Today’s Trivia




Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?


All current European monarchs are related via one common ancestor who died in 1711. Which, frankly, is not that long ago. (source)


4% of the sand in Normandy today is made up of metal particles from D-Day. (source)


Mandarin has a twice as many native speakers as English, while English has about twice as many total speakers. (source)


Human Zoos were an actual thing. (source)


There’s a good reason McDonalds fries don’t seem to taste as good as they used to. (source)


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  • TSD

    Okay, so EMPIRE Records is the movie pictured, all the recent European EMPIRES have a common ancestor (very recent) and while spreading language around the world to other cultures especially the now default international language of English, these empires also subjugated (even more recently) other cultures as though they were animals. Of course these empires also fought each other and their cultures continued until very recently during WW2 where they continued to spread their influence. This time through shrapnel from their fighting.

    Or maybe that’s completely off point…

    • James Howlett

      Off point yes – but all trivia welcome!

  • knight

    Johnny Whitworth (who played AJ in the movie Empire Records) has done voiceover work for McDonalds. Link to 5

  • In France in 1907 six villages were developed in the Jardin Agronomie Tropicalle purporting to show life of primitive tribes-people throughout the Empire. Described as human zoos. Link to Empire Records and 4

  • James Howlett

    Ok team – link is via the Human Zoo item – The Empire boys here are dancing to AC/DC – if you want blood… You got it – which includes the Human Zoo in its lyrics. Too tough I guess but a win for Howlett!