Tweets of the Day

The NZ Herald having to use an editorial to explain away their cowardice after week of spankings using their own articles to highlight their hypocrisy is astonishing in the first place.

Having lawyer Graeme Edgeler call them out again is hilarious.


This is an example of the left-wing and their view of freedom of expression…violence.


Both of those tweets expose the left-wing and media hypocrisy when it comes to violence, freedom of expression and freedom of speech.  

It shows how morally bankrupt the NZ Herald has become. They are loathed by the right with people cancelling their subscriptions faster than they can give them away for free. They have lost people because of they inserted themselves into political debate being the story rather than reporting the story.

Their investment in Kim Dotcom was appalling. Their journalists selling out just part of the story. Watching David Fisher dance a jig in the court room when John Banks was wrongly convicted on the basis of perjured information that Fisher was complicit in promulgating to the public was disgusting. That little episode spoke more volumes than his hagiography of Kim Dotcom.

Then watching them launder stolen emails of a journalist in a hatchet job in an attempt to aid a criminal conspiracy to bring down a government was beyond the pale. Two of their journalists were complicit in the campaign…their story will be told…by me.

As for the last tweet, that just shows you the tolerance of the left. They simply must try to shut down, through criminal means anyone they disagree with.

I hope one day that bloke sees me wearing my cap and tries to punch me. The results will be hilarious.


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  • williamabong

    Sick, sad, pathetic, and doomed, sort of sums up the current position of a once proud newspaper.

    • Chris EM

      I thought you were writing about Duck Envy.

      • williamabong

        No, Dick Envy, will be hiding behind his keyboard like a good lefty, it’s a natural byproduct of being a 10 stone weakling and having sand kicked in his face, typical softcock lefty

        • Chris EM

          Yeah, Twitter seems to be a popular hangout for cowards to converse with themselves.

          • williamabong

            Plus we can guarantee Dick Envy will be following this thread like a good lefty so he can spout off to his parasite pals about how he stirred up a hornets nest on that nasty mans website, when all he has done is provide some entertainment for people on a mundane Sunday morning and will be treated the same as a dog turd on your shoe, an odorous inconvenience soon wiped off and dismissed as not even worth filing to memory.

  • Frosty78

    Even my newly retired parents have scrapped their subscription. They’re rural delivery, and were finding the 2pm paper was pretty much yesterday’s news as they have smartphones now.
    There was no mention of WO in Bryce Edward’s NZH blogwatch column this week. Bitter much!?

    • OneTrack


  • kayaker

    Duck Envy’s tweets are bizzare and mostly non-sensical.

    • OneTrack

      Condition normal from the hard-left then.

    • Nige.

      Yeah well with a comment like that you would expect the total opposite to whaleoil ones.

  • Eiselmann

    The left believe in freedom of speech but apparently not mine, and as for punching me for wearing a Whale Oil cap (which I will now purchase) gee I only grew up in one of the roughest toughest neighbourhoods in the country with all that you can imagine that entails….leftie hits me for wearing a cap…well to quote my favourite Italian officer ‘whata mistakea to makea’.

    • Cadwallader

      Isn’t there an analogy? A leftie punches you for wearing a cap: An Islamo beheads you for insulting Allah. A hefty diet of totalitarianism.

    • OneTrack

      No, the left do not believe in freedom of speech. They have proved that many time. They believe you have the freedom to say what they believe in. Nothing more.

      • Eiselmann

        Even at my centralist best I’m too far right for many on the left so your point is well taken…I speak therefore they scream.

  • JC

    Here’s something for the Herald to get its teeth into and really stick it to the terrorists.. wonder if they would show the photo thats the most insulting thing ever seen by the followers of the prophet. We are seeing history being made..

    “Next, Sisi went to the St. Mark Coptic Cathedral during Christmas Eve Mass to offer Egypt’s Christian minority his congratulations and well wishing. Here again he made history as the first Egyptian president to enter a church during Christmas mass—a thing vehemently criticized by the nation’s Islamists, including the Salafi party (Islamic law bans well wishing to non-Muslims on their religious celebrations, which is why earlier presidents—Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak, and of course Morsi—never
    attended Christmas mass).”


    • williamabong

      Makes very interesting reading, have you thought about sending the link to the Horrid, that way they could actually see what news looks like instead of trying to push a barrow with only one handle.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      I really enjoyed that article. It is encouraging to read when it is Muslims speaking out, the power and impact is greater when the same and at times the risk is greater also

  • redeye

    Indeed you have sold me on a Whale Oil cap as well.

  • Spiker

    I’m sure most who buy a cap are aware of the responsibility that come with wearing it. I do wonder if any from the other side will get one for the purpose of discrediting WhaleOil?

  • ozbob68

    So if I wear a Whaleoil cap, I am an minority group oppressed by violence? Great, we can get our own government ministry. Trough it!

    • spanishbride

      Whaleoil is a religion.
      Women have equal rights.
      Everyone has freedom of speech
      And we can wear whatever clothes we like.
      A love of intelligent debate is required and a sense of humour is a must.
      I wonder if we can get a tax break ;)

      • Bill Hanna

        Well we do get a proverb a day, and let’s face it, what flows from Cams keyboard in my opinion is far more Christian than the ignorant vitriol that flows from Brian Tamakis mouth. I think you have a good case.

      • ozbob68

        Intelligent debate? Everyone knows politics is 50% rhetoric, 50% volume and 25% bad statistics!

  • dgrogan

    Says the Herald, “We are in the business of argument and debate, challenge and controversy.”

