Should Turei quit too? Absolutely

Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.

Photo Ross Giblin, copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.

Fran O’Sullivan writes in the NZ Herald:

If the Greens are intent on becoming a mainstream political party with sufficient cachet to be a credible Government partner they should persuade Metiria Turei to join Russel Norman in resigning. Norman’s resignation – announced with a great deal of dignity yesterday – has switched the focus to Turei.

Norman is by far the stronger of the two co-leaders. He is the one who publicly pulled the Greens back from the brink of being marginalised by running a far Left economic agenda instead of leveraging their valuable green political brand.

Norman led the change away from some of the more disruptive policies that neither the party’s main prospective political partner Labour, nor National would really have a bar of. At the 2014 election the Greens did roll out some interesting policies particularly with innovation: 1000 new tertiary places for students of engineering, mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences; $1 billion of new funding for R&D. They got it that innovation was “one of the best ways to add value to our exports, raise wages, and better protect the natural world we love”.

And frankly this is an area where New Zealand still needs a great deal more focus and urgency. Unfortunately for Norman – and Turei – the policy changes came too late to build a groundswell of support. The Greens didn’t achieve a strong enough focus on their own brand, instead wandering too much away from the centre line they need to occupy if they want to have an influence on a future government by getting into bed with either of the two main parties.

And there just hasn’t been enough policy consistency in place for long enough for a new image to bed down.

If Turei remains the senior co-captain of the Greens it will be harder to get that image change embedded.

Fran(k)ly speaking Turei is toxic and batshit crazy. The Green party will never be taken seriously while they have an ex-McGillicuddy Serious Party, larping, ukelele playing anarchist as it’s co-leader.

At the recent Ratana meeting, she launched a stinging attack on John Key who was at Davos, claiming his view of New Zealand’s history was “warped, outrageous and deeply offensive” and that he was a prime example of what the “ignorant, uneducated Pakeha” economist Gareth Morgan had talked about.

Ratana was not the place for deeply gratuitous point-scoring.

Neither did her witterings enhance the Green brand.

Nor did she do her party any good at all with her savaging of Key in Parliament over lending support to the fight against Isis, claiming that through intelligence gathering NZ was part of the American war effort.

Turei’s view is the Green party stands for peace and freedom.

But she doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes other nations’ militaries do have to come to the defence of other threatened peoples to ensure that peace and freedom is secured.

Turei’s personal brand is associated with oppositional politics.

She is just plain weird and toxic…Turei, not O’Sullivan (she’s bitter).

Many centrist voters would vote for a true Greens platform if they were sure it wasn’t going to be accompanied by the resurfacing of Alliance-style policies. Arguably that won’t happen until the Greens elect a modern politician whose focus is square in the mainstream – like Julie Ann Genter – to a leadership role.

Genter has built a strong constituency in Auckland which is starting to transcend party lines. She’s a credible commentator on transport and could easily take a ministerial role in a future government if the Greens get serious about getting into power.

I said as much earlier.

Turei yesterday claimed that Norman’s resignation was a vote of confidence in her as co-leader.

Certainly his resignation letter, which he read to yesterday’s meeting of the Greens’ caucus, contained the obligatory nod to Turei: “Together we have built a true political force that serves New Zealanders well and offers genuine choice and leadership on the issues that matter. I know that you will carry this work on with a new male co-leader.”

Norman has the demands of a young family to contend with. It makes sense for him to step down at the party’s meeting in May. A test of the Greens’ seriousness in pursuing power will be if Turei follows him out the door.

Turei is disingenuous…the Greens constitution precludes Kevin Hague rolling her, they need a male and a female co-leader. When Hague confronted Russel Norman he was armed with the popularity of the membership plus the rumours swirling around Wellington, as well as the lack-lustre election result, but he could only attempt to tip out Norman.

Turei’s beans are coming and it won;t be long after Kevin Hague wins the popular vote amongst members to take the reins of the party.


