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  • Korau

    Word of the Day

    folderol (also falderol,falderal, falderall) (noun) – 1. Foolishness; nonsense.
    2. A trifle; a gewgaw.


    Etymology : Nonsense words from refrains of songs; meaning “gewgaw, trifle” is attested from 1820.

    • I.M Bach

      “folderol” It sounds like a drug that helps you tidy your laundry.

  • LabTested

    “I will fight to the last Goat” is perhaps one of recent history’s more interesting quotes.

    In 1912 Montenegro has invaded northern Albania & the Austrian-Hungarian’s wanted to reverse this situation. King Nikola of Montenegro came up with the above response.

    Source – The Sleepwalkers: How Europe went to war in 1914. by Christopher Clark..

  • Korau

    A plea for help.
    My internet usage has spiked crazily over the past 5 days (I keep an eye on this, along with power usage). I’m on Paradise.net cable, part of Vodafone. Has anyone else noticed a spike in their usage?

    A heavy days use for our household would be 1 GB. Usage has spiked as high as 5.2GB.
    I have a fault call into Vodafone.

    PS. Vodafone usage is viewed via Customer Zone on their site.

    • peterwn

      I have never been able to access the paradise.net usage meter, a call to TelstraClear (as it then was) failed to provide a working solution, I am not prepared to phone their call centre and be on hold for ages. Phone fault and they said two days before they could book a repair (it was on ‘their’ side). Name mysteriously disappeared from latest directory. They unwisely did a customer survey just after announcing a rate hike, and they have DOUBLED the charge for excess usage to $2/G. As soon there is fibre in my street they get the boot.

    • Dave

      Do you have anyone staying with you ? We had our kids here recently, son loved high speed internet and used up to 6.8 go a day Xboxing live. Also suggest have an Internet free day and check useage, if useage is above 1 mb, change all wireless passwords. That is huge data useage and would equate to big downloads / you tube or video streaming !

    • johcar

      Has someone installed a torrent app on a device in your household? Do you have Wi-Fi in the house? If so, change the password and see if the problem goes away….

      • Korau

        No torrent ap.

        This morning when I logged on to Vodafone site (the first action) it showed 520 + MB of traffic (all upload). ALL the computers in the house were switched off overnight.

        I will be changing wifi password today, but given the range of this I doubt a neighbour could access.

        No one else in the house (just me and she who must be obeyed).

        • johcar

          Have you updated any programs in the last few days? Installed any new ones?

          • Korau

            No. Also, when computers are turned off (see above) any new programmes would be irrelevant.

            No malware either, I run Linux on all my computers (except for Android tablet which is Linux based).

          • johcar

            Sounds more like an issue with Vodafone’s BB meter then.

        • Aucky

          No one parked outside overnight in close proximity with a laptop?

          • Sooty

            Flip the modem when not in use, for a while?

          • Korau

            Yes, it wlll be turned off tonight.

        • Rodger T

          I have just conceded defeat and switched to unlimited,especially now one daughter has just moved home.
          But have noticed and others have,that BB speeds seem to be slower than usual.

    • Isherman

      Almost sounds like your IP is being used as a proxy server, we had a problem with this many moons back, and it turned out it was ‘hijacked’ from somewhere in the Solomons. We were with Telecom back then, they traced it and found what was going on, and in the end they waived the associated charges. Since moved to Telstra (now Vodafone also) and never had a prob since, but we went unlimited. So that might be an avenue to investigate, though my tech knowledge on the specifics is more limited than some others here.

    • BloodyOrphan

      Have you got port 25 open on your router ?
      If you’re running Linux someone may have hijacked your email server and are using it to send spam, either that or someones hijacked your wifi.

      If your using Debian (exim4), you can check using the mailq command from a shell.

      • Korau

        I confirm email server not activated. I spent some time a while ago looking at and turning off unnecessary services.

        • BloodyOrphan

          If you have trouble tracking it down, wireshark or the Linux equivalent may be in order

          • Korau

            Already installed. Not showing anything yet.

  • George

    Isn’t it great to have our politicians back from hibernation.
    Let’s start with Andrew Little. Had an anger moment when he was forced to enter Ratana with the unwashed “Others”. He reminded the gathering of the relationship between the Prophet and Michael Joseph Savage in the forlorn hope that a relationship forged eighty years ago may reflect on today’s dysfunctional Labour gathering. You ain’t no Michael Joseph Savage, Andrew.
    Moving on to Green’s Metiria Turei. In a speach, that she was fortunatly unable to deliver at Ratana yesterday, she managed to use the following insults directed at John Key “Warped, outrageous, deeply offensive, ignorant, and a disgraceful uneducated Pakeha. Nice one Metiria. Too much time with your bitter and twisted co-leader and not enough time with your elders who take pride in dignity, courtesy and respect.
    All the while John Key is in Davos with 2,500 of the worlds business leaders, political leaders and economist. He hosted a breakfast with stars of the economic, fund managers, Nobel laureates and leading economic commentators whilst fitting in many one on one invites requesting insite into his successful handling of NZ’s economy through the resession. He has been the main attraction at this gathering and still finds time to engage in a snowball fight.
    We are so lucky to have his leadership.

    • The Accountant

      Shows you just how off-the-pace the opposition parties are. Instead of trying to create a groundswell around well thought out policy and point of difference, it’s back in to longing for a bygone age, and personal, unfounded attacks on successful leaders.