    The reality is the Hreald doesn’t have the guts to show the very material which is central to the current debate and controversy. So what business are you actually in Currie? Lies and appeasement?

    • OneTrack

      “Peace in our time”

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Eeww Duckenvy …creepy….I have a cap coming….. cant wait to wear it.
    I’m getting a t shirt with the 3 pencils that says “yesterday”, “today”, and “tomorrow” and “je suis charlie”….hmm might have to wear both at the same time

  • Betty Swallocks

    I can’t wait for the headline “Man Flunks Job Interview For Wearing Whale Oil Cap”. I’ll certainly be wearing mine at every opportunity, once it arrives.

    • Cadwallader

      Who amongst the current crop of MPs is most likely to be seen wearing one? My pick is Crusher.

      • Betty Swallocks

        I’m more inclined to pick the Cunliffe, who would then of course be able to apologise for doing so.

        • Cadwallader

          Could be could be! He’ll wear it back to front like his wet-suit.

  • Big fella

    Now I really need a cap. Put the link up again please.

    • Wallace Westland

      Here you go.
      I’ll be wearing mine and hope duck envy see me.
      Don’t you just loath these big tough keyboard warriors?

      • Big fella

        Thanks for that. Ordered, can’t wait, I’ll wear it proudly.

  • cows4me

    The Horrid is in noddy land. They are slowly writing themselves into a corner. The left love propaganda backed up by made up facts but the problem for the left is no one is willing to pay for their crap. This is what will happen. The Horrid will continue it’s trip into looney land in the belief the people will continue to pay, the people will not pay and the Horrid will eventually go tits up. Their only subscribers will be brain dead idiots like Duck Envy and like all good little leftys his wallet will be covered in cobwebs.

    • taurangaruru

      The majority of lefties don’t have money (they rely on the State) or have gorse in their pockets, the very fact the Herald has decided they are their target market speaks volumes about the Herald’s financial viability. We really should be organising the remembrance plaque for a once great Kiwi institution, time is of the essence.

  • Hans

    Where is Nevil Chamberlain when you need him to prevent a world war.

  • Tom

    Funny how cluckenvy can’t use a real name. I’d love them to try hitting me.

  • Garbageman

    Keyboard cowards, now im just trying to make up my mind which is worse duck do do or the herald

  • Goathurder

    Good one duckenvy, You’ve just promoted the sale of WhaleOil caps a thousand fold.
    Now give yourself an uppercut!

    • SVlover

      Obviously he’s a reader of WO, otherwise how would he know that caps are for sale here?

    • mommadog

      I was thinking the same thing. I haven’t ordered a cap as I’m not a big cap wearer but this is like a challenge to me now. As a reasonably non-violent person if someone chose to be physically violent in some way because of wearing the cap I am unlikely to punch or fight back but expect a lot more publicity for WO as I lay assault charges with the police and it goes through court.

      • Goathurder

        It is my earnest hope, Mommadog, that duckenvy feels every WhaleOil cap purchase as a double slap to the cheeks. I am sure that at the end of the sale run he will feel such humiliation! Viva!!

  • edee

    Duck Envy, name a time and place anywhere in NZ of your choosing and I will be there to meet you with my WOBH hat on.

    • Nige.

      Don’t stoop to their level. Continuing to be well informed and providing good non violent comments is the best revenge.

      • edee

        Nige.. I wouldn’t stoop to their level and try to knock his/her block off, violence never has and never will solve anything. I’d just like to meet this person face to face to see if they have the courage of their convictions and would actually punch me. I am probably old enough to be his grandma!

    • Dumrse

      A better idea would be identify Duck Envy and expose him or her to the real world. A street adress would be even better then we can send an invite for him/her to come see the cap. I’m hunting Duck……out of season.

      • Pharmachick

        Doxxing people is seldom, if ever the answer.

  • jude

    I have worn my tee shirt and no one batted an eye. I have ordered a cap and will wear that too!
    If someone chooses to punch me for that,there is not a lot I can do. I would rely on some kind member of the public coming to assist me.
    I will not be threatened into not wearing my Whale merchandise.
    The threat says more about the left,and their desperation.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      …… is the weak minded cowards who use threats and the innuendo of violence.

      I dont know of this Duckenvy therefore as a blank canvas I would be interested in his rationale for promoting this violence so my question to Duckenvy is:

      “Duck Envy, why do you promote that people punch a person they likely do not know for wearing a cap with Whaleoil on it?

  • steve and monique

    ISIS, and the left show something in common. They dont like any other ideas, but there own.

  • KGB

    I look forward to some idiot leftie confronting my 6ft 4.5″ 132kg son about the cap I have ordered for him:)

    • steve and monique

      Are caps available? . And would love some leftie to have a go. 100kgs, and black belt. Will be fun.

      • KGB

        Yes I’m sure they are still available. Look below for the link. Easy to order :)

  • KGB

    I was going to order a cap for JK. A little gift from a National Party member. But I understand that he could never be seen to wear it, so didn’t. Wether we run the country or our own business, there are times we must consider appearances. But I bet ‘JK, the ordinary kiwi & BBQing bloke’ would love to stick it to them by wearing Cam’s cap.

    • Bryan

      yea imagine him walking into parliament with it on that would get the left going
      ‘No i did not text Whaleoil to buy this cap ”
      “I don’t know who sent it to me it just arrived in the mail”
      “I have declared it on my gift register Mr Speaker as priceless “

  • pak

    Duck Envy – inciting violence against those with different views to yours? Maybe an Islamic convert, which case one punch for the men, but the women get beaten for inappropriate head cover.