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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    prosopography (noun) plural prosopographies

    1. a study of a collection of persons or characters, especially their appearances, careers, personalities, etc., within a historical, literary, or social context.

    2. a description of a person’s appearance, career, personality, etc.

    Source : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/prosopography

  • George

    NZ Herald:- Objectors re New Chum subdivision.
    What is it about the msm obsession in running to celebrities for comment whenever there is an enviromental issue? Why is it that they assumed their opinion is relevent? What qualifies their opinion to hold any more sway or intellectual understanding than any other mortal? Robyn Malcolm is of course entitled to her views, but why am I subjected to those views ad nauseum? I want expert and well reseached information and then I will form an opinion. The last thing I would do to be informed is ring up a celebrity so why do the msm?

    • Chris EM

      It defies belief, doesn’t it? I think the Horrid realised sometime ago they are failing as a newspaper, and have begun to slowly integrate with Women’s Weekly.

      • Salacious Crumb

        I’m sure the crew at the Women’s Weekly will be most insulted by that comparison.

    • Jafarma

      Well she has ties to the Green Party

    • caochladh

      Proper, well researched opinions cost money. Why pay when you can phone a friend for free.

    • HR

      Cause they want to be buddies with the celebrity and be able to twitter up a storm to their shallow, vapid mates…

    • Damon Mudgway

      I am hopeful (fingers crossed) Freed don’t adopt this sterling approach to journalism. I find that when off screen, celebs have a tendancy to be morons.

      • Met Cam then?

    • Sailor Sam

      because it is easy and does not require any intelllect.

    • ex-JAFA

      They tried asking scientists, but they didn’t give the answers they wanted. Vacuous people who are desperate to get their names and photos in the MSM are much more compliant in the tell-us-what-we-want-to-hear department.

  • Herbert Charles

    Not a cap person but will get a whaleoil t shirt if they are made, so I can get punched when I proudly wear it at the pub.

    • T-Shirt is February’s product of the month.

      • conwaycaptain

        Please make it in 6XL

        • Tom

          Is that for all the keyboard warriors. lol

        • Supplier seems to top out at 5XL.

        • I’ve asked if any of the suppliers do 6XL.

          The other solution is blubbergeddon 2 ;)

  • Nige.

    I’m thinking of getting a gun licence for shooting pests like rabbits and possums and possibly for some small bore target practice.

    Trouble is I need a proper education on guns. Can anyone a. Suggest what type of gun is ideal for each application (remember I am only starting out so cheap is good) and b. What should I be reading to educate myself on the use of guns.

    • Korau

      Assume you are looking for a rifle, not a handgun.

      1. Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction

      2. Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use

      3. Don’t Rely On Your Gun’s “Safety”

      4. Be Sure Of Your Target And What’s Beyond It

      5. Use Correct Ammunition

      6. If Your Gun Fails To Fire When The Trigger Is Pulled, Handle With Care!

      7. Always Wear Eye And Ear Protection When Shooting

      8. Be Sure The Barrel Is Clear Of Obstructions Before Shooting

      9. Don’t Alter Or Modify Your Gun, And Have Guns Serviced Regularly

      10. Learn The Mechanical And Handling Characteristics Of The Firearm You Are Using


      • Doc45

        Did a lot of shooting when I was younger. My Grandma who lived nearby would say, “don’t point that gun at the floor. It will go off whether its loaded or not”.

    • WeaselKiss

      When you go for your licence, you will most likely study the 7 Rules for handling firearms.
      These are good, comprehensive and if you follow them, you will pretty much keep out of trouble.
      I did mine three years ago but to be honest I cant quite recall the 7 rules verbatim for you here today.
      I just stick to the ‘training’ I was given as boy by the old man.

      On a related note, after watching many gun and target (etc) videos on the web I am appalled at the frequent flouting of one of the basic rules: ‘Make sure the area behind you target is secure’.
      Lots of people have forgotten this, mind you many of those are in Russia….

      • conwaycaptain

        Unless of course the area behind your target is full of Jihaidis then of course you will be duty bound to help them to Paradise.

