Do you think you are important? Perhaps you are not

(Turn sound down – music is a little over the top)


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  • pak

    Loved this. Certainly puts a few things in perspective!

  • geoff

    If there are zillions of trillions of billions of stars, each most probably with their own planets, then what are the odds that we are alone?

    • I think the probability there is life elsewhere in the universe is so close to one it may as well be one. The massive scale demands it.

      • Nigel_F

        I think your math is off a little Pete, the chance that we could be here is 1/infinity, essentially zero, now if you multiplty 1/infinity by billions or trillions or even infinity the answer is still zero.

  • EvoDriver

    Nice video. But I’m not sure what the woman screaming in the initial frame has to do with anything.

  • John1234

    Eleanor Catton is way more important than that.