– NZ Herald



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  • chrisgale

    The wrong leader resigned. Norman may be a leftist, but sanity has left him not.

    • ex-JAFA

      Wussel is a Marxist, which puts him firmly in the “insane” category, as did his hilariously ridiculous economic policies. The Tuatara may well still be batpoo crazy herself, but that doesn’t distinguish her from Norman. Or, indeed, from any other Green MP.

    • Cadwallader

      The next strategic move for the Greenies involves leaving the planet altogether! I hope!

  • la la land

    Yep Turei must go she is waaay too left for even the middle class greenies… Every time she speaks I just find myself getting unreasonably irritated

  • Cadwallader

    I don’t think she is either left or right. She is just plain silly. With her silliness comes a need to show-off and prance like a demented harlequin! Whether she stays or goes the Greenies are currently stuffed and irrelevant.

    • Teletubby

      Yep, from my one personal experience of dealing with her I came away with the impression she was not toxic or crazy but she is immature, naive, and silly.

  • Korau

    I always have trouble with this co-leader set up. I’ve always believed in one strong (and hopefully sane) leader. The collective type leadership is just plain daft.

    A co-lead party will never fly, so this whole leadership shuffle is just an exercise in futility.

    • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

      Agreed. What would happen if they became govt (not likely I know), but who would be the PM and who would be deputy? if all things are equal could we have a co PM’s?

    • DrFix

      Maybe the have co-leaders because they acknowledge that neither has the brains to be leader on their own?

    • johnnymanukau.

      Good, who cares hope they continue with their stupidity.

  • Aucky

    Julie Ann Genter as a replacement because she’s mainstream? Is Fran serious? Has she not seen Genter trying to table her pathetic graphs at Question Time after getting a right filleting from English or Joyce?

    • All_on_Red

      Yep, and with all her fellow zealots in Auckland Transport she really is causing us Ratepayers a lot of damage. She might be better looking than Turei but she is far more dangerous.

      • Carl

        And another damn foreigner, why do they come to NZ and try and tell us what top do.

        • Sensiblecentre

          About 1 in 4 New Zealanders are foreign born. Just because we are immigrants doesn’t mean we care any less about the future of our adopted home.

        • Deckboy

          Like a lot of the greenie planners

    • Platinum Fox

      The first time I became aware of Julie Anne Genter was during the 2014 election campaign when she was reported as saying that National telling voters to vote for Epsom’s Act candidate is “undemocractic”. At the time I wondered if she had any understanding at all of MMP and how she could reconcile her belief with standing as a list candidate. BTW, she had no chance of winning Epsom – my understanding is that the MP for Epsom contacted all registered voters on the roll before the election, I’ve yet to receive anything from Ms Genter.

      I’ve since learned that she is a transport planner and according to Wikipedia “is recognised within the transportation industry as an expert on parking policy and the economic and transport effects thereof, and has advised numerous councils in Australasia”. It is typically one of the most poorly implemented policies as councils generally offend businesses by making it more difficult for clients to find an available space in reasonable proximity. Councils generally also offend those using on-street parking by treating restricted parking as a prime source of council income, rather than as a means of enabling better access for would-be parkers.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Caption for that photo – “CO-LEADER PRIME – THE ONE-ONE-AND-ONLY”

    Nicely posed too, the flowers she brought for the shoot are on her seat and there is nobody around to distract her worship session.

  • RightofSingapore

    “If the Greens are intent on becoming a mainstream political party with sufficient cachet to be a credible Government partner they should persuade Metiria Turei to join Russel Norman in resigning.”

    They should also purge themselves of the nutters and the Communists, stop wanting to ban, tax and regulate everything, chuck out the hippies, drop the Socialism, stop opposing every attempt to strengthen national security, stop wanting an inquiry into everything, stop employing people who collude with alleged rape victims to embarass the Govt, stop wasting money on pointless referenda, stop having links with people who vandalise billboards, stop wanting to intervene more in people’s lives, stop supporting separatist policies, stop opposing charter schools, stop believing in global warming nonsense and just stick to true conservation ideas like cleaning our rivers and preserving endangered species.

