Thought of the Day

What would alien observers make of a planet going to war with itself over a picture someone drew?


I guess nations have gone to war for less.

What a mess.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Two S American countries went to war over a football match. UK went to war over a sea Captain’s Ear (The war of Jenkin’s Ear)
    Nearest NZ and Aus came to war was over the Underarm Incident!!!

    • Mountainmadness

      Fair enough too. Bloody Aussies!

    • Cracker1963

      Yes, we tend to stick together overseas as per the Battle of the Wazza in World War 1. The VD rate rose fast after the New Zealand Expeditionary Force arrived in Egypt at Christmas 1914 and soldiers visited prostitutes in Cairo’s brothel district, the Wagh el Birket (known as the Wazza). Before leaving for Gallipoli in April 1915, Australian and New Zealand troops banded together to wage ‘the battle of the Wazza’, a riot believed to have been begun by New Zealanders, partly as payback for venereal infection Of course, we said that the Australians started it!

      • conwaycaptain

        In the programme the Anzac Girls they were doing an anti VD talk to the lads and the Officer was giving an in depth talk about bacteria etc and the troops couldnt have cared less.

        Then the little Nursing sister took over and gave them an in depth talk on the treatment etc etc. That put them off!!!

      • johcar

        Standard response when doing your OE and you get into trouble with the locals. Instantly you admit to being Australian.

  • Cadwallader

    John Minto and mates went to war over a rugby tour.

  • Damon Mudgway

    It all comes down to three simple little words…always has and always will.


  • This probably explains the lack of alien presence. They keep popping by to check on us, look at what we’re up to, and go, ‘Umm…we’ll come back later and see if they’ve finally grown up’. So far we’re 150,000 years and waiting…

  • conwaycaptain

    Who was it who said that Religion was a means of control???
    Well the Pope used to control Europe and no longer does. ABout time that the Muslims rose up against the Mad Mullahs

  • G-Man

    270,000,000 killed over a 1400 year period in the name of Islam….and still counting

  • Andy

    Sky News UK refused to show the cover of the latest magazine. They pulled the feed as soon as the French journalist started showing the magazine to the camera, then apologised to viewers.

  • corporate refugee

    It seems to me that the root cause of why the planet would “go to war with itself” is not a cartoon, but mankind’s curious affinity with religion. I can imagine an alien species evaluating us along the lines of “Intelligent, shows promise and extraordinary resourcefulness , but have an inexplicable need to believe in all powerful super-beings”.