        • WeaselKiss

          Oh yes, and I would make sure all the cartridges are coated in pig fat too ;)

          • conwaycaptain

            One of the rumours that started the Indian Mutiny

    • Dairy_Flat

      Go to mountainsafety.org.nz and download the gun safety info. You need to sit and pass the license test. When licensed start with a .22 calibre rifle which is easy to learn with and is capable of dealing to pests. Have fun and stay safety conscious. I have been shooting for many years and still enjoy it.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Nige for that type of small game you will get by with a 22 cal quite nicely. If the budget permits you could also look at the 17 HMR calibre as well which is accurate and packs a bit of punch. 22 cal is probably the more recommended as these can be fitted with sound modifiers which some property owners will prefer if shooting on their land. The 17HMR can be a bit loud.
      General rule of thumb is the more you pay the better you get with rifle and scope although keep an eye out on trade me; sometimes see some good deals otherwise look at the more reputable shops for package deals.

      • Dairy_Flat

        I have a suppressed 17HMR which makes it neighbour acceptable. Excellent accurate pest destroyer but not sure I would recommend it to a beginner. They have quite a long range and pack in a lot of energy.

        • TonyM

          Any truth to the story that they are easily blown around by the wind?

          • Dairy_Flat

            I only use this one out to a couple of hundred metres max. The projectile is small and light so it’s more likely to be affected by wind than a high velocity heavier one, however I have had no problems using it at this range under normal conditions. It’s really a pest weapon and small animals are very difficult to hit at long range with all rifles even in the calmest conditions .

      • kiwihornplayer

        How effective are the .177 Bunny Buster air rifles? These seem to be more expensive than the .22s – especially the ones rated 1100-1200 fps. Is there enough kinetic energy to knock the bunnies over. Don’t want to wound and then have to spend all day hunting through the garden looking for the poor bugger to put him out of his misery.

        • Salacious Crumb

          They are, according to a couple of mates who have them, very effective. You can get a 22 cal version as well and that sort of velocity will knock down small animals as well as a rimfire rifle. You do need to prime them regularly which requires either a pump or dive bottle. Bit of a hassle really and a pain if you start to lose pressure when your out shooting. 22 rounds are relatively inexpensive and easy to carry. Getting a spare mag is a good option but as a couple of posts above point out some brands are a little less reliable. I agree with Murrays comment, go with at least a mid range as the cheaper ones from China and Czech Republic tend to vary in accuracy and reliability. Gold standard is still German and Finnish.

        • Kitschinsync

          I take down rabbits at 30-40 metres easily with one shot using my .177 gamo whisper..think its around 1200 fps, not much good for possums though..takes 4 slugs to knock them out of a tree.

    • Murray Smith

      .22 calibre is all you’ll require. Get something mid price range. Don’t go Chinese built.

      • Tom

        Norinco jw-15s can be awesome little shooters, and they are cheap as chips ($300 gets you one with a cheap n cheerful scope, suppressor, sling etc)
        Having said that, I got my Brno for less

        • Murray Smith

          “Can be”, but mine isn;t.

          • Tom

            That’s a shame, all three of the examples I’ve played with have been awesome. Was yours new or secondhand? Still not a bad gun for a learner to ding up, biff a bunch of lead, learn to clean etc etc. Then he can sell it on to another learner and go get a nice CZ or tricked out 10/22 or whatever

          • Murray Smith

            Mine was new. Terrible problems with the mag not feeding. Then sprays all over the show.

          • Tom

            Do you know anyone with a CZ or Brno? Try one of their mags and see how it goes, the Norinco mags are a bit rubbish, but a polymer CZ 5 or 10 round mag are great and cost around $50 new. Have you tried a few different sorts of ammo in it? Alternatively take it back and swap for another which could be the business

          • kiwihornplayer

            David Bain had a similar problem.

          • Tom

            You owe me a keyboard. Mine has coffee in it now

          • TonyM

            I remember similar problems with mine which I got second hand. Some fiddling around with the casing lips with the pliers fixes it.

      • kehua

        Join a Gun Club see what others have , they will probably let you try them and you will no doubt learn a a whole bunch about guns and meet some rather strange individuals. It has never been cheaper to buy decent rifles.

    • Spiker

      Best is one on one tuition long before you get to the mountain safety lecture.. hopefully someone here that is local to you will step up & offer that. Preferably a pistol club member who will have the safety attitude ingrained.

      Its always loaded, even when you think it isn’t.
      Don’t point it at anything you don’t want to kill.
      Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
      Lock it up when not under your direct control.

      There are other safety rules but those will keep you out of a world of hurt.

