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  • TonyM

    6.4 earthquake about 10 minutes ago in chch but centered of towards methven so shaking not to bad here!

    Hope everyone else is ok


    • Betty Swallocks

      Centred in between Lakes Coleridge and Lyndon. I should think there are still a few folk up there on holiday – it rolled for about 15 seconds here near the city.

      • Korau

        See http://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/felt . Click on Quake Details for mor info.

        Felt reports from Gore to Auckland.

        Already 3 aftershocks of 4.0 or more.

      • Cadwallader

        Felt at Temuka and Pleasant Point too.

    • Gaynor

      I never felt a thing was weird getting up and seeing it scrolling along the bottom of the Sky news lol Was a decent one though…. Shows things are still moving about down there.

  • Korau

    Word of the day

    Inaniloquent (adj) – Given to talking inanely; loquacious; garrulous.

    Usage : Then inaniloquent politician is a source of dispair.

    Source : http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Inaniloquent

    • conwaycaptain

      Defines Wussel and Co

  • rantykiwi

    It doesn’t look like the dud judge who discharged the maori king’s son and his mates on theft charges made a very good call – one of the scrotes has just done a Darwin by falling off a moving ute.

    One of three men who admitted stealing surfboards with the Maori King’s
    son after a drinking session last year has been named as the victim of a
    car crash……. It was too early to say if the driver would face charges, said Grace.

    Are we talking bets on Korotangi Paki being the driver? And if he is will it just get swept under the carpet in case it “affects his ability to succeed his father”?

    • john Doe

      No doubt speed or alcohol will be a factor, and not stupidity. Darwin was a very clever man.

      • Hard1

        “Speed was a factor” is the most nonsensical stock phrase in the Police lexicon. When is speed not a factor ?. They may as well say ” Two objects colliding was a factor”.

        • TonyM

          Parking accident?

        • Effluent

          It’s a stock phrase which the spokesplod is required to utter whenever a traffic incident occurs, in order to justify their extortion racket

    • Pete

      “lovable, beautiful” boy who would be missed by many.

      “A huge void is left in our lives and we will miss our beautiful boy immensely,” said Meri Home.

      “He always had a big smile for everyone young and old he was one of those special kids destined for amazing things,”

      • rantykiwi

        Depends on your outlook I guess – Paremoremo isn’t an “amazing thing” in my book.

        • Pete

          I commented on something yesterday that these guys are usually refered to as ‘gentle giants’ “loved his mum” “played in the first 15” etc…so this news article didn’t surprise me.

          • wenchie

            This guy was sitting on the tray of a ute. He wasn’t being prick to anyone! (dumb/stupid/tragic decision ultimately) but why would you make him out to be a crim? Have you ever had a teenager? And I will get in first and say I have had these conversations with my kids, doesn’t mean it will never happen.

      • wenchie

        Yes he will be by our daughter. Bit too close to home I guess.

    • Tom

      I’ll take a fiver on the driver being Paki or his mate. I’ll also put a fiver on the driver getting away scot free.

  • sarahmw

    Yep centered Arthur’s Pass. Felt it on west. Coast was a good one.

    • Asian_driver

      3.6, 3.8, 3.5 25km west of Arthurs pass 5km deep, moderate

  • steve and monique

    Rare Killer whales spotted in Indian ocean.

    • rantykiwi

      Well done killer whales spotted in Tokyo restaurant.

      • Tom

        Thanks for that. I nearly spat my cornflakes all over the computer screen.

  • Michael

    Sneaky police on SH2 between Ngauranga and Petone – one car ‘semi hidden’ makes you slow down, then once you are clear you speed up. And get caught by the next one 2km down the road.

    That’s two cars and officers tied up on a multilane highway with no fatalities for several years on a quiet morning.

    • mommadog

      Yeah but its a good way to meet your revenue quota. Sad it doesn’t do anything for the road toll.

  • Sally

    Yesterday on RadioNZ Guyon Espiner discusses the changing face of media. It starts off with a discussion on ‘dirty politics’.


    • Cadwallader

      Just listened to that. Bill Ralston came across as reasonable and under stated. Gavin Ellis as slightly pompous. Tim Watkin referred to the “average person” repeatedly. It seems that the average person requires people like him to grant them perception. Talk about patronising. Not a bad debate all the same, but I insist that if stoats could speak they’d sound like Guyon.

      • Sally

        Although we might not agree with what they all say it is still an interesting discussion. One must always listen to the other side’s point of view to be able to understand your own.
        Watkin hasn’t caught on yet what is happening around him.
        They main thing is no-one is impartial, everyone has a agenda. The trick is to understand that agenda. All it might be is a pay-packet but it is still an agenda.
        At least they were all calm conversation.

        • Cadwallader

          Do you see Tim Watkins trying to be a final bastion of the msm? I took from his stance that “average people” require his benign assistance. I think Bill Ralston has a sense of the vast new wave washing over the msm’s ability to impart current affairs. I have frequently heard him acknowledge this to Larry Williams. Not sure about Gavin Ellis.

    • ozbob68

      They are a bit disingenuous about influence and agenda. Every media outlet and journalist has an “angle”, bloggers are not alone in this respect. But nice to hear some reasoned, adult conversation about all this.

    • la la land

      Interesting comments on dislocation between Twitter and reality – Twitter is overrun by left wing media people

  • Nechtan

    A Len Brown political broadcast bought to you by the Herald:


    • conwaycaptain

      10th most liveable city??? BOLLOCKS
      Housing prices out of control, Traffic jams many kms long, an out of control council run by a bunch of little Hitlers and at the top an idiot mayor with no morals or standards.

      • MrHippo

        Yeah apparently throwing many many tens of millions of dollars in revenue guarantees to a private promoter to build a cycle path on the bridge in addition to the millions in direct grants to date is going to be a cure-all for congestion. Funny thing is that cycling numbers are on the decline, the census data showed that (discussed on whaleoil already a month or so ago) and their own Auckland Transport data backs that up with November figures -9.8% vs prior year, following on from -9.5% the month prior. They even note “The morning peak movement’s decreased by -22.5% when compared to November last year.” You won’t get that data from the car-banning Transportblog contributors they always turn to for quotes though…

        Liveable city = how about stick to core council activity, do it well, and keep it affordable.

    • Aucky

      Jamie obviously scored some nice Xmas goodies from Len’s spin doctors.

  • Primrose

    In yesterday’s Dompost was the headline “Why I Heart Andy Murray: Underdog of Overdogs”. Will someone please tell me what this means????

    • Garbageman

      K will give it a go, Andy Murray the Scotsman claimed by the poms (when he is winning) will be considered the underdog against Nadal and the other big boys, he is also very well regarded in tennis circles
      But i get your point thats one silly headline

      • Primrose

        That’s what I mean. Using “heart” as a verb.

        • ex-JAFA

          Simple typo. Was meant to read “Why I Heard Anne Murray”, and be an article about the journalist’s recent attendance at a concert.

    • Rick H

      Substitute “heart” for “Love”.
      heart = love

      Everybody Loves Andy Murray.
      He’s a winner, but shouldn’t be.
      He’s a hero over there.

      Nobody really expects him to be able to beat the other top seeds, but he sometimes does.

  • I.M Bach

    “Salasa will probably be deported to Samoa once he is released from prison.”

    I seriously hope so. Drunk baby/wife bashers aren’t something NZ needs more of.


  • Alright

    Kane Williamson and BJ Watling have been exceptional – for two days! ANZAC courage in sport.