Tuesday nightCap


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  • Clutch Cargo

    Absolutely stunning. How is it that a nation who built the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster and fought off a well equipped and advanced oppressor is being eaten away by a cancerous hate filled primitive culture.
    It is not so much the modern muslim extremist but the gutless, liberal, handwringing bed wetting enabler who has allowed this cancer to take hold. I fear it is too late and I worry a lot about the world my children are going to inherit.
    I have a relative in my family tree who, back in 1936, tried to appease an evil and determined dictator. His name was Neville Chamberlain. Look how that worked out….never again.

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    My favourite WWII aircraft. When they flew the Canadian based aircraft from Hamilton (just south of Toronto) to the south of England, they auctioned the fifth seat on eBay. I bid on it for a while (I would have loved a five day flight through north east Canada, Greenland, etc) but in the end became far too rich for me. The seat eventually went for CA43k. That person must have had some fun. One of the genuine ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.