    • Forget the smallbore target practice…it is boring.

      Ruger 10/22 is a good option, robust little rifle, points perfectly, knocks over rabbits and possums easily.

      If you want a bit longer range then a .17HMR is a good option too. Those little pills really destroy rabbits and hares.

      The Arms Code is online, there are Mountain Safety courses available.



      • Kitschinsync

        What do you think of the 10/22 takedown model?, thinking about getting one, like the compact size when stored in bag but concerned the scope would need re sighting everytime you put the barrel back on!.

        • Tom

          There’s always the Marlin Papoose

      • D.Dave

        I got my 10/22 about 37 years ago, It has had its share of rabbit plagues to deal with. I guess it has had in excess of 200,000 rounds through it and I can still outshoot the Masters’ D Dave. They are a really sturdy trustworthy rifle. For a bolt action try a CZ (formerly Brno) as a good quality reliable firearm.

    • Damon Mudgway

      The police teach the lazer rule, imagine the end of the gun always has a lazer capable of cutting through anything.

      They teach some other stuff as well, but I love the word ‘lazer’. I also like the word ‘turbo’. I’ve owned many Turbovacs in my time.

    • Tom

      Whereabouts in the country are you?

      • Nige.


        • Tom

          Aah a bit far away to try a few of mine out then. Get your license sorted and join nzhuntingandshooting, there’s some terrific people on there.

  • Murray Smith

    Media summed up.

  • sarahmw

    Mike hosking is back, funny how being away so long has made him seem not so great. Show seems a bit flat. I could easily not listen anymore. I presume Leighton is back today.

    • LesleyNZ

      Thank goodness! My mother-in-law will be VERY happy now!

      • Albert Lane

        Yes, thankfully Leighton is back. I have been counting the days. But what has he been talking about in the past few months? Well, he’s not discussing politics or terrorism. I wonder if he’s signed a contract saying he’ll not discuss such matters. I think we need Michael Laws back again, and wouldn’t it be interesting to find out why he disappeared from Radio Live so abruptly?

  • DrFix

    More trained and skilled reporting from the Horrid.

    Prince Andrew travelled 10,750km by air, the equivalent of circling the
    globe almost three times, even though his official role is focused on
    British entrepreneurs, education and science and technology.

    Here’s me thinking that the circumference of the Earth is approx 40,000km.

    • Hard1

      From Stuff
      “A NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) survey found 43 per cent of mobile use by drivers was going undetected, and more assistance than just the naked eye was needed”

      Complete rubbish on that statistic. More like 99.999%.

      • Pete

        How can they be so accurate on something that is undetected?.if it’s undetected, how could they know??

        or am I missing something?

        • Hard1

          I think it’s called a “prosthesis statistic”, otherwise known as a completely unbelievable piece of twaddle masquerading as real news.

    • chwaga

      My herald says 107,504 km…yours must have a mis print

      • DrFix

        I see it has been “corrected” now. The above was a copy & paste direct from their article. They must have a staffer permanently monitoring WO.

  • ozbob68

    What is the term for using quotes to indicate irony or another meaning to a phrase? The MSM have an article about state houses being “freed up” by the eviction of nuisance tenants. Would these tenants then be re-housed by the government? I wouldn’t normally think so and didn’t see anything about rehousing in the article.

    Anyway, nice to see the states property portfolio is being more actively managed and more being made available to those who can stick to the rules.


    • Albert Lane

      So where do bad tenants end up? Who houses people who have trashed houses? Who houses people who have skipped while owing large amounts in unpaid rent? Is it the responsibility of the government (taxpayer) to house people who have destroyed or damaged previous homes? Is it the responsibility of the government (taxpayer) to house people who have used previous tenancies to manufacture drugs? Where does public responsibility begin and end?

  • Rodger T

    Stuff staff are on fire this morn…


    Air NZ flight diverted

    An Air NZ flight from Christchurch to Perth was diverted to Melbourne after a fault was found.

    edit ,and it looks like an Australian J series herc at that .

    • Murray Smith

      That’s just “plane” lazy reporting.

      • Watcher

        they are all up in the air with their reporting.

      • Watcher

        I sometimes think they are just winging it.

      • Disinfectant

        Was the Editor away for the day?

    • fergus

      I doubt any commercial airliner would ever bank that steeply, with passengers on board.

