This is war

France is in shock. After three days of violence, fear and blood, the heart of the Republic resembled a war zone, its streets splashed with shattered glass.

The three men whose vicious purpose had shaken the pillars of the Republic, including the brothers behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre, lay dead, alongside four more innocent citizens.

But still, France cannot be sure this horror is over. The hunt continues for the accomplices of the three gunmen, including one implicated in the death of a policewoman on Thursday.

Spy agencies around the world are under pressure, as it emerged that those behind the Paris attacks were well known to authorities as al-Qaeda-trained would-be jihadists, members of a network that used to meet in a northern Paris park.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls admitted a “clear failing” in French intelligence.

First thing that happens, naturally, is for people to ask their government:  “what did you do to protect us?”   

“Mistakes have been made”: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Photo: Getty Images
“If 17 people die, this means mistakes have been made,” he said.

And the world is facing the prospect of a reborn, renewed al-Qaeda threat – the Parisian shooters claimed allegiance to al-Qaeda in Yemen, and members of that group claimed to have “directed” the attack and chosen its targets “as a revenge for the honour” of the Prophet Muhammad.

In a televised address a few hours later President Francois Hollande urged his nation to remain united and vigilant.

“The threats facing France are not finished,” he said. “We are a free people who cave to no pressure.”

Including pressure by people who try to destabilise us from within.   People like Kim Dotcom, Martyn Martin Wrongly Wrongson Bradbury and Russel Norman, all of whom continue to attempt to undermine New Zealand’s security using the Trojan Horse of personal privacy erosion.



– Sydney Morning Herald


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  • Whafe

    All so very true Cam, some fantastic threads, posts comments on Whaleoil re terrorism etc etc… This terror slaying in France will change things globally.

    I urge people to research Islam / Muslim what it means etc etc. there has been some amazing links to video clips on Whaleoil, which then leads to others etc.. Some eye opening stuff…

    The PC’ism of the Western World is playing into the hands of Muslims.

    • 2rotorbro

      I’d like to agree with you but what happened in France, happened in Sydney, the teenager in Melbourne, Spain, New York, Kuta – Bali, London, Jimbaran – Bali, Kenya, Sudan etc etc. Nothing’s changed. While these extremist plonkers are allowed to draw breath these attacks will continue.

      • Whafe

        Agree with you totally, I have not got to my thinking with this latest attack, it has timed with the holiday season and I have had more time to do more research…

        This France slaying is just one of some 20K terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone, let alone the last 1400 years

      • colin herbertson

        and while everyone is thinking about France at a place in Nigeria no ones ever heard of called Maiduguri they’ve reached a new low with a 10 year old girl achieving martyrdom taking 16 other souls with her,

    • Huia

      I found that video clip yesterday from the American scientist absolutely enlightening, haven’t been able to get the facts out of my head actually. Thankyou whaleoil, it is a lesson that has gone home with me and been passed on.

      • Whafe

        My thoughts exactly. I said below, will say again, I have watched more from Dr Bill Warner,misery interesting to say the least.

        I really enjoyed this one

        Shows three different books so to speak, which then gives reason as to why there is so much non agreement with Islam etc etc

        • Huia

          Thankyou for that Whafe, I will check those out.

        • pak

          Whafe – just listened to this. Outstanding exposition. Had not understood dualistic nature of Islam previously. All very disturbing and a lot to think about. Many thanks for posting.

  • RightofSingapore

    Yet, former Australian Communist party Leader Russell Norman wouldn’t hesitate to use spy powers to make sure people are recycling, using CFL lightbulbs, monitoring their power usage, carbon emissions, not using too many plastic bags etc Like many lefties, he has no problems with spying as long as its for a purpose he approves of and is the one doing it.

    • David Moore

      That’s exactly what happened in the UK, councils got more powers to monitor people in the wake of the london bombing and used it primarily to make sure people were recycling correctly and prosecuting people who did not.

    • dgrogan

      Or to find out, by way of monitoring phone and text messages, what our PM is saying and to whom.

    • JKV

      Exactly right ROS. The Hypocrisy of the left is staggering – but sadly not surprising,

    • The Accountant

      And I think you will find Comrade Norman would change his tune “when” he was in power. Socialists want to monitor the masses more than anyone else.

  • David Moore

    I’m very strongly in favour of personal privacy, I do not for one second see why I loose that just because some idiot/group of idiots has decided that allowing large numbers of people with a radically different and poisonous world view into the country is a good idea!

    • JKV

      What planet are you on? Incoherent drivel. The people who are trying to protect us are not interested in a non-entity like you. They are trying to stop people getting their heads chopped off or blown off. By the way, it’s not all about self-absorbed people like you. For goodness sake get a life – oh and by the way get a perspective.

    • hbboy

      Make up your mind DM, its a slight degradation of your privacy or a crowd watching a basketball game getting blown to bits – you choose.

      • David Moore

        That’s not the choice being offered. We lose our freedoms and still get blown up at basketball games.

        • Dave_1924

          Exactly David Moore.

          The French knew exactly of the snake i the Westwho this latest batch of terrorists where. They had stopped watching the brothers because they were considered to old to cause trouble.

          You couple that with a comment I saw in one of the new stories that the security services don’t have enough people to keep an eye on all the possible suspects on their watch lists and it leads to exactly what you say. Erosion of privacy for Joe and Jo average and no great security anyway.

          The West needs to harden up and target the head of the snake in the West. The recruiters and hate formentors.

          Those Imams who preach hate and violence should go to a nice comfortable solitary cell and preach to four walls for the rest of there naturals….

  • caochladh

    I have seen many media photographs of Muslims protesting all over the world and usually carrying signs that predominately say death to anyone who is not Muslim. The one thing that stands self evident for me is that without exception, these “people” all have the mark of the mongrel. Just look at them and ask yourself, are these “people” you could reason with, let alone coexist peacefully with? I know its not form to judge on looks alone, but I wouldn’t walk in any of their moccasins for four moons to find out.

    • dgrogan

      Where are the women? This is a typical mob of dogma addled thugs. What are their womenfolk doing? What are they thinking? What will they do? What can they do?
      One thing is very obvious to me and that is that change will have to come from within. But will it? Can it even?

  • Jaffa

    Why don’t muslim refugees escaping from a nasty muslim country,immigrate
    to a nice friendly muslim country, instead of coming to live amongst us

    A nice friendly muslim country like,…..ummm?

    • Pharmachick

      Egypt or Morocco or Jordan or … Birmigham

      • Aucky

        I’ve heard that Bradford is nice at this time of the year.

        • Pharmachick

          Haha, Bradford is a miserable hole at any time of year, and worse in winter. Also, their FC sucks (but then, we’re Liverpool fans in this house and not having much luck this year) ;-)

          • Aucky

            I hail from Sheffield PC so know all about Bradford but left the UK before it became Bradistan. Do you know that there are direct air services now between Bradford & Islamabad? Don’t complain about Liverpool FC – I’m a Sheffield United supporter.

          • JKV

            Good for you Aucky. Glad you got out of there – as we did!

          • Pharmachick

            You have my condolences re: Sheffield FC. My family’s from Merseyside and I have a relative on the team… hard to watch a season like this after last year. This there’s always the FA cup. And to Bradford FC supporters – I may have been bit harsh.

        • Just a thought …

          I hope you aren’t talking about Sue ……….

          • Aucky

            She’s presents better than Bradford.

    • David Moore


    • Wallace Westland


      • Bluemanning

        Borneo, specifically Bau and Kuching Sarawak. Certain people would hate Kuching as it is known as ‘cat city’ saw huge statues of cats in the city proper.

    • Isherman


      • garryb


    • Hard1

      They could go to a country with the most Fatwas. In fact, “Muslim clerics are issuing so many fatwas in moderate Malaysia – banning everything from botox to coffee made from animal poo – there is now a website to help locals keep up” Or Venezuela, the most mismanaged Islam supporter on the Security Council.

    • Huia

      They are escaping the nasty muslim country and immigrating to friendly western shores for one reason only and that is to convert the rest of the world to Islam and Sharia law. There is no other way but theirs and its time the Wussel Normans of the world recognized this.

    • Dave

      Like England, France, Canada ……

  • Iva b ginn

    With all that has happened over the past decade or so, after seeing the video of Dr Bill Warner he reminded me of an old history teacher that I had at school. He would tell us stories of the middle east and would always tell us that we wouldn’t read these stories in the text books. It turned out that his father was a Archaeologist and he had grown up in the middle east. So he was an expert on the history of the area. He was more or less saying the same thing as Dr Warner was saying.

    • Whafe

      I to have found more videos from Dr Bill Warner, then found some others that correlate very well together, can begin to extrapolate some really interesting facts indeed…

      Pretty mind blowing really

  • Rodger T

    The US and British Govts know what needs to be done ,they just don`t have the stomach for it so after all is said and done it will the same old ,same old.

  • Rex

    The American, General Pershing in the Muslim troubles in the Phillines in the early 20th century discovered that terrorists were really put off when their dead comrades were buried in a mass grave with slaughtered pigs! Mus don’t like being buried with pigs. Maybe it upsets the virgins awaiting them. It would be great if the powers that be could announce they were doing the same with these three. Won’t happen though….

  • JKV

    The great Winston Churchill – you know that guy who stood up to Fascism (and was utterly pilloried by his own party) had this to say about the Religion of Peace

    • colin herbertson

      this man did as much as anyone to save civilisation, he must be spinning in hs grave to see what his generation fought for being squndered by those who inherited it.

      Got to quibble about the footnotes though,hard to see how he could have fought in Crimean war considering he wasn’t born untill 20 years later, and the anglo French force were allied with the Ottomans against the Russians.

  • HunuaRanger

    “Who has the right to say that France in thirty or forty years will not
    be a Muslim country? Who has the right in this country to deprive us of
    it?” — Marwan Muhammed, spokesman, Collective Against Islamophobia in
    France (CCIF), Paris. 2013

    Well, you know…
    The Muslim population of France reached an estimated 6.5 million in 2013. that’s an estimated 10% of the 66 million population of today.


    • The Accountant

      And when it hits 50%, under democracy, they can insist on Sharia (which is by no means democratic) becoming the official law. Using democracy against itself.

    • JAFA Gazza

      The French do. Thats basically it.

  • JRyan

    The trouble with us western brains is we delude ourselves into thinking the hospitality offered is appreciated by all cultures. But it is mocked by some and there is no appreciation. Who would you invite to stay in your own house? And there lies your answer to who should be allowed to enjoy our paradise. And as for KDC, Minto, Snowdon and the rest of the naive bunch of demented twits, you are nothing more than the weak link of the chain. Sickly out of touch.

    • Albert Lane

      Well said.