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  • Carl

    Back seat driver.(pic)

    • MaryLou

      In solidarity I have to say I’m sure that’s excitement and wonder the dog is expressing, not fear…

      • Chris EM

        It looks, to me, like a passing maneuver in the face of oncoming traffic.

    • caochladh

      The wretched animal in picture 2 looks traumatised.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Vehicle manufacturers need to think about this ‘back seat driver’ thing.
      The only thing they have not invented for this is the ‘automatic choke’

    • TonyM

      Oh no she’s driving 1 km over the speed limit

      • MaryLou

        Do you think the “dog” is actually undercover? Could be…

    • ozbob68

      or maybe your wife put the air-conditioner on high? :)

  • Huia

    Todays boat ramp fun was a classic, as usual nobody waiting, giving way, no boat ramp courtesy or just plain good manners. Boats kept being launched despite the 27 waiting to come out of the water, in the end one got feed up with waiting, (it was an hour 15 after all) so made a dash into the ramp. Boatman perched on the bow holding the rope ready to jump, skipper going too fast in the panic to get in, misjudged where the reef was and mounted the rocks at speed…..boatman took off (involuntary) over the rail and measured his length on the rocks, bits of skin and bark left on the rocks poor sod, but still holding the rope. In the mean time the boat is half on the rocks and the water is pouring in the back because the stern is so far down. Felt sorry for them but not sorry enough to stop laughing.
    I did get out the first aid kit and patch up the unfortunate boatman and gave him my wine to steady his nerves.
    Life on the Mandel in the summer holidays.

    • Tom

      Wasn’t Kuaotunu was it? Was trying to get in at 3pm on Friday, couple boatloads nearly came to blows

      • Huia

        Yes and they did come to blows yesterday. Boats are too big for the ramp and they are coming from town, Matarangi and Whangapaua which all have boat ramps in their own areas. Out of towners want the K2NA ramp enlarged but then the boats would get even bigger and there isn’t the parking or the room.
        Still makes interesting viewing.

        • Reaper

          When we lived there we didn’t even go out at this time of year. Not on the water, and not even into town if I could help it. Too hectic. Just stocked up, sat at home and waited for everyone to leave mid-Jan.

          • Aucky

            Same as us Reaper,we are six kms from Matakana. We bought a holiday place up there when Matakana had a service station, a general store, pony club and a butchery. Then they developed Omaha – say no more. We don’t go near the place during school holidays.

          • Huia

            We don’t go into town unless we absolutely have to, we don’t take the boat out until everyone has left the area again. Son went out diving with a couple of mates who were visiting a few days ago, they had the dive flags up and a watcher in the boat, did all the right things but some idiots in another boat came belting between the dive flags and the watcher boat, went right over the top of the divers. Son was furious as the boat just missed one of his mates who was a bit closer to the surface, the other three were deeper and the boat went right over them.

  • Nige.

    question for pharmachic or anyone else who thinks they can give an accurate answer:

    What is the best way to rehydrate using normal household products. I heard somewhere that a 1:4 ratio fruitjuice to water and 1/4 teaspoon table salt was the best way.

    That sound right to anyone who is in the know?

    • MaryLou


      EDIT: Oh sorry, missed the household products bit.

    • Hard1

      Warm isotonic drink. Gatorade is remarkably good.

    • Primrose
    • hookerphil

      Biking in the outback in Australia spent some time one night in a pub with an ex Australian soldier who had served in the tropics. He said the best way to replace all the necessaries was to drink beer as it contained all that is needed. So I did.

    • Wendy

      One litre of water, one teaspoon salt, eight teaspoons sugar.

    • Wendy


      • Nige.

        Vomiting all day (every half hour. Bile) til 5pm. Bit of food poisoning. I think. Just the one end going for it though thank goodness.

        • Wendy

          I posted the solution a while ago but it has disappeared. I didn’t want to repost it in case it breached something.

        • Mags

          Have a drink after you’ve thrown up. You are more likely to retain some of that fluid and rehydrate.

  • Tippex

    Interesting technique. Clever dude. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY7GnAq6Znw

    • dgrogan


    • aero13

      That is just absolutely astonishing!

  • Nige.

    “the island, with bear grylls” oh yes yes yes.

    Could be an idea for getting rid of some of those criminals in sweeden mentioned in an article earlier.


  • Sally

    The Herald and HOS are publishing a series of articles leading up to Auckland’s 175 anniversary at the end of January.
    Today they had a full page spread and tucked away at the end there was this little gem

    “This story is part of a content partnership with Auckland Council and ASB”

    Advertorial at its best.

  • Hard1

    When I see a sentence passed down like this, I wish every Judge in the country would apply a similar caveat when handing down their own sentences.
    “The deportation order was quashed though due to the “residual risk” of alcoholism, the order was suspended for five years, dependent on xxxxx not receiving another conviction in the period.
    The suspended order “should also serve as a signal to the appellant that the New Zealand public will not tolerate him falling again,” the (Immigration and Protection)Tribunal said”
    This guy has done his jail time but still has a very strong incentive to obey the law.
    If only every criminal had to toe the line when they were let out.

