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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    aeolist (noun) – A pompous person, pretending to have inspiration or spiritual insight.

    Source : http://www.yourdictionary.com/aeolist

  • sarahmw

    The Press this morning on the front page has a story regarding sponsoring a child re school costs. The child is being looked after by auntie who has a 13yr old and 2month old baby. No father in situ. The 6yr old has been with her since birth. When are we going to realize that sometimes birth families are not always the best choice for the child/children. Would $500 /600 be an amount this woman would be receiving? What disturbs me most is this woman decided to have another child and my suspicious mind thinks hmmmm. Child turns 5 need to get a job nah have another baby.
    Edit.. removed extra word ‘other’

    • jcpry

      As my mother would say this makes my hackles rise! Two clear cut cases of what appear to be professional beneficiaries. One starting secondary school so pop out another. Almost makes me think that this is deliberate – surely most working people would see these articles and call it as bludging?

      • Quinton Hogg

        I pointed out this article to my wife this morning.
        her reaction, which mirrored my own, was a) what is the woman doing having another child and b) where are the fathers.
        Also she was doing things tough, by giving up the ciggies. cry me a river of tears.

        • When I was in the rental business I constantly saw women in their 40s with kids about to reach the end of social welfare support having another baby – one to see them through to retirement on the benefit. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

        • Reaper

          I would have thought pregnancy might have been a good reason to give up the ciggies too.

      • Reaper

        Yes, I wonder if these articles are designed to wind people up.

        Otherwise, a clear cut case for compulsory contraception IMHO. Both women have chosen to have another baby in the past year, while being unable to afford the essentials for the children they already have. And we seem to be saying “It’s OK, keep breeding and holding your hand out, someone else will pay for the things they need.”

    • Murray Smith

      Social Development Minister Anne Tolley said there were still significant numbers of parents across the country unable to provide breakfast and lunch for their children each day.

      “But that’s always been a problem and for generations schools have had a toaster for those children who don’t have breakfast or lunch.

      “We have a very generous welfare system . . . I don’t think that any of us should back off from the fact it’s parents’ responsibility to feed their children,” she said.

      And she is dead right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sarahmw

        So what happens to these children over the school breaks? Who feeds them? Do the hospitals have an influx of children suffering from malnutrition? Does the obesity rate go down? Yes we do have a very generous welfare system.

        • Alfred12

          I frequently drive past the food bank here in Tauranga. More often than not there is a massively obese woman loading a box of groceries into the back of her car? Something seriously wrong with this scenario. All the pictures of starving people in Africa I have ever seen are suffering from malnutrion! Poverty I think NOT!

      • HR

        Yes she is. There was an ad on telly last night for Meridian I think, where they have jumped on board providing breakfast for the 1 in 4 kids in NZ who live in “poverty.”The charity also provides shoes and coats to these kids. Now I’m all for looking after kids, but the ratbags who wouldn’t feed their kids anyway will lap this up, and the middle class people who struggle but do feed their kids and look after them once again get nothing. It another form of welfare and gives crappy parents another out. Someone else will look after their kids and provide for them.
        (I know I am being very general here and I know some people really are needy and could use the help….but you know what I mean)

  • john Doe

    Sheesh. Angry Little and Rawdon on the news? this morning continuing their bromance. I simply can not visualize aeolist Angry little going to a retreat with David Cameron or any other G20 leader. I think he will be more comfortable talking to leaders of Central African or Pacific Island countries.

    Ed to add word of the day.

    • Eiselmann

      Andrew activities during the break include….frolicking ….I had an image of Morris dancing. Wonder how many Labour party supporters did some frolicking recently.

    • Wallace Westland

      Two up votes for incorporating the word of the day.

  • Foxy Lab

    In herald this morning auckland council spend $700,000,000 on wages for just over 7000 employees, average around $100,000 per employee, must be a good place to work

    • Eiselmann

      That figure seems very familiar …didn’t WO show that Unions pay themselves a similar amount per staff member…either way some people are getting some serious dosh …wonder how many of them are called Len.

    • rantykiwi

      It’s the $400k of personal grievance payouts made by the council that adds insult to injury. You’d think with that many highly paid staff they’d manage to have a HR department which was capable of following due process properly.

    • Murray Smith


  • conwaycaptain

    Go to the UK Daily Telegraph and read about the rant by an Islamic trainee Solicitor at Clifford Chance (One of the world’s biggest law firms).
    All the support and education he has received in the UK and he comes out with this

    • Quinton Hogg

      Read that.
      If the episode is reported accurately the young man may have difficulties with his employment prospects at CC. At least he would I was in charge of employment.
      CC will also have issues explaining the views of it’s employees to it’s clients.

      • conwaycaptain

        Hi Quinton
        See his sister is head of the Muslim Students Assn at the School or Oriental and African Studies in London. That says a lot.
        CC should dump him as if that is his opinion after being bought up in the UK and all the benefits they have got from that country then he should be given his P 45 and told the Law ain’t for him.

        • Quinton Hogg

          The muslims in Britian are feeling out of sorts.
          They have been called upon to clean up their own nest and are not liking it at all. I think the suggestion being made, if one reads between the lines is that they fit in or ………. off.

          • conwaycaptain

            A letter has been sent to every mosque in the UK asking them to sort out the hate preachers and they dont like it.

            I think sending some of these yuppie Muslims back to Pakistan would be a good thing then they would see what living under Sharia Law is like.