    • pak

      Exactly right. And perhaps disassociate themselves from disaffected authors.

    • Lemuzz

      That’s everything they stand for.

  • taurangaruru

    If your 11:00a.m. hint is on the mark then a member of the press gallery should “take one for the team” & get horizontal with the Material Girl. “No greater honour than to serve one’s country.”

    • DrFix

      It might take more than one to serve a country that large.

  • Rod

    Forget the Greens, National need to be encouraged to put more effort into making voters aware of their conservation policy as currently shown on their website. It’s sensible and sound. A litte effort here would capture some of the more sensible of the Green’s current voters and leave them hanging on the abyss of 5%. I’ve seen some of the results of National’s efforts to reform DOC and so far it’s shaping up pretty well.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Agreed Rod. Anything more than 5%-6% for Greens means something is wrong….

  • pak

    Have always thought Turei is a bit potty with her Castle and its mock battles and gaggle of McGillicuddy gargoyles on the battlements. And a litany of stupid pronouncements such as “Children just do not exist for John Key and for the National Party” always marked her as a lightweight, so to speak.

    • Adios Africa

      One thing you can’t call Turei is lightweight.

      • DrFix

        Pak talks with a “forked” tongue.

  • Bluemanning

    Let the Greens go after all who really cares? Let’s us not make them more credible and enable them to capture some of the middle vote from National. National need to capture the ‘sensible realistic greens’, surely they exist or was that an ‘oxymoron’ so to speak?

  • JAFA Gazza

    Bit of a loopy idea but here goes. Why doesnt National start a 3 year prolonged PR initiative that basically streams the message…” Why would you trust your country, your quality of life and yur tax money to people who have never 1) worked in a real job….2) owned or managed a business…3) have had to struggle month by month paying more tax to build train sets and vanity icons”

    Sometimes the real message is really – well simple.

  • Rodger T

    Right there is the problem with MMP,every half-baked looney now see themselves with a chance of getting into parliament,these people are not the kind of people we need making decisions in this country.

  • 1951

    “….policy changes came too late to form a ground swell..”
    Get real Fran, did you not notice anything during the lead-up to the elections?
    All ideas of policy went out the window the moment Wuzzle walked up that footpath at Coatsville. When he signed-up to join Hagar & co,they lost most of their support base. It appears what remains of that base is made up of those from Academia. You know, those that fill the place of the High Priests.

  • timemagazine

    They should all quit and join the circus. That is where they belong.

  • Fran gives away here own bias. Saying, ‘R&D is good’ is like saying sex is good…really depends (who, what, where, when, and why?). I’d assume, being one of those evil capitalists, that market operators (aka, individuals and businesses) would be the best people to make those decisions. Saying, ‘We’ll invest $1bn’ is meaningless and could simply be wasted. If it’s simply a matter of quantum, why not $5bn? Why not $10bn? Heck, why not just borrow $100bn and invest it, as ‘we all know that skilled jobs and R&D are the future’. Alas, it’s not that simple and this is an example of people mixing up cause and effect (businesses which operate in a competitive market, have good management, and sufficient capital, or some mixture of these things, will invariably attempt to innovate to get an advantage).

    • All_on_Red

      The R and D funds would have all gone to the Greens mates in so called clean tech industries. Aka crony capitalism by the rest of us. Has Windflow Technologies gone bust yet? Must be close. I reckon they were hanging on just for these sorts of cash handouts. They must have been gutted the left lost.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Yes, $1 billion slush fund for his Greenie mates….

