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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    lyssophobia (noun) – An abnormal fear of becoming insane.

    Source : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/lyssophobia

    • Cadwallader

      Why do we call doctor’s directives “prescriptions” while the Americans call them “perscriptions.” Going back to the Latin “per” seems to be more accurate as it means through. We receive the items from the pharmacy through the directive rather than before the directive?Just wondering?

      • 1951

        That hurts the brain….do doctor prescribe medicine…or…perscribe medicine…?

        • Cadwallader

          Agree but it is the documented directive itself to which I refer. If your brain hurts could it be a hangover? It’s still CHRISTMAS in my mind so why not?

          • 1951

            Just checked – there is no perscribe/perscription in the Oxford Dict. The Yanks must have made-it-up yet again. The spell-check doesn’t help with the hurt brain.

          • Cadwallader

            OK but my limited knowledge of Latin more or less supports the American take.

          • Reaper

            It comes from the Latin verb ‘praescribere’ meaning ‘to direct in writing’. ‘Scribere’ is the Latin verb ‘to write’; ‘prae’/pre meaning ‘before’.

          • Cadwallader

            Thanks but why the difference between our usage and the North American usage? I get the “before” portion but still prefer the idea of “through.”

          • Cadwallader

            PS Every time I visit WO I learn something both useful and positive…not so elsewhere in blogs! Cheers.

          • Reaper

            I have never seen it written ‘perscribe’, a mispronunciation perhaps?

      • Korau

        Americans speak and write a mangled form of English. For all that I can’t find a spelling of perscriptions.

        English is a living, dynamic language with new words appearing, others falling out of favour. Meanings can and do change over time.

        I have a love of reading (perhaps the most valuable gift ever given me by my parents) and this is a major source of new words. I promote this to any young folks looking to get on in the world. In the new world of tablets and phones I believe many are missing out on the richness of our language.

        And, as a final thought. If you pull the wings off a fly, is it still called a fly or a walk?

        • Cadwallader

          I am certain you have a love of language therefore you are forbidden to apply for a job at the Herald.

    • Watcher

      I just know I have this affliction, it is insane to have a fear of insanity.
      I have the fear none the less, ergo I must be as mad as a hatter.

      By the by insanity is a mere state of mind.

    • I_See_Crazy_People

      If I ever fear I might be insane I just read The Horrid. Soothes my soul.

  • rantykiwi

    Once again basic maths seems beyond the ability of the Herald. They have a article which leads with “The holiday road toll is more than double those of the last two years combined after two more deaths over the weekend”.

    Further on it clarifies with the following” “The Christmas-New Year toll climbed to 16 early yesterday…….. The official holiday road toll – the period for which started at 4pm on Christmas Eve and runs until 6am today – has now doubled those of the last two years combined. Last year, when the official holiday period was three days shorter than this year, there were seven road deaths. Over the period before that, there were six deaths”

    I’m sure 7 + 6 equals 13. And I’m sure that 16 isn’t double 13. What are they smoking in the APN newsroom?

    • Reaper

      Perhaps they have Baldrick doing the maths for them.

      • rantykiwi

        Looks like the Herald read WhaleOil – they fixed the mistake within about 40 minutes of me posting. Cam – can you bang off an invoice to them for editorial services?

        • Albert Lane

          I don’t know if the Herald does read WO. For instance, yesterday they had a column on-line about the bad behaviour of NZ drivers. I contributed an opinion. Not only did my opinion not get published, but neither did anybody else’s. I have a sneaking suspicion that the article might have been originally published in September, as they did initially publish some dated comments, but these were then removed. And then…… no comments at all. Strange people.

    • Ratchette

      It’s a NZ Heard condition.
      Impairment of short-term working memory and concentration. Side effects include: a dry mouth, impaired motor skills a reddening of the eyes & a craving for chocolate.

      Too much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the brain Which I suppose indicates that some of the herald cringe writers actually have brains. My God! wonders will never cease.

    • To be fair the quote is

      “The holiday road toll is more than double those of the last two years combined after two more deaths over the weekend”.

      17 is more than double (6+7).

      • Sooty

        And read WO!

    • I_See_Crazy_People

      What I find the most distasteful is newsreaders positively disappointed when the road toll hasn’t raised since the last bulletin.

  • Korau

    Want a job at Microsoft?
    If you are male and white of Asian, you are most likely to be hired.
    Pacific Islander, forget it.

    See their mandatory race return here. http://www.microsoft.com/global/en-us/diversity/RenderingAssets/Microsoft_EEO-1_Report_2014.pdf

    Interesting that they are required by statute to supply this information. Just another indication of creeping PC feel good politics.

    • Jas

      Considering where Microsoft is based the percentage numbers look pretty much like the percentage numbers of those groups in society. In the Pacific Northwest the largest ethnic group by miles is white/caucasian followed by asian.
      As an aside most government and big private companies keep that information here also but as by law you don;t have to provide it the biggest group after white/caucasian/european etc is not stated.

    • ex-JAFA

      I’m sure someone had the best of intentions when deciding to mandate measuring this data, but I find it incredibly racist to do so.

      Much like when I found that schools have to report all sorts of ethnicity stats to MoE, and every student has to be pigeon-holed to fit. This reporting cannot possibly do anything to improve education.

    • I_See_Crazy_People

      So it’s due to skin colour and not level of thicki-ness then?? Maybe Microsoft don’t want to take on employees who expect handouts?? Or maybe – just maybe – they employ on ability and nothing else??

  • pisces8284 .

