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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    pyknic (adj.) – Short and stocky or fat

    (noun) A person of the pyknic type.

    Pronunciation : picnic

    Source : http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pyknic

    • Betty Swallocks

      Context; “Green Party co-leader, the asthenic Russel Norman, today stated that it had been no fun going on a picnic with his co-leader – the pyknic Metiria Turei – since she had consumed all the pies.”

    • Rick H

      derivitive of “pygmy”?

  • Wheninrome

    They want to die as “martyrs”.?
    I think instead, the innocent they kill or whom get killed in the cross fire should be referred to as “martyrs”.

    • Cadwallader

      Will all of their blood splattered everywhere they’d look more like tomatoes than martyrs. (Quip courtesy of a 14 year old.) “You say martyr and I say tomato…”

  • George

    When I saw the picture of the infant boy discarded at a South Auckland Work and Income office I became emotionally attached to the image of sheer confusion and innocence sketched on this little victim’s face. There should be no inconvenience so overwhelming that motivates a parent to dump their child. As the circumstances surrounding this incident have not been reported I am reluctant to speculate, however apparently the stereotypical do-gooders do speculate and guess what? It’s the Government’s fault.
    The “Chief Executive” of the Mangere East Family Service Center, Peter Sykes had this to say. “The families around here are quite polarised. The Government at the moment is seen as not a particularly caring government, so I think there are more angry people around.”
    I dispare. No, “Chief Executive” Sykes. It is you and your likes masquerading as samaritans exhibiting your own co-dependent on others misfortunes. You know the facts, you know the causation of this child abuse but to acknowledge that would make you redundant. Your are as dependant on this uncaring government as your clients.

    • MAWG

      Really? I think this government is very caring. It cares about the direction of this country, and the welfare of those in it, and it asks that we contribute to the country.

      • Wheninrome

        Exactly, there are “givers” and “takers” in society. Difficult to please all the people all the time. However a Government must assume that most people – “the givers” are generally trying to move in the right direction and help accordingly.
        These exceptions “the takers” who assume that they are “owed” a living by the rest of us are the difficult ones to account for.

    • la la land

      Better abandoned than dead

      • Cadwallader

        Yes, it is great to see that the poor little kid didn’t bear the marks of “unexplained injuries.” There just must be a lengthy background story to this sad occurrence.

    • Ratchette

      Quote ” a man walked into the Manukau Winz office at 2.20pm and handed him (the child) to staff.
      The man, then left without providing further details.
      Police said they had identified the man and located the boy’s family ”

      the question I have is : did the ‘man’ find the (lost) child and hand him to WINZ for safety & for WINZ to sort it out ?

  • Hakaru

    Some very good thoughts on how the MSM report things. We need to hold the MSM to account for the dumbing down of the news.

  • Citizen
    • intelligentes candida diva

      Beautiful eulogy, true heroes, die in the line of duty

      One Police person dieing in the line of duty is one too many

  • Geordie

    I have spent the last 15 years either towing a horse float or driving a horse truck, most weekends. If you are holding up traffic, either pull over (harder in a truck) or slow done to 75kms on passing lanes or straight roads until everyone has passed. It doesn’t add that much to your journey and you only ever have a couple of cars waiting to pass.

    This guy is a dick head, I hate people who tow or trucks that, soon as they hit straight roads or passing lane get to their max speed and then put on the cruise control.

    It should be mandatory if you are holding up traffic then you must not speed up to the open road speed until all the following traffic have gone past. Obviously in peak traffic this would not be possible, but a few tickets and demerits for slow and inconsiderate drivers would make our roads a lot safer.


    • If I was driving the “camera” vehicle as shown in that clip and saw the bus coming up I would have slowed to give him room to pass, this is a classic case of “this is my bit of road so stuff you” syndrome.

      • Cadwallader

        What have I missed? I cannot see any poor driving on the part of the bus-driver. He passed the busy-body fellow with the dash cam in a passing lane. So what?

      • Ratchette

        And this guy had his wife & kids in the car. I agree with Geordie. ‘this guy is a dick head’

      • HSV325

        Road maggot in the ute towing should have been scanning his rear view mirrors and backed off slightly when he saw the bus in the passing lane. I thought only Russians used dash cams anyway.

    • dumbshit

      watched that video earlier, got the feeling the driver is the type that slows back to 85-90 post the passing lanes, obviously no understanding of the logistics of driving a heavy vehicle

    • Rick H

      I reckon that bus driver did the right thing.
      He didn’t go over the centre line and was past the ranger by the end of the double lanes.

    • The idiot self incriminates too….the speed limit for towing is 90km/h…he admits to driving at 92km/h in hid flash Ford Ranger with cruise control.

      He runs off to media, and posts video that goes viral that proves he was speeding…worse he was inconsiderate of other drivers whilst towing, which I am sure is not only a speeding ticket but also careless use of a motor vehicle.

