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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    Epistemophobia – The morbid and irrational fear of knowledge or the fear of wisdom.

    Usage : Many religious fundamentalists seem to suffer from a severe case of epistemophobia.

    Source : http://www.encyclo.co.uk/define/epistemophobia

    • GoingRight

      What a strange thing to be fearful of knowledge or wisdom. Love the word of the day, sometimes I can hardly pronounce them let alone remember them and spelling most of them is way beyond me! Keep up the good work!

    • Mikex

      aahhh! so that is what it means….I thought it was too scared to get drunk.

      • ex-JAFA

        I thought it was the fear of anything written by St Paul.

    • nervus

      I do not believe you are a street cleaner with a vocab as good as you have.More like a professor of languages.

      • Korau

        Street cleaner? No, I don’t think so. Just a product of the school system in the 50’s and early 60’s before the politically correct do gooders stuffed it up.

        The only session at primary school I didn’t take to was when we occasionally had some religious guy come in and spout off (yes, it was a state school!). I just tuned out.

        For the rest, I was just a sponge, and still am. I’ll be 69 shortly, and believe the day I stop learning is the day I die, even if I keep breathing. (Oh, and I have a built in spell check in my Linux computer which also helps when posting here).

  • George

    Early this morning listening to Tim Roxborogh talkback on ZB he made mention of a twitter submitted by Dotcom which stated, “I remember being taught at school about what the naughty Germans did and I also know that most of the movie industry in the USA is controlled mainly by Jewish migrants.”
    Well Dotcom, if that is the case, can you explain why it is important we know this? What we do know is you have in your possession a signed copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other Nazi paraphernalia. What we do know is that you led a frenzied chant of your youthful followers to …. John Key, who coincidentally, was born into a Jewish family. Is there something you’re not telling us Kim Schmitz?

    • Cowgirl

      Yes those Germans were so ‘naughty’ during the war.

      • Catriona

        He’s Hitler reincarnated.

        • mommadog

          He only wishes he was. He is deluded and wants to be powerful, rich, famous and have everything his way like a spoilt brat.

        • Wheninrome

          If that is the case he certainly spent a lot of time with his snout in the food trough between 1945 and today.

      • Albert Lane

        I’m surprised he didn’t add that the Japanese were also quite naughty during the war.

        • Murray Smith

          The Japanese received a couple of severe spankings that improved their behaviour.

          • Albert Lane

            Interestingly, the new Japanese Prime Minister is going to issue an apology for their part in WW2. I hope this will open the door to compensation claims. Some years ago there was a Dutch chap living in the Hawkes Bay area who had been living in Dutch East New Guinea in what is now part of Indonesia, and he tirelessly campaigned for an apology, which never came. Haven’t heard about him in recent years, so sadly he may not be with us to hear the apology.

          • Murray Smith

            Wish I could upvote that a million times. Although before my birth, I’m completely aware of what happened. Young children today seem less informed.

          • Albert Lane

            Thanks Murray. I have nothing but praise for the work done by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I even found one of their cemeteries in a town in England that hosted Polish aircrew who managed to get into Britain after the Nazis occupied Poland. You will find a swag of war cemeteries through France, as there was no way that bodies could be repatriated. I have visited many of these cemeteries, and they are beautifully maintained.

            When I spent time in West Berlin prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, I discovered a small graveyard for WW2 aircrew, mainly Canadians and Brits, in a cemetery also run by the Commission.

            The Commission had to work under very difficult circumstances during the trench warfare in WW1. Casualties were buried in temporary graves marked by wooden crosses with their names on them.

            While living in Australia, I met an Aussie who had a relative whose body was never found, but he spent a lot of time researching the temporary graves.

            He found one photo with a cross that had the names of two Aussies killed by an artillery strike, and then found a later photo of the same cross, but one arm of the cross that had carried the name of the second casualty had been blown off in a second attack, but the damage was not reported.

            When the Commission re-interred the casualties, they had no record of where the Digger from the missing part of the cross was buried, and consequently he was listed as having no known grave. My mate reported what he had found in the two photos, and the Commission was then able to consecrate a grave holding the remains of the missing Digger, in a ceremony attended by the Digger’s relatives.

            My mate didn’t have the money at the time (it happened a couple of years before I met him) to pay for an airfare, and the RSL (same as the RSA) wouldn’t help him.

            I have passed all the paperwork on to an Aussie woman doing her masters degree in Military History in the hope that she might write about the event..

    • Tom

      Just put the fat German on a plane already.

    • mommadog

      Good on Tim for bringing it up. Reminded people what KDC is and why he needs to go sooner rather than later. KDC really is his own worst enemy as he just cant shut up. He has to realise that saying “naughty Germans” in that way reads to the rest of us as the equivalent of condoning what they did or at the least not believing that the holocaust occurred. Its all a set up by those Jewish people who are now out to get him. KDC may actually belong in a mental institution but I have been and still are more concerned by the number of NZ’ers who support him. I have not forgotten you Hone, Laila, and others.