      • Aucky

        Andrew Little hinted of more personal attacks to come this year. Did Labour not learn anything from the election result? Put up some good policy, stop talking down our country, disassociate totally from the Greens and get rid of the dead wood that is slowly but surely strangling Labour to death. Precisely how Labour can rid itself of union influence while the unions are funding the party is a slightly more challenging problem but do it they must or Labour will never sit on the Treasury Benches again.

        • caochladh

          Has Little forgotten the old adage about “Those in glasshouses”. I would imagine Little has more skeletons rattling around in his cupboard than most just waiting for someone to open the door so they can come out (in) to play.

      • OneTrack

        It’s all they know.

      • Mags

        It’s sad for New Zealand. I’m sure there must be some good thoughts, ideas, policy somewhere in their heads but it never comes through. I don’t want to hear this drivel as it doesn’t progress New Zealand’s future.

    • Just a thought …

      Yes and as well as those insults , on the news ,she also called John Key arrogant several times and the Government suffering from ” third term ” arrogance……..
      Get ready for the continual use of the word ” arrogance ” from the left as they try to ram this home to the voters in the “vain Hope” that it will transfer into votes.
      I struggle to listen to this woman as a positive thing never comes out of her mouth ……….

      ed. grama

      • Aucky

        “arrogance” in a political leader is surely best displayed by spending thousands of dollars on designer clothing.

        ‘Let them eat cake’ comes to mind.

        • Effluent

          She obviously takes this advice herself, to a an unwise degree.

      • D.Dave

        The Greens never have, and never will, suffer from ‘third term – itis’. They would have to start by winning a seat. They are the spokespeople for who knows…………..

    • Catriona

      Yep, there’s no way in hell that Metiria Turei will ever attend a summit with the worlds’ business leaders and political leaders etc. ever. She aint got it and never will. so there.

      • Effluent

        She wouldn’t fit into the airline seat.

        • Sooty

          Hay! Of course her arse will fit in first class!

      • OneTrack

        There are still more than enough numpties who would vote Labour, Green, Winston, etc. and Metiria could be at the Davos meeting in 2018. What could go wrong.

    • Rocket

      Little goes to Ratana – down in polls
      Turei goes to Ratana – down in polls
      Winny goes to Ratana – down in polls
      Key does not go to Ratana – soars in polls
      Is this significant?
      Best advise is to boycott Waitangi.

  • Aucky

    How sweet is the latest Roy Morgan poll but I will restrain myself on commenting until the post is put up other than to query why the online Herald hasn’t published any details.

    • Chris EM

      Their team is losing.

      • Guest

        Labour down one, Nats up six. Sounds like we are looking at the economy and ignoring Mr Little. http://tinyurl.com/o2o8v49

  • Citizen
  • Just a thought …

    And the ” denial ” of the truth continues ……..

    People like this are ” almost ” more of a problem than the extremists themselves …..

    edit . clarity / spelling

    • OneTrack

      Progressivism seems to be on a par with a mental disease. They have their ideology and nothing gets in the way of it. When Achmed is slicing through Kerry’s throat, Kerry will still be saying “I just need to be more tolerant otherwise people will call me a racist”

  • Macca

    I wonder if Labour, the Gweens and NZ First are going to have another highly publicized summit as to why manufacturing is at a 10 year high?

    They were all very quick to tell us on a daily basis (through their media arm), that there was a crisis when there wasn’t. Funny how we have had such a massive turnaround in manufacturing fortunes with absolutely no intervention from the left with their masterful solutions.

    No doubt the MSM are going to ram this good news down our throats for the next 2 months the way they did the fictitious crisis……………..waiting. …………..waiting. ………….zzzzzz

  • friardo

    I see the Ebola “epidemic” is pretty much under control now. It would be good to see just how that was achieved though, and how much it actually cost to do so.

  • Gaynor

    Bacon fights back lol

    Top 10 Reasons Bacon Is Actually HEALTHY For You! by Boss Hog

    Some of the comments are hilarious as well.

  • Papillon

    Simon Collins has a couple of articles in the Herald today about housing. One is in regards to home ownership rates for the middle aged are falling. As is Simon’s reporting style he features some unfortunate person to get across his narrative. In this case a 57 year old man and his family who were knocked back by the bank for a home loan due to his income as a house painter being too variable. Since then house prices in his preferred area have increased and due to back problems he had to work less hours and thus received less income. He now says his future is bleak. The way I see it, the bank did him a favour. Imagine if he’d had the loan, with less income he may well be unable to service it, then his life would most certainly be pretty bleak. But then the narrative would be that it was the bank’s fault as they were irresponsible in granting him the loan. Also doesn’t it make sense that banks would be more wary of lending to middle aged people or older, simply on the basis that their ability to service the debt is lessened by the reality that they have less time to repay it. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11391028

    • Ilovelife

      And how come he waited until he was 57 to buy a house?

      • Cadwallader

        Exactly. I read many years ago when I was in my mid-forties that the two things a man oughtn’t have at age 50 is a mortgage on his house and a protruding gut. I managed the gut bit but it took a couple more years to extinguish my mortgage. The message continues to resonate.

  • David Moore

    Chris Trotter on the RMA reform;

    “Replacing New Zealand’s much admired RMA with a “Developers’ Charter” would be about none of those things. On the contrary, it would be about using the legislative process to advance the interests of a section of New Zealand society which has, for more than sixty years, grown extremely wealthy (and dangerously influential) by convincing the National Party to continue following a model of sprawling urban development, based on the single-story detached dwelling and the private automobile. As a template for sustainable urban growth, it was already out-of-date when the First National Government adopted it in 1949.”

    I think this is very common for those on the left to believe that people owning there own home and having the freedom of a car is some kind of aberration of the 20th century that must be stamped out at all costs. