Why unions are losing public support

Caution:  language


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  • Wallace Westland

    I despise the unions and I could go on and on about and one day I might. However De Blasio’s snide little comment was uncalled for.
    All he really needed to ask was “is my child safe from crime and violence” the add on was uncalled for given he is the head of their organisation.
    If my boss turned around and said “the public should be wary of people in our occupation due to the calibre of our staff” I’d be filthy too.
    Still you can’t really expect much more form a blathering pinko with his nose stuck so far in the trough and his ass in the air for all the liberals to peck.

  • ken

    just like andrew little they are a dinosaur from the past

  • munzrat

    name says it all !!!!

  • All_on_Red

    Maher is missing the point. Which is that a huge amount of the work the Police do is enforce breaches of petty regulation which generates massive amounts of “Justice” administration and REVENUE. The NY city is down $500 million in income because the Police are not enforcing petty offences. Occupation of prisons is down and Public Defenders have more time to spend with clients charged with more serious offences.
    As much as I dislike Unions the slowdown by Police has exposed that the system is more about taxing people through fines than fighting crime.