      • DrFix

        I can’t be bothered, but it appears a lot of info is available here

  • conwaycaptain

    Rumours swirling around Wellington??? Tell us more

  • pidge

    Hmm, clearly I was not paying ANY attention to the Green’s policies. However, 1000 additional engineering places needs two things to make it worthwhile 1) capable students to fill the places and 2) worthwhile jobs to go to – the most capable of my cohort from UoC Elec. Eng. are no longer in New Zealand – and of the ones that stayed, most of them are in IT, not Engineering.

  • oldmanNZ

    The need co-leaders as they have half a brain it appears, maybe they need more leaders and some only have less than 1/2?

    I assume also because they need it to be a man and woman so its not gender related?
    well how can that be? They need to replace Norman, and only can be replaced by a man, so gender specific?

    What about the genderless (or the transgender), perhaps a 3rd leader is required.

    • Luis Cannon

      Until the Greens elect the best persons for the job regardless of gender, they will always come across as half brained dimwits and closet communists.

    • stephen2d

      And some exotic ethno mix. I know, how about Georgina!

  • Beetle

    They need to have another Janette And Rod combination. What these two had was genuine humbleness and the ability to be inclusive. The huge ego and bratty nastiness that Turei spits out (as she wear designer jackets) is not going to successfully build the greens vote base. I think most saw through her crocodile tears and shallow efforts to appear genuine yesterday. Somehow she managed to manipulate Russell’s resignation to be all about herself. What a total liability!

    • Eiselmann

      Totally agree Janette and Rod( especially Rod) were true greenies , on message they were about the environment first where as the larper and Aussie Russel simply use the greens as a vehicle to get their free ride and give publicity to their odd views .
      Boy do the greens miss those two , they need to get back to their core message, because we all want a clean green environment for ourselves and our kids we just don’t want the nanny state and we want to be able to protect our county , our families and ourselves from those who would take away all that we have.
      Let the Larper go back to her fantasy world its not like she needs the money anymore.

  • Cadwallader

    She reminds me of that thicko Georgina Beyer without the need for an operation.

    • La la land

      Oh my gosh that is a serious insult to Georgina! Meteria leaves Georgina in the dust!

      • Cadwallader

        Georgina is as much a trougher and as unemployable as Ms Turei.

  • greybeard

    nah, leave her there, good for a laugh. Big pair of shoes, a red nose and her wardrobe and she can entertain the kids as well.

  • Eiselmann

    A mate just posted on my facebook page “If I wanted someone to spend my money on expensive clothes while talking about how horrible it is for families who don’t feed their kids….I’d remarry my ex-wife’ ….

    • SlightlyStrange

      I’ve been struggling with words all day to express how I feel about Turei. Your friend has it spot on.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Perhaps Norman’s resignation is a vote of confidence in National’s environmental policy rather than an endorsement of Turei ?

  • Rex

    NO NO NO Turei,is a great leader! For National! I do not know of a single person who likes her or thinks she is competent at her job. Whilst she stays leader the Greens will forever be LOSERS!

    • benniedawg

      Yep, right on the button with that one. She will never appeal to the base line green supporter with her fancy clothing and portage. We have a number of green supporters at work. They dress in an alternate fashion, smell ‘different’ and most definitely bear little resemblance to Turei’s size. Lentils and nettle must be good for something. The longer she is co leader the longer the right will enjoy power. Go you good thing!

  • wooted

    I think the Green Party is perfect just the way it is. After all this is a democracy, and every village has an idiot that wants to vote for something familiar.

    • DrFix

      My village has more than one idiot.

  • DrFix

    Norman & the Greens appear a bit two faced to me. Why did he even contest the election if family was that important. If a coalition of the Left was elected, praise the (fella you believe in) that it didn’t come to pass, would he have stood down for his families stake ? I see a TUI billboard there.
    He stepped down because he, and his party, are real life losers. I note that he didn’t resign from parliament, a LITTLE while to go before the ex-parliamentarian pension?

    Don’t get me started on K Vague.