      • Bryan

        yes saw it at bathurst a big virgin 320 and flying at about 3000 feet really awesome

  • JJ

    Notice some journalists are now starting ask hard questions about NASA’s 2014 warmest year on record PR. Turns out they were really only 38% sure they were right. See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2915061/Nasa-climate-scientists-said-2014-warmest-year-record-38-sure-right.html?

  • Sally

    I had a vivid dream last night that I read the news on Freed’s website. I can remember exacting how it was laid out.
    Imagine my disappointment this morning.

  • LesleyNZ

    I love it when kids play outside. But – I do think this flying fox is in the wrong place. On Mike Hosking Breakfast I heard a lot of commentators bagging the residents from Stonefields who complained about the kid’s noise. When I saw the photo how close the flying fox is to resident homes – I think the residents are justified in their complaints. They are not being spoil sports. Those who planned this playground did not think. The flying fox needs to be moved where it is not too close to homes.
    EDIT: photo from NZ Herald.

    • Old Man, Torbay.

      I think the residents need to get a life.
      Kids make noise when they’re happy cause that’s what kids do.
      The kids next door are no different so when I put my hearing aids on I Appreciate life.

      • LesleyNZ

        There is one saying I dislike and it is that one “get a life”. As I said above. “Nothing wrong with having a playground there. It is the issue of whether a flying fox was the best idea.”. Not all are deaf people.

      • Bryan

        well kids making noise have people all forgotten how much we all made at that age at least you know they are alive and half an hour a day pumps more oxygen into their brains and helps their learning it’s well documented by educationists

    • Yeahright

      I pity my neighbours with my kids screaming and laughing outside, I constantly apologise, but they say they like the noise of kids playing……… Fact of life I say.

      • LesleyNZ

        Depends how many kids are screaming I guess.Wait till you are older and need a Nana nap. Nothing wrong with having a playground there. It is the issue of whether a flying fox was the best idea.

        • Yeahright

          I understand the problem, but……… I go out to parks nowadays and hardly see any kids playing outside, I think we should encourage it, better than letting play video games all day.
          Anyway, who’s more important, you and your Nana nap, or the kids who are playing??

          • LesleyNZ

            Both are important. Sometimes you have to listen to concerns and see things from another’s point of view. Council said the noise levels were excessive – believe me – the screaming must have been very loud. I don’t know who lives in the apartments – could be a mix of old and young. The playground is not the problem – the flying fox is and that angle is not being picked up by media. Is a flying fox appropriate for intensive housing playground areas? There are going to be a lot more of these playgrounds built in the near future so this is a real issue. Also does intensive housing mean that you will never be able to enjoy peace and quiet in your home and backyard? Intensive housing does not sound very desirable at all.

          • Yeahright

            Kids are going to be loud on anything they play on, I don’t think it would matter if the flying fox was there or not.
            You did hit the nail on the head thou…its a problem of intensive housing, you have to have these areas in such developments and therefore you will get children playing.
            Its all part of city planning you have to have areas for play with such developments. Part and Parcel.

    • pak

      Agree. I am extremely fortunate in having very quiet and considerate neighbours and I appreciate being able to live in peace.

      • Albert Lane

        Yes, you are fortunate. But imagine the following scenario. The council buy the house next to you and construct a play-ground there. Or they allow the next-door house to be used as a pre-school. You wouldn’t know about it until it had been approved. In Australia, any person applying for permission for any development has a fee added to their Development Application, which is used to send letters to the owners of neighbouring properties advising them of the application. Additionally, a list of all proposed developments is published in local papers. This allows all affected people to see what’s going on, and gives them the opportunity to object if there is something they don’t like. And councils will also police any applications to ensure that developments do not affect the light or privacy of neighbours. Now you may laugh at the ockers, but isn’t that a good procedure? So why don’t we do that?

        • pak

          The Australian policy is clearly reasonable and fair and was not aware that any council in New Zealand is able to act in such a high-handed way, but am not entirely surprised.
          Afraid I have no answer as to why a similar process is not in place here. I know no one who would be happy living next to a pre-school!

          • Albert Lane

            The extra charges in Aust are not high. Neighbours simply get a letter advising them of the application, and suggesting that if they want to see the DA it’s available for perusal at the council office. It’s good manners, and avoids surprises. I feel certain that NZ councils don’t have such a system, as in the area of Auckland I live in, we’ve had new houses built across the road with no prior notification. It’s such a simple system, and it could avoid nastiness and ill-feeling.

