This why the thinnest book in the world is the book of Italian war heroes

Oh those?Italians, they make the best rifles – never been fired and only dropped once. ? And it seems this genetic propensity that besets them is still going strong.

Some 83.5 percent of Rome?s police scheduled to work on New Year’s Eve called in sick. Italian authorities are threatening disciplinary actions against those officers who never showed up as some 600,000 people welcomed 2015 on the streets of the capital.

Initially some 1,000 municipal police officers were scheduled to provide safety in Rome on that night. Those 835 who failed to show up to work mostly cited excuses such as donating blood or suddenly surfaced physical “disabilities”, La Repubblica reports.

Italy?s public service minister Marianna Madia warned on Twitter that disciplinary action may be taken against the officers, once the investigation of the incident is complete.

Rome?s Mayor Ignazio Marino said in a Facebook post that the officers? actions on that night was a failed attempt to ?ruin? the New Year celebrations.

?They did not succeed in ruining the city?s party,? Marino said, The Local reports. ?But those who with their unjustifiable absences tried to ruin everything, have to be held to account.?

Meh, they just were too scared. ? Too scared of dealing with drunks, too scared of dealing with violence, and too scared of work.



– RT