    • axeman

      Agree whole heartedly. But what concerns me more is that there were more than enough young followers that are so immature & easily led with only a half a brain cell between them all, there chanting x%&* John Key.

  • GoingRight

    Hilarious tweet from Dick Quax this am: “Police helicopter “Eagle” now declared official bird of Glen Innes!” I gather some are outraged. I must follow his tweets as he sounds like he has many tongue in cheek postings to lighten our day.

    • MaryLou

      I don’t know why people are outraged, we’re in the vicinity, and we view it as free nightly entertainment provided by the locals in conjunction with the Police. Bets fly on what and exactly where, and only duck for cover if we find that the target is actually hiding behind the playhouse. Only becomes an annoyance when they block off the streets!

      Bet you don’t get that kind of entertainment in Parnell…

      • GoingRight

        Haha not often! But we do watch the helicopters over the city obviously tracking somebody. The rest of the helicopters sadly are going to the hospital where we see them land. You obviously take note about what people write and where they are, well done!

        • MaryLou

          Actually I had no idea, was just going for the polar opposite of GI!

          But feeling smug now… maybe I have superpowers

  • MAWG

    I see that Amnesty International has some explaining to do, having supported Man Monis in his visa application in Australia.


    • Albert Lane

      The article in yesterday’s Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is much easier to understand than the Morning Herald article. But it’s totally amazing to me that not a word about it was mentioned on Sky news or on Paul Murray’s programme at 11 last night. Heads are gong to roll for letting this guy get into Australia. Read the Daily Tele article, and you’ll get a better idea of the shocking decisions that were made plus the support from Amnesty.

  • DemocKot

    Just to wish any Russian readers here Merry Christmas (с рождеством) for Today 7th January. The Russian Orthodox church use a different calendar and celebrate two weeks later.
    We will sit down to lots of food and drink where we are are including my favourite
    “herrings under a fur coat”

    • dgrogan

      My wife’s babushka used to make wonderful traditional Russian dishes. Enjoyed with lots of vodka! Sadly the old folks have all now moved on. Have a great day.

      • MaryLou

        Not just Russians – hubby and his family Orthodox Christians – it’ll be most of the Baltics – looking forward to a very, very large dinner tonight! At least I’m not doing the cooking :)

    • Sally

      Russian tennis player Elena Vesnina before her match today wished the TV interviewer Merry Christmas. Think he was a bit mystified why she did that instead of wishing Happy New Year.

      • DemocKot

        Yes he would be, she could wish him a (old) Happy New Year on the 14th of January as well, the calendar used gives you a chance for two parties for each event (Christmas and New Year)

  • Pete

    Dairy prices up slightly I note, so I’m sure the Labour and Green party leaders will be expressing relief in the media today? After all, they were full of criticism when prices were heading South!

    • Aucky

      Undoubtedly Pete. They will be looking forward to an increased tax take to help boost the Government coffers and avert another crisis in the regions.

    • Rem

      labourgreen will be away thinking about how to paint this in a negative way.

  • Michael

    Follow up on my comment yesterday about two police cars parked on Hutt Rd between Ngauranga and Petone. Today there is just the one, but they are 400m before the new speed camera.

    And traffic is no heavier than yesterday.

    • WestieBob

      The best I saw was 8am on xmas morning in Kumeu.

  • rantykiwi

    It looks like sloppy journalism isn’t just the domain of the Herald today – Stuff manage to spell this couple’s surname differently on two adjacent photos. Roll on the quality of Freed.

    • mommadog

      Not only sloppy but its not news. Something I might expect in the Woman’s Weekly or Woman’s Day but on a supposed News site? They prove time and time again that they are not a news site.

    • Tom

      I’m at a real lose to understand why this made the news. I wonder if they want a nice pic of my dog for next week’s issue.

      • Rod

        As long as your dog doesn’t mind how they spell his name.

        • rantykiwi

          They’ll probably label it “Tom’s God” and then Tom will be inundated with abuse for worshipping a dog.

      • Teletubby

        Maybe it’s native advertising for the 7s, it’s definitely not news

        • rantykiwi

          i’m guessing that what it is – apparently Sevens tickets are selling like… not at all really.

      • Catriona

        Well it’s not news. It’s pathetic dribble. The Gen Y Journalists don’t know the difference.

    • Rod

      The problem with this kind of error is that proof readers have become an extinct species, and computer spell checkers are never going to pick up incorrectly spelled names.