      He has an “I’m alright Jack” attitude and is all sanctimonious and pious as he dobs in a clearly frustrated bus driver who because of the stupid zero tolerance rules is creeping past the fool with the boat.

      If the cops are true to their zero tolerance rhetoric I should hope this prick is getting a visit from the cops as well.

  • conwaycaptain

    Today’s NZH cartoon has plagiarised Sonovamin!!!

    • 1951

      Plagiarize is a compliment, just don’t let The Horrid kidnap him

  • Nechtan

    Lens PR machine is in full swing, the Herald early this week, now the Rodney Times.
    This has be more native advertising?


  • exactchange

    Why do so many jihadists have first name Abu? Sounds like a common part of noms de guerre, but what does it mean?

    • Isherman

      In general terms it means ‘father’ or ‘father of’, though it can be used in different colloquial ways, and its usage can differ slightly from one Arab country to another, for example its not uncommon for a guy to be referred to using his first sons name, so ‘Abu Bakr’ is ‘Father of Bakr’. Also forms a part of nicknames, which are commonly used in lieu of given names.

  • jude

    ….I enjoyed this:)

  • BW_Lord

    More raids on terror suspects in Sydney. I’m sure they were just normal happy immigrants and followers of the religion of peace, who love their adopted country (sarc).

  • Isherman

    My thought for the day is on the topics of respect and offense.
    Here’s the thing about respect, it only achieves anything as a concept when it is mutual. If you want my respect, you must be prepared to be at peace in what you find offensive in my precepts, as I am necessarily offended in yours, otherwise, we have problem, and other than the judiciary and legislature of this land, I don’t do submission well.

  • MaryLou

    Just a quick thank you to nz.gdp – love hearing different viewpoints from someone that can stay calm on such delicate topics. Adds so much to the discussion.

  • Blue

    I know the Give A Little site took a hit with the whole Nicky Hager fundraiser, but this is what I think it should be about. http://givealittle.co.nz/cause/kyliecameron77. Any donations appreciated.

  • I.M Bach

    Does anyone know where we might stand with this situation regarding our rental lease? My wife and I rent a house in WA. We renewed the lease last year and the commencement date of the new lease was 4/10/14 and six-monthly inspections were agreed to by all parties. (As opposed to the previous three-monthly arrangement.)

    The real estate agent claims that as our last inspection was in August 2014 our next inspection should be on the 10th February 2015. Firstly, that is only five months but my argument is; if we signed a new lease that commences on 4/10/14 should the inspection not be on 4/4/15? After all, that is six months after the commencement date of the current lease.

    Surely the previous lease becomes null and void after signing the new one, does it not?

  • Dave_1924

    For those interested in hearing a different view on surveillance, a video by Ben Rachinger…

  • conwaycaptain

    Argentina wanted to buy 12 Saab fighters on the back of an order from Brazil.
    As much of the avionics is supplied by UK firms the UK vetoed the idea.
    Now Argentina and Russia who are both economic basket cases have signed a deal. Russia will supply 12 Sukhoi Flankers and Argentina will pay in wheat and beef. Just like the old days of the USSR but they paid us in Ladas.
    The UK is looking at the Falklands defence requirements now.

  • I.M Bach
    • Isherman

      the pics were funny enough just at a glance, then I read the 9th comment down by Finn, ..ROFL.

  • Dave_1924

    Sky City….. interesting analysis by Morning Star …. essentially warning investors about a dividend squeeze that may happen to fund the Adelaide expansion and the Convention Centre in Auckland.

    What I found interesting though is what the article said capital investments would mean down the road…

    “it will transform the flagship Auckland casino with the smaller Adelaide complex and potentially lead to a 60 per cent step-up in the normalised operating earnings base in five years’ time.”

    So when the whining for more tax or rate payers cash comes from Sky City remember it creates a huge revenue stream for them and they should be told again to fund the Convention centre and 5 star hotel themselves


  • pisces8284 .
    • dgrogan

      Interesting. But will we see Anonymous shut down by terrorist appeaser/apologist governments, protecting the rights of Muslims?

    • Isherman

      This could cause a bit a conundrum for some on the left actually, such as those that see Anonymous, Snowden, Assange etc as heroes of sorts (when it suits them anyway). But hey, if they have the ability to disrupt ISIS / Al-Qaeda in any way, I would be comfortable turning a blind eye to however they achieve it. dgrogan below makes a valid point below as well though actually.

  • Hans

    I’ve posted a video below and would be interested what people think, it brings into question is the policeman that way laying on the side walk was indeed shot by the terrorists – i don’t know much about peoples ability to edit videos but the fact that no blood is on the ground, no head flinch after shot was fired and the apparent impact of the round right of the policeman’s head.