  • ozbob68

    If you know anything about the history of Bletchley Park and the Enigma code-breaking, and are contemplating seeing “The Imitation Game”, then I would suggest you slam your hand repeatedly in a desk drawer for 2 hours, as this will be far more pleasureable than watching the movie.

    • Mags

      Bother, I was looking forward to seeing this.

    • Cowgirl

      I saw it last night and we all 3 loved it?!

      Maybe it’s just for the layperson?

      • ozbob68

        Sorry, bit of a crypto groupie here (used to go to lectures on cryptography at BP when I lived in England). So many things are wrong, Turing wasn’t autistic, there was no conflict with the head of BP, everyone did work as a team, the Polish invented the device used to decrypt (called a Bombe), the breakthrough idea of finding pre-existing text was originally posited in the late 30s (called a “crib”) and Whitehall decided who and where the information was disseminated. This is a “U-571” level of butchery of the facts.

        • Cowgirl

          Well, it was obviously a dramatisation, so I was expecting it probably didn’t have the facts completely straight. The story was a bit ‘convenient’ in that respect.
          But taken on face value, I did enjoy it (I am not a crypto-groupie but).

          • ozbob68

            Cumberpatch does some good work, Mark Strong is very good too but Kiera is the stand-out.

          • Cowgirl

            Cumberbatch is great as usual – no surprises there. Knightly was better than I expected, as I usually think she overacts. I thought she was the weakest in ‘Atonement’, but this was a very sympathetic role for her.

          • jude

            We will still go and have our family night,and watch this movie. We meet, watch movie and have dinner together.

          • Cowgirl

            I think you will like it Jude – it doesn’t have any fancy filming techniques, but doesn’t need them because it trucks along quite briskly and is engaging enough not to need them.

          • jude

            Turing was a hero. I am looking forward to seeing this movie!

        • Reaper

          I read a review today that said as much. My cousin has written a few books on the subject, obviously a keen interest of his. I was almost interested in seeing the movie, but might give it a miss now, or at least wait until it comes out on Netflix or something.

        • Betty Swallocks

          Confirms what I’d thought from seeing the trailer – thanks for the heads-up. It will come in handy to present to Mrs BS as supporting evidence to get me out of going with her.

        • jaundiced

          Not being a crypto-groupie, I enjoyed it. While the characterisation by Cumberbatch may not be as you know it, it was great a performance, and a story that most people wouldn’t be all that aware of. And sounds like Turing never got the recognition he deserved and so badly treated after the war. So people, see this movie – much more worthwhile than slamming your hand in a drawer. Much better than the Hobbit too

    • Wasapilot

      Damn, I was wanting to see it. What made is so bad?

      • ozbob68

        It takes too much license for effect. “The kings speech” took some liberties with the facts but managed to do it well. This movies does not do it at all well. Cumberpatch produces some good acting, Knightly is better tho.

      • jaundiced

        Go see it. Its a dramatisation – don’t worry about the ‘license for effect’ – its good.

  • Pluto

    Don’t forget to look out for comet Lovejoy tonight. 10pm. look to the north should be just to the west of Orions belt. Binoculars should do it but don’t blame me if it’s a fizzer.

  • la la land

    Has anyone else read the book Silk Road about the dark web – absolutely fascinating and really helping me understand a lot more about what happens in the cyber underworld…

    • Spiker

      No but I did venture there once to see what it was all about. I was sceptical the weed offered would arrive safely in my mailbox though.

  • Disinfectant

    Had a Hercules running up all four engines at Christchurch Airport for what seemed about half an hour. Just stopped.
    Light North-westerly wind and the noise over the western part of the city was intolerable.
    They could have taken it over the other side of the Airport.
    Wonder if there will be any complaints.

    • Cadwallader

      They can certainly roar but maybe they’re testing all 4 engines preparatory to taking KDC to the USA?

      • johcar

        Does a Herc have enough lift for that?

        • Wasapilot

          The mighty Herc can do anything, even take that mongrel to the states viaa series of island hops. I would love to see him strapped into the back, certainly no pleasure trip for KDC.

          • caochladh

            Yes, securely fastened into a webbing seat and all that condensation dripping over him.

    • Nyla

      those that complain have nothing better to do … they called protestors … (my funny sense of humor)

  • Lux

    Does anyone here, have a lifelong dream they would like to accomplish?
    I’ve been thinking about it ..

    • Wendy

      I have a lot of things on the To Do list…build a caravan, finish developing a medical device I’m working on, build my two little business up, but probably the most difficult to achieve (because of factors outside my control) would be to work a season at Scott Base.

      • Lux

        I have always wanted to go to Scott Base as well !!
        Edit to add, I love your list .

    • jonno1

      My plan is to retire again this year. So far, so good. Also, to live long enough to see at least some of my grand-children married, and maybe become a great-grandfather. So basically, to stay alive a while yet. I’ve achieved pretty much everything else on my bucket list.

    • Nige.

      Ha. My dream would be to work in radio…but I put real life first. Was never going to happen. Perhaps with about 20 more years life experience I might make it there, somehow it might fall into my lap! I will never have a qualification on paper though.