    My favourite hobby at the moment is spot the person in the news who has obviously been reading WO. The latest was Ron Mark on ZB this morning. ‘A zero road toll is never going to happen’

    • Aucky

      It’s not surprising that Larry Williams often uses easily recognisable phrases from the WOBH of the day. Just as well, because it balances up the newsroom’s parroting of the online Herald’s headlines that they call the ZB News.

    • kiwihornplayer

      I have noticed recently that Cam is usually 3 days ahead of MSM with his snippets. At 7am this morning ZB finally got to the NZ ISIS fighter helping track his mates through his cellphone .

      • jcpry

        You have a three minute(?) bulletin to fit the stories into so you are going to go with those that are most topical and front of the public’s mind.
        Hence stories get bumped or not even run at all. I don’t see this as evidence of poor reporting or collection. Allied to this is that the story fits the narrative of WOBH very well.
        The same will happen to Freed. You only have so much space and time and you cannot print all the stories.
        Another point is that when Freed is competing with the other outlets news sites it is inevitable that errors will be made. The pressure to compete is intense and whereas the newspapers of old had pretty much a captive market the on-line news sector is very crowded.
        The competition to be first to “market” with stories is not present in a blog.

    • Albert Lane

      Ron is one of the few politicians who has his hand firmly on the pulse of the average New Zealander. I may not support his leader’s politics and comments, but Ron is a natural leader, and hopefully he will take over the party when the time comes, and the revitalised party will turn more towards supporting our government. Ron. Keep it up.

      • pisces8284 .

        I think he confused his message this morning though when he combined criticism of the zero tolerance with police being so busy on the roads that they can’t respond to the burglaries discovered when people returned from holiday.

        • Albert Lane

          I missed that. Tell us more about that Ron, do you have any evidence? We all know that it can take several days for the police to respond to break-ins and burglaries.

  • Rodger T

    LoL,wind turbine blown over in the wind,


    638,000 euros down the gurgler .

  • George

    Why do ISIS determine their activities using the Christian calendar? The birth of Christ determines today’s calendar not the birth of Allah. I’m glad they acknowledge Christ! But they are too busy slaughtering people to observe the irony.

  • Wendy

    Hope all is well this morning in the Nige household this morning, that all vomitous emissions have ceased and that sleep was had.

  • Garbageman

    Continuing my theme of why Mr Fisher will not be happy when he gets back to work

    Best reads of 2014 and not a Dirty Politics in sight oh dear heads will roll


  • Iera

    ROAD TOLL – Number of deaths 17
    Period this year 3 days longer than last year
    So cut a random three days, either first three for example, or last three – each amount to a death a day
    So a comparable period would be three deaths less than 17: so 14
    How many multiple fatal crashes were there last year?
    This year appears to be two – where two crashes account for 4 victims –
    Giving 14 deaths in 12 fatal accidents.
    So is it 12 fatal crashes this year against 7 last year?

    Would it not be wise to compare like with like, just to start with?

    • I_See_Crazy_People

      Lies, damn lies, and police fatal crash reports. Spin doctors are not just working for political parties…

  • Sooty

    There must have been lots of Hi, Ho, off to work, you go. There is not many posts to amuse us this morning.

    • Albert Lane

      You are joking !! This is a very busy day. Look at some of the numbers. There’s a lot going on, and people are getting quite angry.

  • conwaycaptain

    There have been a spate of fatal shipping casualties in the last few days.
    Norman Atlantic and it seems there were stowaways on board and they let the drivers sleep in the cabs. A similar vessel had a fire some years back as the driver cooked his meal in the cab on a primus stove.
    Cemfjord a cement self load/discharge vessel lost in the Pentland Firth.
    Hoegh Osaka and it looks like not enough stability. ie cargo high up and empty ballast tanks OOPS!!!
    Bulk Jupiter a 50K DWT bulker run by Gear Bulk of Norway carrying bauxite from Malaysia to the Far East,
    A small cargo vessel in the Phillipines.
    And also the Air Asia flight which according to the Indonesians shouldn’t have been operating on that day.

    • Albert Lane

      I’ve been taking notice of these events. And then there is a shipment of illegals travelling from North Africa to Italy. The captain and crew deserted the ship, and the Italians had to tow the ship to Italy. Guess what will happen next.

      • conwaycaptain


        I dont think you can call them the Captain and crew. I would think that the ship was bought/stolen by the smugglers. filled with “clients” and when near the port abandoned. One was registered in Moldova!!!

  • Aucky

    Another vicious attack on two tourists in Paihia, one of whom will need reconstructive surgery. As is becoming the norm in these cases the police are being coy about describing the attackers other than that ‘those responsible are in fact locals’. I think that we can draw our own conclusions.

    • Albert Lane

      When the media don’t describe the offenders, we automatically assume the worst, and that’s always the way it turns out.

      • I_See_Crazy_People

        Stereotypes are right more often than not…

    • Tom

      Ou let me guess it was an Asian that attacked the people ?

  • Rodger T

    Now criminals are personalities if they have committed heinous enough crimes and belong to a family of crims according to Granny Horrid.


    • I_See_Crazy_People

      I’m guessing ‘personality’ is the newspeak for ‘thieving murdering scumbag’. Shame, he was probably due a TV series.

  • crosstherubicon

    Just watched the movie that Obama and the left of the western hemisphere doesn’t want the world to see: ‘America. Imagine a world without her’. Very good documentary movie that’s very informative and should be seen by all right minded freethinkers that believe the west, capitalism and democracy is under threat by our own governments especially the USA and its incumbent president.