Thicko Islamic hackers take down UK bus time-table website

The site name sounds impressive…Travel West…at least to thicko Islamic hackers who mistakenly thought it would disrupt all travel in Western nations.

Except it turns out that the site is a bus timetable site for Poms living in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

Muslim extremists hoping to disrupt international travel across the Western world fell a little short of their goal when they hacked into a Bristol bus timetable instead.

A group calling itself, Darkshadow – an Arab Security Team – mistakenly hijacked TravelWest’s journey planner website and replaced it with a sinister Islamic State-style black page.

It is thought the cyberterrorists, who claim to be based in Tunisia and the Ivory Coast, believed that by hacking TravelWest, they were infiltrating a major international travel website for Europe and the United States.

West Country locals, who logged onto the site expecting to find the usual bus and train timetables, cycle routes and traffic updates, were taken aback to discover that all information had been replaced by Arabic text and the stark message: “Hacked by Darkshadow”.

Maybe they should change their name to DumbShadow.

Backed by Arabic music, the website also carried an advert plugging the extremists’ Facebook page and boasting of other hacks they had carried out.

The group claimed to have successfully infiltrated webpages belonging to Philippine Airlines and the El Salvador government.

But doubts were cast on the authenticity of those behind the hack after they misspelt the word Muslim on their homepage.

And their latest hacking efforts drew derision from many of those logging on to the TravelWest site in the hope of using the journey planner.

One person wrote: “Oh dear, can’t tell the difference between a local bus company and travel site. Pathetic. What price education huh?”

Another joked: “Can you fix this little error on the TravelWest site? Nice music by the way.”

Jake Bradley wrote: “What time is the number 8 to the town centre?”

The site is jointly run by several councils including Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

The West of England Partnership (WEP), which looks after the site, said it had alerted its IT department as soon as it was flagged up.

Julia Dean, communication officer for WEP, said: “Glad to report everything is now back up and working.”



– NZ Herald


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  • Ahh yes, Islamic hackers with a Facebook page…do they really fail to see the irony? That said, it could just be a smoke screen for some kids just messing around =P

    • dgrogan

      Or just practice for something a lot more sinister.

  • Cowgirl

    The Brains Trust strikes again – surely when they looked at sites to hack, they looked at this site and recognised bus timetables? Or was this one just targeted because it was easy to do due to having lower security? Either way, rocket scientists they aren’t.

  • Korau

    Further to this story, I see that the Iranian answer to Facebook, (Facenama) has been hacked on January 1st, and the 116,000 stolen credentials published on line. They are available for download from an outfit called

    The only saving grace is the passwords are encrypted, but this doesn’t seem to stop the crooks who now have tools to decrypt most of these.

    The hack was done by someone with Persian writing skills. So, was it Arabs attacking Arabs?

    Source :

    • Tom

      Geesh i might jump into that and order them all pizza for delivery.

    • conwaycaptain

      Iranians aren’t Arabs they are Persian. Muslim attacking Muslim not surprised. Iran is Shia and most of the Arab world is Sunni and they hate each other with a vengeance

      • andrewo

        In theory but in practice 600 years of the Ottoman Empire thoroughly mixed up ethnicities in that region. People were moved all over.

  • The Accountant

    Could be a spoof – the hackers misspelt Muslim on their home page.

  • timemagazine

    It will take generations for the Brits to sort out the mess they have created by being so accomodating with all these Muslim lunatics.