    • Benoni

      The kids are not using amplified music and there noise is similar to the cheeping of birds. Those who do not like the noise should sell up and move to an old peoples home.

  • Citizen

    Funny I think. In red at the top: Islamic logic. Offended by caricatures.
    But not offended by:
    Genital Mutilation
    Suicide Bombing
    Taking of Hostages.

    • fergus

      AAHH…….because it is them doing the

      Genital Mutilation
      Suicide Bombing
      Taking of Hostages
      Highest form of hypocricy.(much like labour really).

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        birds of a feather . . . (lefties & islam) . . . flock together

    • sandalwood789

      Excellent cartoon and absolutely spot-on.

      I also find it blatantly hypocritical of Islam playing the “victim card” when it is responsible for murder on an industrial scale – 270 million dead (and counting) is an often-quoted estimate.

  • Isherman

    So the plan is just do away with deep level policy detail, and just continue mumbling vague rhetoric, can’t see that being a problem for Andy, unlike literally every photo of him I’ve ever seen..he does not paint a picture of a PM in any sense IMO.


  • ozbob68

    Possibly dumb question but do I need to pay for household water in Wellington to a detached house? I seem to pay for the apartment building I live in. Perhaps it is part of my rates for a house rather than a service for an apartment?

    • Whitey

      In a detached house the water is included as part of your rates bill.

      • Albert Lane

        Do the occupants of state and council houses and flats pay for their water? I have asked this question a few times, and have yet to find out the answer. I suspect that taxpayers pay for the water used by state housing tenants, and that ratepayers pay for the water used by council tenants. Please tell me I’m wrong, but the silence of the deniers is deafening.

        • Whitey

          I’m afraid you’re right. In Wellington the rates cover water. It’s not a separate payment, which means that water is paid for by the property owner (who is also subsidizing council house tenants as you say). People who rent pay for their water indirectly as the landlord factors it into the rent price.

          • Albert Lane

            Up here in the north of the country we have water meters, and we pay for our water separately. One other question I could put is, does the Government pay rates to the local council in respect of state housing? if not, then does that mean that the ratepayers have to pay for all of their free council-provided facilities and amenities?

          • Whitey

            Sorry, I don’t know whether the government pays rates on state housing.

          • Albert Lane

            I have a sneaking suspicion that the government don’t pay rates, and I also have a sneaking suspicion that ratepayers pay for the council facilities made available to residents of council flats. However, when a person has to rent a privately-owned house, the rates are included in the rental assessment. But I wonder if the tenants pay the water meter bill, or whether that’s part of the rent.

          • Whitey

            I’ve a sneaking suspicion you’re right.

            We don’t have water meters at all, no matter how much you use it’s covered in the rates bill.

          • Dave_1924

            Housing NZ Corporation provider of state housing pays rates according to their annual report….$134 million reported in their 2012/2013 report which I found online…..

          • Alright

            In Auckland where water use is metered it is typically the responsibility of the tenants of rental properties to pay for the water they use – but for the property owner to pay the monthly connection charge (property owners can not legally pass this connection charge on to tenants).

            Of course the interesting thing about water charges that are metered is you pay for the water you use then pay a slightly smaller rate to get rid of what goes down the drain. Another swindle.

          • Whitey

            I can see the sense in charging for water on a user pays basis, but you’re right about the swindle.

          • Huia

            Did I hear on the radio this morning that it looks the council will passing on the costs to you poor Aucklanders for your own rubbish collection in the near future? There were a couple of other things mentioned as well but cant remember what they were now.

          • Alright

            Oh yes. Decided last year.

            Wait until that reality bites. Tiny bins, less frequency.

            Rubbish austerity. Or austerity rubbish.

            A two million dollar state house replica and $200,000 chandelier on the wharf instead.

    • Toothbrush76

      Water usage in our apartment block in Wellington is metered and paid by the Body Corporate, recovered through levies; there is no water charge on our rates. It is much cheaper to the residents than paying the individual levy through rates.

    • exactchange

      Wellington City Council will install a water meter for a property. I have one. For high value. low occupancy properties it is a lot cheaper than having it on the rates bill. There is an initial cost, and a quarterly bill with an admin cost included. Can change back at any time.

      • ozbob68

        Thanks will look into that.

