Today’s Trivia




Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?


In the 70’s we were worried about global cooling and scientists were suggesting ways to warm us up. (source)


18% of US millennials have 6 or more tattoos. (source)


Sir Don Bradman hit only 6 sixes in his career. He apparently also hit a couple of ‘fives’ and I’d love to know what that actually was. (source)


The theme for Fresh Prince was based on an older Will Smith rap. (LINKS TO VIDEO source)


There is something called the ‘Fat Acceptance Movement’ – because attitudes “comprise a fat phobic entrenched societal norm, evident in many social institutions, including the mass media. ” (source)


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  • Jimmie

    I think a 5 is a single and the fielder over throws and the ball goes to the fence. 1+4 over throws = 5.

    • James Howlett

      Thanks Jimmie! Sounds right and I’ll take that unless anyone can advise different.Bonus point for you!

      • Rockfield

        Jimmie is correct. Also, nowadays I believe you also get five runs if the ball hits a helmet stashed on the field, generally behind the wicketkeeper. R. (I’m back!)

      • Dave_1924

        You can run a five as well I believe. On some of the big grounds like the MCG if the field is stacked to one side and you hit to a long boundary on the other side you could run a five….. Jimmie and Rockfield are correct with there methods

  • Michael

    Shredder from the awesome TMNT cartoon of the 80s was voiced by James Avery, who also played Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. Link to 4.

    • James Howlett

      Amazing Michael yes! Well done.

  • Aitch

    When the batsman hits the ball and it hits an object left on the field by one of the fielding side, the batsman is awarded five byes.