  • Teletubby

    Been drizzling all night in Wellington so chances of getting a full day in the cricket are diminished, the good news is it is overcast so if we do get on the field the conditions are good for our swing bowlers

  • Wheninrome

    It was interesting to read that Mona Dotcom has been caught out in a “lie” regarding the commencement of her de facto relationship with KDC, she had it starting while he was still married to former wife and living with former wife.
    Does this make DC a sort of bigamist – married and in a defacto, given the legal standing of a defacto today (in NZ)
    In reality shows she perhaps does not always tell things truthfully.
    Wonder how the NZ Judge feels, if he ready the article in Herald, given he felt she was soooo truthful compared to Amanda banks. Probably still has his head in the sand.

  • rantykiwi

    The Hearld are reporting that last year a beneficiary was overpaid nearly $300k. I hope this is just bad reporting and that the overpayment was over a period greater than just one year – if a single beneficiary can manage to suck up $300k of public money in 12 months without any alarm bells ringing very early in the piece then the system is even more broken than I give it credit for. I’ll bet when it gets to court there will be a dud judge ready and waiting to let the criminal bludger off too.

    • Korau

      If it’s in the Herald, it will be wrong. Take this headline:

      Egypt’s foreign reserves fall to $15.33 in December.
      With reserves of less than $20 it looks like they are in deep doodoo! But the article itself then explains its $15.33 billion at the end of December. Is this carelessness or a deliberate attempt to trick readers into an article?

      My money is on the side of carelessness and incompetence.

    • MrHippo

      Or orders repayment of $5 per week from their benefit…

  • HSV325

    Gotta love Dick Quax for telling it like it is on Twitter.

  • Isherman

    You really have to think the council are in their own little world, for three weeks apparently these guys have been making a nuisance of themselves, being clear imposters. With the other information outlined from the buddhist community it should have taken all of 10 minutes to work this out after the three complaints were recieved, yet just yesterday, a spokesman* for the council says council staff have observed them giving stuff away without soliciting ‘donations’. There are lots of Buddhists around South Auckland, very polite and quiet and I have never seen member of any local temple attempt to raise funds in this way, not once..ever.

    Perhaps Len’s just come up with a cunning way of raising cash for his pet project? (facetious comment)

    Also, don’t the PC brigade favour the term ‘spokesperson’ these days…


    • Mark

      I reported a monk working like this in Pak & Save months ago,I’ll bet it occurs often.

    • Jas

      It is a scam. It will be Chinese nationals passing themselves off as Thais. I actually once saw this in Thailand and once the locals figured out what was happening the guy had to run for it as fast as he could.
      LIke it said in the article about eyebrows another tell tale sign is the length of the hair, a real Thai monk will either have a shaved head or very short hair in a number 1 or 2 cut. And if they were fundraising for a temple the fundraising would be done by Thais living in NZ not the Monks themselves.

  • Gaynor

    Oceans not acidifying – “scientists” hid 80 years of pH data

    Empirical data withheld by key scientists shows that since 1910 ocean pH levels have not decreased in our oceans as carbon dioxide levels increased. Overall the trend is messy but more up than down, becoming less acidic. So much for those terrifying oceans of acid that were coming our way.


    Why am I not surprised!!

  • Bartman

    OMG could it be that the world will have to endure / suffer a Bush trifecta?


    Crazy stuff, but it appears another of the clan are making their way towards the White House. Unfortunately the timing is perfect for a war mongering oil baron loving Bush, after the softly softly Obama years the public, and war machine, will be itching for new battles.
    Mind you, one upside will be the swift reversal of all the climate change mollycoddling!

    • Damon Mudgway

      May see the West ‘taking it’ to Islam. I think a few could live with that.

      • Odd Ball

        Obama is seen as weak & indecisive by Putin.
        It’s possible he may annoy or invade a NATO aligned country in Europe, before Obama’s time is up.
        A ‘war mongering’ president might be a good thing.

        • Isherman

          Georgia and Moldova are the two to keep an eye on, with the regions of South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh all potential victims of annexation, either formal or de-facto as Sth Ossetia and Abkhazia are now.

          • Albert Lane

            I call this the silent war. The Russians have a huge islamic problem. But do we ever hear about it or read about what’s being done about it?

          • conwaycaptain

            All along their Southern Borders.
            However as Russia and the Islamic countries run out of money owing to the oil price drop maybe they will see it is better to jaw jaw than war war as WSC said.

          • Michael_l_c

            My guess on why the price of oil is down, apart from raising of sanctions on Iran, increase in american production, is that saudi arabia is paying back america by increasing production, reducing price.
            This then causes disaster for russia.
            Remember saudi arabia supports many terrorist organisations.