          • Quinton Hogg

            These hate preachers and fellows like the Cliffod Chance fellow make the big fellow, the Rev Dr Ian Paisley whom I heard in my childhood seem moderate in his views!

          • conwaycaptain

            Very True

          • taurangaruru

            Paisley was the most effective recruitment officer the IRA ever had.

  • Moonroof

    A good piece on road safety and policing from Dave Moore: http://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/news/65183228/for-whom-the-road-tolls-it-is-what-we-dont-do
    I’ve thought it the right idea for years, police the simple stuff with enthusiasm, and driving will improve: “A simple “broken windows” road safety policy, where drivers would know that they can’t get away even with the slightest piece of below-standard driving or an uninsured, ill-maintained car would help them also realise that the more serious habits will be punishable too.”

  • fergus

    I see on breakfast (TVNZ) this morning little andy claims that people are not benefiting from the economic growth of NZ.
    Really? message to andy………..you need to have a job to benefit from any economic growth which thousands more, over the past year, now do. Notice no challenge from the presenters on this inaccuracy.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Thanks for taking one for the team.
      TV and radio aren’t turned on any more in the morning in our household. blessed silence (at least until the boys get up!).

    • taurangaruru

      Economic growth = more people in work, larger incomes, more businesses in profit, more taxes paid, larger GST payments. Doesn’t it? What Little Andy will be advocating for is a “fairer” distribution of that economic growth i.e. tax the productive & give to the unproductive. It has been Labour’s mantra for many years now.

  • Korau

    One for the boys. I won’t spoil the surprise by giving you a clue.

    PS. Girls, don’t look!


    • [MOD] Erm, no. Please don’t. It may violate our agreement with our advertisers, and I don’t want to get complaints.

      • conwaycaptain


  • letrec

    I love this reply by the singer James Blunt to a Labour party MP in the UK.


    • conwaycaptain

      Loved the sign off
      True Cavalry Officer!!!

      • Quinton Hogg

        A great example of the proper use of the English language.

        • conwaycaptain

          The Iron Duke sent a reprimand to an officer and signed it off in the way they did in those days but with an added kick in the whatsits
          I am Sir, your humble and obedient servant, Which you know damned well I am not, Wellington

          • Quinton Hogg

            If you look at the comments on Guido F about this matter, you will see the recipient of Mr Hunts invective has form for being a “wazzock” whatever that may mean.

          • edee

            A wazzock = A silly and inept person; someone who is regarded as stupid.

          • Quinton Hogg

            Accurately sums up the recipient of Mr Hunts invective.

    • jude

      I hope Cam puts this up as its own little post!
      I am hoping a lot of the young will read that and applaud:)

    • pisces8284 .

      I follow him on Twitter, he replies to every insulting tweet with such wit

  • Intrigued

    Interesting headlines this morning as I looked into the military fightback against Boko Haram’s escalation of terror in Northern Cameroon. I have a close relative working in Ndjamena in Chad near the border so I’m anxious for their safety as you can imagine.
    What struck me is the way two international news sources describe the same event. Aljazeera reports that “Cameroon army frees Boko Haram hostages” http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2015/01/dozens-abducted-boko-haram-cameroon-201511955045579476.html
    And yet the UKs Daily Mail spins it as
    “Boko Haram frees hostages as Chad enters regional fight”.
    One gives credit to the Cameroon army and the other gives credit to Boko Haram for the hostages’ liberty!

    Let me guess which headline the Horrid chooses to use – ah yes, they give Boko Haram the credit for freeing the hostages! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11388896

  • caochladh

    Just received a message on the FB page from FREED – “Freed: Not WhaleOil 2.0” Anyone know what that means??

    • conwaycaptain

      I assume that they are not a clone of the Whale Pod

    • It means the soon-to-be launched FREED news service will be separate from and different from this blog. Cam and Pete have been saying the same thing for some months.

  • Odd Ball

    If an option for overseas delivery was available (OZ), I would purchase a cap.

  • Isherman

    Back to connectivity with the world after 24 hours, it seems there were some probs with the local exchange, funny how these things happen after work on cable laying /UFB has been carried out. Though to give the Chorus techy credit, he had it up and running about 10 minutes after investigating the exchange.

  • fairymai

    Coro won’t be the same, Anne Kickbridge The Sreets Dedrie has passed away..
    It was always the glasses! My first pair I called em ‘me Dedries’ ..

  • Isherman

    Haha, cool sculpture, but I can’t see Lala Land Len being keen for something like this to grace the waterfront of his ‘most liveable city’ somehow.


  • 2rotorbro

    Did I just hear that correctly on midday news – that the beak says the 25 year old prison guard who has been implicated in that aiding & abetting prison escape to Brasil will probably get community service & home detention.

  • shykiwibloke

    Was just thinking we should create a few recruitment slogans for the Navy such as:

    “New Zealand Navy – giving naughty fishermen a jolly good telling off since ages ago”
    “The Navy – Safety first – even for the bad guys”
    “The Claytons Navy – the Navy you have, when you don’t really want a Navy”

  • Cadwallader

    David umm-ahhh Shearer is proposing to stand in the way of removing some trees but insists he is not against “progress.” I like trees and do not relish their destruction but, but, but….

  • Sailor Sam

    Do not know how to paste and copy, but read the “news” item about the Auckland Convention Centre in the NZHerald. Unashamedly stating it was written for/by Skycity.
    And there I thought the left do not want this Convention Centre.
    Is the Herald having 6pence each way or just collecting money from whoever will give it some for space in the paper?
    Desperate times probably call for desperate action!