  • Toothbrush76

    Dave Armstrong has an article on the iniquity of “internships” creeping into employment in NZ.
    Is this a growing trend and is it a problem?

    • fergus

      I don’t see too many problems.
      An internship is basically an extended job interview,where you work for someone for a fixed period of time, for nothing or minimum wage, to assess your suitability and skill level.
      Aim for the company to get the right person
      Aim for the intern, to get the job.
      These are usually only used in jobs with very high start salaries, into “carriers” that are long term and have excellent levels of advancement opportunities.

    • ex-JAFA

      Many moons ago, I was looking at a career change when a company approached me to see if wanted to work there. I took a week’s leave from my then-current job to work at the new place for free, so effectively an internship – although I’d never heard of the term. At the end of the week I was offered a more senior role with the prospective employer than I’d been trialling for, with a 50% raise over what I was already getting. Bob’s your uncle.

  • Mark

    Random Impertinent Question time;
    Will the Herald publish a list of places in NZ to buy the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo?
    Would Tardme let you list a copy for sale with a picture of the cover,or at all?
    Can I get a “Yeah Right”?

    • Spiker

      There is one on trademe with cover picture.

      • Mark

        I see that now,I note that it was removed previously. I admit I checked last week & had not looked again before posting,my mistake.

  • Mythrandir

    Quote of the day for me.

    “Women have much to tell us in today’s society. Sometimes we’re too macho, and we don’t leave enough room for women.” – Pope Frances


  • Hard1

    The Herald screams indignantly ”
    No help from PM for alleged Bali drug mule”.
    So, the implication is that there is something that Key could do, and should do, but refuses to do.
    Therefore, it must be that the Herald is so concerned at Key’s heartless inaction that all staff members will be donating to the Malmanche legal fund, and Currie will be personally helping Malmanche using his power.

    Actually, the Herald is just posturing to attack Key. They collectively will not lift a finger to help Malmanche because they can’t. They know Key can’t.

    • pak

      Fools. Wonder what help they have in mind? Perhaps they think P.M. should send in the NZSAS to pick up this poor unfortunate alleged drug smuggler and bring him back to J.K.’s for a hug.

      • Hard1

        This first responder’s opinion on the MSM…

        • pak

          Many thanks for post. This man is very articulate and convincing. His comments on MSM classic – “Mission (of MSM) to act as most effective weapon of mass deception and public manipulation the world has ever seen”. Sound a bit challenging at times but think he described them as “presstitutes”!! Brilliant.

  • Hard1

    Why does The Herald exist, anyway ?

    “When a company is not performing, Simon Marais, who oversees a group with $3.7 billion in assets in Australia, is happy to be an “activist” shareholder. And if that means forcing out a chairman, chief executive and other directors, then so be it.

    Back in February, Allan Gray, the Australian arm of global fund manager Orbis Group, owned nearly 20 per cent of regional newspaper group APN News & Media. Marais teamed up with Denis O’Brien’s Independent News and Media of Ireland, which owned 31 per cent of APN, to block APN’s plans for a capital-raising. They requisitioned an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, which led to a “spill” of the board. The two groups held sway and APN’s chairman, chief executive and three independent directors resigned.

    In the APN case, he says, there was “clear value destruction” by management. “They bought a company [online shopping company BrandsExclusive], an action that we questioned, but they said, ‘we have the balance sheet to do it.’

    “It turned out that what they bought seemed to have been a dud, they didn’t really have the balance sheet to do it, and then they wanted to have a massive and dilutive rights issue to fix the problem. We felt we owed it to our investors to stand up and say ‘no, you can’t do this’.”

    Marais says activist management “goes hand in glove” with being a contrarian. “When people are considering investing with us, they really say two things. First, they say ‘I want you to do the analysis to find good value’. Second, they’re saying, ‘once you’ve bought that good value, I want you to make sure that’s optimally managed, so I get the best return possible’.”

    So there you have it . The sole reason for the existence of The Herald, and Stuff, is to make a dividend for shareholders. That’s it. They do not care if they are right or wrong, moral or immoral.
    They care about advertising revenue gained from business interests.Therefore, to maximise readership, they must tug on heartstrings, undermine, deform and slant information, show soft porn, food, property,glorify the rich today and slam them tomorrow, but never, ever bore your readership.
    So, are we really getting the news?. Not a chance. What we are getting is bait.

  • Dave