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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    abligurition (noun) – Excessive spending on food and drink

    Source : http://www.thefreedictionary.com/abligurition

    • Cadwallader

      A matter for debate I am sure!

      • Korau

        Food, yes you can never get enough. Booze, who cares. My annual alcohol bill would be under $20.

        • Cadwallader

          Are you gloating or desperate for therapy?

        • Soleman

          This is one post I will hide from my wife

    • Betty Swallocks

      … and also how Winston pronounces “obligation” in the House during afternoon debates following long lunches.

  • George

    It didn’t take long for some comentators to question why retail prices haven’t fallen due to the lower cost of petrol by reasoning that it costs less to manufacture and transport the goods
    Most providers of services and goods with whom I have acquaintance have been working very close to the bone since the recession and now find an opportunity to generate some cost savings however It appears that those who opperate our economy can’t be seen to prosper from lower oil prices. The Socialists expect all excess income should be passed on to the consumer.
    If they had half a brain they would realise that any saving on overheads can only expand the businesse’s activities and that includes more employment and/or wage rises and paying down debt.
    All power to the creator’s of our economy, small businesses, whether it is trade, retail, manufacturing, agricultural, horticultural, or transport. Keep your positive margins. You deserve your overhead reduction. Socialists expect you to give your money away like they do your taxes. A big thank you for your contribution to our “rock star” economy which in no small way was achieved by your sacrifice, ingenuity and sound management and also by rejecting socialist governance.

    • Cadwallader

      I think that other than a few food lines prices have receded. I regularly get hounded by a couple of men’s clothing chains re their latest “sale.” It seems to be the time for post-post Christmas sales currently. The price of shirts/shoes etc is far less than 12 months ago. The food prices are typical for this time of year when produce is in abundance. Great time to be shopping (if you like that sort of thing.)

      • Cadwallader

        Further: I see Easter Eggs are on sale. I suggest that this year dark chocolate “Allah heads” could be sold. If you didn’t want to eat them or perform an obscenity with them, they could be booted up and down the road or blown apart by the few fireworks obtainable at this time of the year.

        • 1951

          The agitator gene is strong in you today…?

        • steve and monique

          They could create a new to the market “creamed egg” wrapped in black and white foil.

        • Alright

          What about a chocolate Pigs Ear with Allah’s face imprinted on it? I’d buy that.

      • Aucky

        Now that I have my American clothing and shoe sizes fully sussed including all of the variable sizing not considered relevant in NZ (sleeve length etc) I buy 95% of my clothing offshore. There’s no doubt that online shopping has helped reduce local clothing costs as NZ retailers respond in an effort to maintain market share.

        • Jas

          I think a by-product of buying clothing offshore will be a reduction in whats on offer in retail stores as it is too costly to carry slow moving lines. And as a result the number of stores and number of products will decrease not increase

      • Imogen B

        Not to mention the Boxing Day sales that started in November.

      • pisces8284 .

        I owned a boutique for eight years in our provincial town. It was a struggle and I always claimed it was the craziest business to be in. You bought your stock, then you had six weeks at most to make enough money to pay your overheads, then it’s into sale and you are lucky if you got your money back. Nationwide chains are permanently in sale now – who ever buys anything full price at Briscoes? and people know to only shop on Thursdays at Farmers. Owner operated shops are a thing of the past and large chains the only ones that can survive these days as they offset lower prices by volume

        • MaryLou

          Not quite all gone, but you’re right – you have to have the constitution of a bull, and some good antacids! It’ll be interesting to see consumer reaction when all that’s left is the chain stores and choice becomes a thing of the past. Was amazed at last trip to Aus at the range of clothing available there, and small boutique shops. The chain stores over here have most people pretty well homogeonised

        • mommadog

          Regarding Briscoe’s their continual sales have made me wonder if the sale prices are the real price and they overinflate the actual price between sales to make the sales more attractive to customers. I haven’t shopped at the Vacuum cleaner place (Godfrey’s) that always has things on sale either as I believe that old adage that if things seem too good to be true… They have a store close to where my Mum lives and every time I go past there are the same “big sales here” type signs out. They have been there for a couple of years. a sale is not a sale if it becomes your normal price and as a consumer I get distrustful.

          • ex-JAFA

            Godfreys’ product line is cheap and nasty knockoff (possibly made under license) rubbish. You’d be well advised to keep away even if the too-good-to-be-true prices become tempting.

          • pisces8284 .

            I don’t know about Briscoe’s but I expect they use the same pricing strategy as Farmers.My daughter used to work for their suppliers, the real price is the one when they are on sale and they are making their profit, one can only imagine what the people in China are getting.
            Don’t get me wrong, I buy from these stores on sale – I am just saying that you have to have your head read (or be well funded) to be an owner operator these days – particularly in fashion. Of course there are exceptions but it’s certainly not a way to make your fortune.

        • LesleyNZ

          I like Briscoes – they are very customer focussed. I always check out the price of something at Briscoes before purchasing. I do wait till a particular item I want to buy comes on sale. Sometimes I might have to pay full price – but rarely. They are also excellent when it comes to refunds and guarantees and faulty products. Farmers are not as customer focussed though – they used to be.

    • Aucky

      These socialist commentators are the very same people who would unflinchingly utilise savings in budgeted overheads to grow their personal ’empires’ by employing additional staff or initiate unnecessary projects to ensure that their budgets are not cut for the following financial year.Happens all too frequently in Government departments and local bodies.

      • peterwn

        And Ministers, councillors CEO’s, bean counters etc who set the climate for this sort of rush to spend are failing in their governance / management duties. Interesting some years ago, a roading chief was moaning about high tendered prices – as they were trying to get their projects done before the end of the financial year and the contractors were flat out.

    • MaryLou

      Hah! For once I’m speechless. That’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen it acknowledged that the real hard times may actually warrant a wee bit of profit. Whilst it’s a rock star economy for some, the failure of Shanton (again) this week, and the article on the rate of suicide amongst farmers over 2014 shows how hard it’s been for many. All the sales might be great for consumers, but businesses still need to operate. Thank you to you, George, for acknowledging it!

    • OneTrack

      The Cost-Plus mentality.

    • Disinfectant

      With fuel prices dropping and next to no inflation, Socialists will be enjoying an excess of income over and above expenses.
      I am sure they will have no problem with me lowering their wages in line with them asking me to lower my prices due to a drop in my costs.

    • Alright

      You are on to it George.

      But, as we will see it wont make a pins head of difference in terms of “child poverty (read neglect)” – but the Casinos will be pleased that their fraternity have more jobs.

      The Left will be furious if business makes money. Any money.

  • Nige.

    From THE ROCK news (Radio live) regarding the newest edition of Chalie Hebdos newspaper: “………………….this comes one week after 12 people died at the company’s office”

    Really? 12 people DIED? Did they all catch the flu and die?

    They’ve never shied away from giving out gory details before…. at least the report didnt say “……12 people PASSED at the company’s office”

    • steve and monique

      Executed would be more fitting.

      • Cadwallader


      • steve and monique

        By hateful Islamic Terrorists

      • I.M Bach

        Executions are usually carried out after a trial though. I think Cadwallader has it right.

    • ozbob68

      Its probably an issue of legal semantics. They can’t use terms like “murdered” as no-one has actually been convicted. They should probably have used “killed”.

      • Droit

        Those semantics are irrelevant as it hasn’t occurred in NZ, therefore there is no chance of influencing public sentiment and affecting the possibility of a fair trial.

        • ozbob68

          True, but the web is world wide, so the page can be viewed by anyone in any country.

          • ex-JAFA

            That’ll be why media overseas don’t publish anything that’s suppressed here, then. Oh, hang on…

  • Nirvana10

    Good to see that Stuff are carrying a picture this morning of the front page of the latest Charlie Hebdo publication complete with its cartoon of Mohammed. Now it’s the Herald’s turn to display some guts.

    • Effluent

      not a bit – the emmerson cartoon uses the theme for yet another attack on John Key . They really haven’t learned .

      • Hardie Martin

        Absolutley appalling isn’t it, when did John Key shoot Bradley Ambrose?

      • Sally

        I more offended about Emmerson’s cartoon in the Herald than the cover of Charlie Hebdo.
        But each to their own and I can always get my news elsewhere.
        That is freedom of speech and expression. The ability to have the option to pick and choose.

      • Alright

        Emmerson is a self abuser.

    • dgrogan

      The Herald again showing it’s editorial staff up as gutless terrorist appeasers.
      Check out this little trompe de loeil :

      “The head of a big mosque in central eastern Paris, Hammad Hammami, voiced a similar stand. “We don’t want to throw oil on the fire,” he said. “We consider these caricatures to be acceptable. They are not degrading for the Prophet,” unlike previous Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

      Still no wondering where their sympathies lie. It’s pretty obvious.

  • idbkiwi
    • 1951

      Listening to the radio in the wee small hours this morning it occurred to me that those who do not visit WO, that depend on the Horrid, and TV twins, have absolutely no idea what is happening in other parts of the world. There lack of awareness is damn scary.

      • Aucky

        ………….and worse still they get to vote.

      • jude

        I suspect there are an awful lot of visits to this blog that are not noticed by us, ie no up votes or comments but they are there, reading and inwardly digesting the Whaleoil news!

    • dgrogan

      Why blank-out that little 10 year old scum bags face? It’s not like he’ll ever be able to return to any decent society, having murdered two people in cold blood in the name of his Prophet. More PC bull poo.

    • Cowgirl

      The last line is fantastic. Go on, pick a fight with Russia, I double dare you, you murdering scumbags. This should be good. I can’t wait to see the outcome of that.

    • LinkinHawk

      This is a fake video made by Isis, they seem to have 2 wings to there media empire, 1 group makes these type of vids that are able to be broadcast on tv and news channels part of there more palatable propaganda , then you have the 2nd group that will video actual killings beheadings and torture these videos go straight to the net and stay there as they are far to gruesome to even explain let alone show on the news . There are countless truly horrific real vidoes of what Isis and there children get up to but you will never hear about it unless you are prepared to look for it yourself on the net .

  • Hasn’t it been peaceful over the Christmas break without pathetic comments from the minority parties grasping at straws … if they haven’t anything sensible to say, why comment in the first place. But that’s politics I suppose and we have to put up with this wingeing from people who’ll never own the Treasury benches.
    The lagubrius leader of the Labour party saying there has to be something sinister in the head of GPS resigning, NZ First, second or maybe third, calling meetings about sharks around Stewart Island ….

    • Salacious Crumb

      The irony being the GCSB have been through fewer Directors in the last decade than the Labour party have had leaders in the last year.

  • Spiker

    Rotterdam mayor tells fellow muslims that don’t like the freedoms of the west to go away in stronger language than allowed to write here. A Labour politician no less.

    • MaryLou

      Oh that’s priceless. Particularly being a Muslim himself. I really hope he gets extra security – the world needs every person like him we can get.

      Edit: Hope Len Brown and John Key read that article, even better as a taxpayer I’d be happy to send them to Rotterdam for a one week course on how it’s done.

      • conwaycaptain

        20 or so years ago I was in Rotterdam port doing a ship inspection.
        The place was SPOTLESS and compared to the London and Liverpool docks was incredible.

  • peterwn

    So Labour wants an ‘open’ process for appointing a new GSCB chief. If memory serves me correct, Labour, when in power, was not particularly transparent about some of its appointments, or appointments they forced departments to make.

    • Aucky

      Clark to her credit never discussed NZ security issues in any depth with the media. JK needs to harden up and adopt the same policy or the Opposition will undermine him on this issue.

  • LesleyNZ

    Last few days I have been listening to Susan Boyle’s latest CD and the older ones instead of NewstalkZB. As a loyal listener of many, many, many years maybe not a good signal for NewstalkZB? Susan Boyle has to be one of the best vocalists (she is my favourite) – she can sing any song with perfection and she has grown personally and professionally since her “Britain’s Got Talent” days. Wonderful to see how her life has mapped out over the past 6 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cfvQOJnJx8&list=RD3cfvQOJnJx8#t=2 Compare the Susan Boyle of today to the Susan Boyle of 2009. She may have changed in looks but her down to earth personality is still the same and so is her beautiful voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OcQ9A-5noM

    • Albert Root

      Apparently she no longer sings publicly because the difference between her recorded voice and stage voice is quite large! Keeping those high standards can only be achieved in the recording studio.

      • LesleyNZ

        Of course the voice will be different – like many who sing publicly. Better than my voice!

  • LesleyNZ

    Wow – I just had to share this moment. First time I have seen Leighton’s photo on the NewstalkZB website and not Rachel Smalley’s photo! I was checking out their Charlie Hebdo story – no cover photo to go with the story. http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/world/charlie-hebdo-mohammed-cover-goes-global/

    • sarahmw

      Maybe he has come back early? One hopes. My ZB listening days are coming to an end…with untalented Jack Tame and the absolutely no talent Smalley being primed for shows I think not. Jack Tame is the US correspondent but continuously slags off Americans and their way of life. Mike Hosking is not as good as his PR makes out. Lost some cred after the debates.

      • Aucky

        Totally agree on Jack Tame Sarah. Not only does he think that he’s God’s gift to radio but also the self-appointed Voice Of America. Saturday morning on ZB is now another ‘no go’ time zone on ZB for me. Kevin Milne has become a boring old man and there’s really little content of any merit.

        • Albert Root

          Voice of America, which is funded out of the State Department budget, never portrays the US as anything other than No.1. As radio goes, it’s sooo boring even Kevin Milne could get a programme slot and no doubt Danny Watson has already received an offer.

        • He’s still about 200% better than the lardo hater, I am getting to listen to my Peter Frampton CD on the way home from work at the moment.

          • MaryLou

            Nice – long day, huh…

        • Cadwallader

          “God’s gift to radio” surely not! The God of ZB has to be the self-infatuated Roxborogh? You really know when ZB’s drive time is stuffed with Smally on it, when Garner over on Live sounds lucid!

      • LesleyNZ

        Maybe Leighton is coming back next week. For my mother-in-law’s sake I hope so! I enjoyed Jack when he was a reporter on the One News. I guess his opinions don’t gel with mine

      • Gaynor

        Mike Hosking would be better hosting seven sharp on his own. The continuous silly banter between him and “Streety” is a huge turn off.

  • sarahmw

    I like the new page layouts. Is that WhaleOil or discus?

  • Canucktoo

    So … made a comment yesterday on the NBR about native advertising in the MSM – another NBR reader responded “Whale Oil uses native advertising too and I think its safe to say that site is new media / outside the MSM sphere”
    It was my understanding (as a relative newbie to this blog) that WO is vehemently opposed to native advertising – clarification WO team??

    • spanishbride

      Native advertising is advertising disguised as news.
      When Whaleoil has reviewed a vehicle for example it is always made clear in the post who gave him the vehicle to review.

    • dgrogan

      Used to be called “Advertorial” but was ALWAYS headed as such. Now it’s all subterfuge. Helps the Herald pay the bills in view of rapidly declining readership, I guess. Also their ‘journalist’ don’t have to trawl through twitter sphere for story ideas, quite so much.

      • ex-JAFA

        I used to write or commission advertorial regularly. I would never have dreamed of trying to disguise it as editorial like they do now. The trade media I used were only too happy to write stories on topics I’d suggest (and, conveniently, supply “expert opinion”) to them anyway.

  • I.M Bach

    This has to bring a smile to your face, surely. I hope so anyway.


    • Alright

      Sorry IMB – I like to think I have a well-honed funny bone, but I immediately thought the guy was mentally deficient or drunk.

      Who pays when he hits a bump and splits his head open?

      …And would you be smiling if it was your $250 trolley he’d stolen?

      • I.M Bach

        Obviously we laugh at different things.

  • Isherman

    Looking for a new job with no shortage of challenges involved, here it is..


    • Bluemanning

      This is a Little job suitable for Smalley :-)

  • Alright

    New Zealand’s navy is in a standoff with two fishing vessels in the
    Southern Ocean after the ships refused to let defence officials on

    The HMNZS Wellington was given permission overnight to
    board the vessels, which were flagged to Equatorial Guinea and were not
    legally permitted to fish in the region.

    But attempts to board two of the ships and inspect their catch have so far failed.

    Foreign Minister Murray McCully said: “The HMNZS Wellington attempted to
    exercise its legitimate right to board the Yongding and the Songhua
    earlier today, but the vessels refused to cooperate.

    ….Ok..one has to hope the HMNZS Wellington is equipped with live ammunition.

  • SkeptiK

    How embarrassing for NZ and humiliating for the Navy, the score is:

    NZ Navy 0 Dilapidated fishing boats 2

    The safety of the NZ crew is paramount, and this was an operational decision made for safety reasons.

    Perhaps next time we should save money by staying home and sending a strongly worded email instead!

    • Alright

      This is laugh-out-loud funny!

      I have just listened to Murray McCully. We send a Navy vessel all the way into the South Ocean and the crims on the rust buckets give our multi-billion Navy the fingers.

      We are either playing a long game here or we are an international embarrassment.

      Please….fire something at them! Even a wet sock!