!!

  • cows4me

    Part of been a lefty is the ability to be totally delusional and one eyed. A great fault with the left is an inability to recognise hypocrisy because if you are a hard core lefty hypocrisy doesn’t exist.

    • Cadwallader

      This is why the Greenies are on the left spectrum.

  • Reaper

    I’m pretty sure that if the dog really disliked being stood on it would stand up and walk away.

    • Primrose

      Or bite them so that the dog would be blamed for biting.

  • Kelvin

    The lefts anguish is because their moniker suggests being wrong. Lefties, Cack handed, Left out, Left off, Left Behind.

    Us on the right though dont have that problem. We are always right, the right way, that’s right, right on. Whatever we do, it is right. Even if we are wrong, we are still Right.

    • paul468

      Maybe it is that simple, you’re probably right.

      • Evan

        The history of “left” vs “right” came from the which side of the debate chamber you sat on during the first French revolutionary govt assembly in around 1792-ish, nothing at all to do with what hand you write with…..that’s from that same medieval thinking as islam comes from

        • Cadwallader

          I suspect it has an earlier source. If one was of illegitimate birth there was an obligation to record it by having an addition to the family crest of a left turning arc. The was from the dark ages and was known as “the Curve Sinister.” It prevented the bearer from many privileges including addressing Royalty in matters of State.

          • Pharmachick

            And the curve “sinister” comes from the latin word for left.

    • Cadwallader

      I am left handed but were I a true leftie I would take immeasurable offence! Being left handed my Latin status is “sinister” whereas a right handed person is “dexter.”We have ambidextrous but for the same condition we do not have ambisinistrous. Left handers are discriminated against. I demand the Greenies call for an inquiry! Or failing that I feel that the moderators banish all ridicule of left handedness.

      • IKIDUNOT

        At last! Someone standing up for the lefties…..

      • exactchange

        Course there’s always Dexter, and not thinking about Life With … . That might balance things up a bit.

      • Pharmachick

        Oh whoops, didn’t read far enough… I see you’re up there on your latin word derivations. Not so common anymore.

      • I am left handed…we are the only people in our right mind.

        • Cadwallader

          Agree and don’t forget we are sexier too!

    • Rod

      Yet the strange thing is, people who call themselves right wing, support a National government which by any criteria is actually centre left. The benefit system including Working for Families proves this beyond doubt.

  • paul468

    What I just cannot understand is how the lefties do these discriminatory acts in the media or face to face in a discussion yet they are the very ones opposed to discrimination. I think there is something in their DNA; maybe an extra XXY chromosome. It’s like they don’t even see it. Completely dismissive that that is what they are doing. Maybe to be a lefty you just need a sub 90 IQ?. Maybe there’s a student here somewhere that would take it up for a thesis.

  • George

    One small step for ingenuity one giant step for socialist’s ignorance.

  • Radvad

    Palin’s response is hilarious. She starts by saying “Chill. At least Trig did not eat the dog” and goes on to totally skewer the haters. This of course refers to Obama having eaten dog meat. Well worth a read.

    The even weirder thing is the left, while being indignant about this, would have wanted Trig to be aborted.

    • LesleyNZ

      And isn’t Trig a lovely boy and gives the Palin family such joy?

    • Pharmachick

      I enjoyed and agree with the first part of your response. I’m no fan of Palin, but it was a funny and appropriate response. The second part of your comment is unnecessarily cruel and inflammatory (and not really true).

  • sin-ic

    When in Alaska last year, I bought, as a souvenir, a condom pack labelled
    ” As Thin as Sarah Palin’s CV”

  • LesleyNZ

    Well, well,well. Yes it is left versus right and nastiness from the left but WHY is Sarah Palin in particular hated so much and so many lies told about her and what she has supposedly said or done? (Always check out SNOPES website before believing stories about Sarah Palin). Sarah Palin is hated (as in the hate tweets above) because she is a Christian and is open about her Christian faith and is very conservative. This is not liked by liberals and especially liberals of the left persuasion. Of course picking on and being nasty about and to those who defend their Christian faith is fair game – after all how many Christians retaliate and go and chop heads off or seek revenge or put you in jail for offending their religion or the name of those upon whom the religion is based upon?

    • Jas

      Hardline Christian Fundamentalists can be just as bigoted as left wing liberals. Just go to the some of the rural areas of the US and have a different opinion.

      • LesleyNZ

        Yes they can and I do question their Christian motivation. However I am not talking about bigotry – I am talking about revenge and nastiness and how much Sarah Palin is hated by the left and liberal left and right and why she is so hated.

        Because I do not support or agree with gay marriage I have been called a bigot. Nothing to do with hating gays – all to do with my faith and my world view. As my dad used to say – God will be the judge.

  • MrBarrington

    Still waiting to be Freed…..

  • paul

    My problem with this photo is it is wrong, I have 7 dogs my wee rascals are not allowed to climb on the dogs, they must treat the dogs with respect ( a huge word in our house), I am no leftie but allowing a child to climb up on the dog like that is not good, glad its a great dog and didn’t nip the wee fella. Abusing Palin not good I reckon she goes alright.

  • Eddie Nunns

    Bugger out of Popcorn BRB