The real public outrage against hackers will finally start when the toast burns

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?   Until hacking affects each and every one of us, isolated incidences that happen to celebrities, companies or the odd journalists aren’t going to get the outrage they deserve.

And this is when the public will be at the hackers’ mercy:

You approach your front door and the lock slides open at a prompt from your phone.

Once inside your kitchen the coffee maker springs into action and the oven is flashing up a recipe for the evening meal.

It knows what food you have because it has just been talking – by wifi – to the equally ‘smart’ fridge.


This vision of the future may seem far off but, according to Samsung, it is only two years away.

The electronics giant says that, by then, nine out of ten household appliances it makes will be internet- enabled and controlled by mobiles, tablets and voice commands.

And there you have it.

Internet connected homes.  Security, lighting, heating, food storage, food preparation.

You just wait when the first wave of hackers stuff that up.   The cries that will go out for the police and the government to ‘do something’ will reach a majestic crescendo.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone like Russel Norman had all his appliances hacked to be on, or turned way up, or down, every time he leaves the house?  Everything in the freezer is thawed, everything in the fridge frozen, all the lights and heating have been going full bore all day.

Wonder if Russel would want the government’s security services to come help him then?   Or will he still not want them to have the tools to combat hackers?   I think we’re all going to live long enough to see the result.

– Mail Online


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  • Sally

    Russel would be very upset if his greens aren’t cooked in time.
    As for myself I will be going hungry half the time as there is never much in the fridge.

    • Cadwallader

      Your fridge may leave home!

    • willtin

      Room for a garden?
      Edit: And time, of course.

    • caochladh

      it is best to buy fresh often – that way there is always enough room in the fridge for the important consumables.

  • Cadwallader

    It is already here to some extent: my electric power switchboard has a cell phone like enabler in it which reports my daily consumption to the power company every night at a specific time. From that information alone, my presence or not, in the house can be discerned. They use this information to try to persuade me to alter my consumption plan and/or my need to change appliances. I suspect it is more accurate than my previous meter as immediately after it was introduced I received a credit derived from poor readings of circa $2700.00!

    • peterwn

      The prospective intruder could just sneak in and read the meter. Incidentally Sue (I do not have a Snapper card) Kedgley wants to know what she can do to stop having a new fangled meter put in. It is mandatory AFAIK for all the traditional Ferraris Disc meters to be replaced in the next couple of years. The Ferraris Disc Meter was invented about 120 years ago and in its modern form is an amazingly accurate (for an electromechanical design) but inexpensive device.

      • johcar

        Except when the glass is broken out and an item (like a knife) is laid across the disc, preventing it from spinning and thereby recording usage.

        I worked for a power company a lifetime ago, and tenants of houses in dodgy suburbs (note: I live in Auckland, so I’ll bet you can guess where I am talking about) were regularly ‘modified’ in this way.

        The modification was often discovered by the meter reader, who, after many months of not being able to gain access to read the meter on the property (usually because of large dogs), gained access when there was a change of tenant…

        • Dave

          Way back in my apprenticeship days, I did a few months with the local lines company. A local “enterprise” had very low consumption, we put another set of meters on the pole, installed live so they couldnt tell. Net result, they eventually went to court for stealing power, their consumption was huge.

          The problem was the meter readers needed access, and whilst they waited their elder (grandfather) would remove the needles from the meters and the reader couldnt tell, as they all had a tiny hole in the side.

  • FredFrog

    If russel was as concerned about the environment as he claims to be, he wouldn’t have a refrigerator, electric lights, heating etc. so it wouldn’t be a problem for him.

    In theory.

    Of course, in practise, he requires a refrigerator to keep the champagne that fuels his socialism cool.

  • Rick H

    Will the new fridge order me another case of “Old Coach Road” Gewurztraminer when it realises there is only 3 bottles left?

    • FredFrog

      No. It will have drunk at least 5 of the bottles itself, and does not want you know that it’s alcoholic.

      • Rick H

        Ah, thank you. I was wondering why my booze was running out so quickly all the time.

  • sheppy

    I wonder if Wussell will still want to give the hackers a group hug and a large handout as a reward for their behaviour?

  • lurcher1948

    why do the right post like babies

    • Rick H

      because we are happy and positive.
      unlike the lefty doom-and-gloomers

      • waldopepper

        here here

    • Garbageman

      dude i have like totally never posted any babies on here before

  • RightofSingapore

    Yes, it would be a delicious irony is Former Australian Communist Party Leader Russell Norman were hacked and had his power shut off-think of the energy and emissions savings he would be making! Total commitment to the cause.

  • Michelle

    l would be more worried about their ability to hack into pacemakers and insulin pumps which they say they can do

  • Canucktoo

    Getting hacked via your fridge has already happened! Cyber security associated with the Internet of Things is very poor. Dick Cheney has the wifi on his pacemaker disabled for fear of hacking. New cars now have IP addresses – wait till someone hacks a new car while it’s being driven – it will happen, just a matter of time!

    • JustAnotherLurker

      Already shown in IEEE paper in 2010: “We demonstrate that an attacker who is able to infiltrate virtually any Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can leverage this ability to completely circumvent a broad array of safety-critical systems. Over a range of experiments, both in the lab and in road tests, we demonstrate the ability to adversarially control a wide range of automotive functions and completely ignore driver inputdash including disabling the brakes, selectively braking individual wheels on demand, stopping the engine, and so on. ”
      Quite a frightening read.