Welcome back to work, Len’s trains were stuffed as a special present for you

Len Brown’s train set welcomed people back to work by breaking down this morning.

A track fault is signalling woe for Auckland train commuters coming into the city this morning.

Auckland Transport said all lines near Britomart in Central Auckland may be affected by cancellations and delays up to 20 minutes.

The delays have been caused by a points failure outside the Britomart Tunnel.

The fault comes as many people return to work after the New Year break.

Public transport is so cool…and expensive…and subsidised.

But don’t you just love spin put on this by Fairfax?

Commuting to work by rail has become increasingly popular in Auckland where car commuters can face large traffic jams.

In September last year the city’s rail commuter trips hit 12 million – overtaking Wellington.

Yeah…dummies, because Petrol was well over $2 per litre…watch the slump in rail traffic now that fuel prices are dropping.


– Fairfax


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  • Just a thought …

    oh, you wanted a train set that works….. well you should have said that first …… that will be another $100 mill …..
    Brought to you by the same people that are currently developing your SuperCity I.T solution……..

    edit . spelling

    • Albert Root

      youre out by 2.9bn

  • who’stoblame

    Diesel $1.00 and unleaded $1.67 here in Whangarei yesterday. Get an R.D.1 supercard and get an extra 16c off at Mobil. Filled the D-max up yesterday, 70 litres cost $58.80. Still grinning.

    • Isherman

      Papatoetoe: Unleaded 1.64.9 and diesel 0.95 at the moment. It will be interesting to see the effect of these prices on rail trips over the next 12 months, I agree with the bottom line and reckon they will fall.

      • Dave

        Price of Diesel here in Aussie.

    • Just a thought …

      Beema now $115 to fill up from $155 @ $2.20 per litre.
      Almost now saving enough to be able to afford to get the thing serviced or at least buy a new ” spark plug ” ……..

  • R&BAvenger

    During the Xmas break, I visited my Uncle and Aunt, along with my parents. My Uncle and Aunt had visited Europe recently and he was extolling the virtues of the marvellous public transport system(s).
    He said something along the lines that we are too conservative here (in Christchurch) to do public transport properly, as they do in Europe. We are still doing ‘smelly buses’,
    he lamented. Furthermore people ‘here’ always say ‘how is it going to be paid for’ yet he openly said that they have to be subsidised to work and we should jolly well do the same.
    As a successful self-employed businessman, he astounded me with this completely faulty logic. As far as I am concerned if it is not financially viable and has to have permanent public subsidies with which to operate, then it’s a no-brainer to say that is not an option.

  • peterwn

    Far rather the points failed safe (as designed) than the disaster in UK several years ago where points failed derailing a high speed train. By some freak the three sensing switches that were supposed to detect failure all incorrectly indicated that the points were correctly and properly set. Nuts and bolts had come loose.

    • 40something

      Loose nuts and bolts – is that the train or just Len?

      • Aucky

        His nuts may well have come loose during his debrief with Mrs Brown.

        • 40something

          Or the cause of the debrief in the first place.

        • The wildman

          Yeah in 2 seconds flat!

  • Nz front

    I bet Len was dressing down his secretary in the office.

  • DangerMice

    Taking the train while the kids are off school & I was stuck in this. They put a message out as we pulled into Pakuranga, Then we stopped and waited south of remuera, then again in Parnell, then again beside Vector Arena, then again inside the Britomart tunnel. Half an hour late for work. That train got really hot with no a/c too.

    Costs the same as parking in town, so I’m saving the petrol cost, takes an extra hour though……..

  • taurangaruru

    Fear not commuters -as the price of petrol comes down the price of parking will go up, never underestimate the Socialists ability to meddle with the market to suit their own ends.