          • Isherman

            Not since Chechenya, Putin’s been too busy pushing the erroneous narrative of broken promises not to expand NATO beyond a unified Germany as a pretext for garnering as much influence in the former soviet republics as possible under the nicely named guise of a ‘Customs Union’. Its interesting how many people in the west are not enlightened about this particular myth, and I see it referred to in media all the time, as being a cause of Putins ‘re-action’ to such, that NATO and the west have broken promises and sort of bullied him into a natural reaction. As so often, truth is again the first casualty.

        • kiwihornplayer

          At least the current policies must be making Putin’s eyes water a bit. He was about to copy Len Brown and expand his train set and play Russian Dolls with ballistic missile wagons being constantly moved around the country as indestructible moving targets.

      • Michael_l_c

        But neither of the bush’s finished what they started. Dad bush betrayed thousands of Iraquis telling them the USA was heading for Baghdad & to rise up, they did. He stopped the invasion because he wanted a 100hr war. They were slaughtered.
        Look at the mess they created. Then obama decides he want’s to be popular & calls an ‘end’ to it when the mess is nowhere near tidied up.

        • Albert Lane

          Bush’s biggest mistake was when he agreed that the Iraqi military forces should be disbanded. This decision left the country defended by a comparatively small number of foreign forces who did not speak the language, and who couldn’t relate to the country’s customs and religious differences, and there was no way they could combat terrorism, which led to a horrific number of civilian and military deaths. I would really like to see all the written arguments leading to that inept decision. I suspect there were no written arguments, just an on-the-spot decision.

          • conwaycaptain

            Bush and Blair and Co went into Iraq knowing nothing of the history and traditions of the benighted country.
            It can only be ruled by a STRONGMAN and Saddam was that but also a nasty one.
            Where have all the Arabists gone who were in the British Foreign office and should have advised them. It will be interesting to read the Chilcott Report when it is issued. Then we might see Bush and Blair in Court somewhere

  • Hedgehog

    I don’t know why I go back to the Herald online, it only annoys me. They have an editorial on better signs and roads in the opinion section.


    They quote 75% of accidents involving overseas drivers are the fault of the overseas driver and all 11 deaths were the fault of the overseas driver. But how can you form an opinion if you don’t know the total number of accidents. If you take the deaths they quote it would be less than 5%. So 95% of the accidents on NZ roads don’t involve overseas drivers?

    I think we can still do more to educate the tourist coming over, but this is making out the problem is way bigger than it is.

    • I.M Bach

      It’s just waffle. Looking at the number of tourists vs the number of accidents they cause the only conclusion you can come to is that their involvement is minimal. Like you I think more could be done, Simple leaflets in rental cars reminding foreign drivers of their obligations could help and cost next to nothing. It wouldn’t hurt to have a look at how long drivers have held their license for either; if you haven’t held a full license for a certain period of time then don’t drive on our roads.

  • rantykiwi

    So we have a feral 19 year old doing 167kph on the open road. When he appears in court it’s discovered he already has almost $8000 of outstanding fines, and some community service he hasn’t done. What does dud judge Jan Kelly do? Does she lock him up, or disqualify him from driving indefinitely? No, she sentences him to 150 hours of community work in the place of $7712 of fines, disqualifies him from driving for 6 months, and imposes no further penalty for the speeding. What an useless sentence – no real consequences, and he’s given the message that his community work is worth $51/hour in terms of paying his fines. Let’s be really generous to this loser and assume he earns $17/hour after tax – he’s now been told that he’s “worth” three times that amount. There’s no penalty at all here, just the usual dud judge letting a feral make a mockery of our justice system. I hope the Police appeal the sentence.

    • taurangaruru

      Typically these sorts only attend some of the community service as well, they are clever enough to manipulate the system so they only do the bare minimum to avoid another return to the Courts.

      • Albert Lane

        I understand that in America, a person who is fined, doesn’t get to leave the courthouse until they have made rock-solid arrangements to pay their fines, and that could mean having a guarantor who would have to pay the fine if the offender didn’t pay up. It would be worth examining this system. If it works, we should adopt it.

  • Citizen

    The Equaliy Racket. from townhall.com I thought my fellow readers might find this article interesting…as might the contributors. http://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2015/01/06/the-equality-racket-n1938854/page/full

  • Gaynor

    Just came across an old book about Franz Josef Glacier ( a photographic record) printed in 1978 by the Westland National Park board.It has photos from 1867. Many photos of advances and recessions many times over the years… Very good proof that greenhouse warming is not the cause of any recent events there.

    • 1951

      The glaciers depends on snow dumps to advance. Not every season is going to dump snow at exactly the same as the one before. It doesn’t take a scientist to work that out. Great that there a book with photographic evidence to keep the sods honest.

  • KiwiLliz

    Money well spent surely.

  • conwaycaptain

    Another Socialist Country en le merde.
    Argentina has run out of TAMPONS.
    The importers say they cannot get the Forex to import them.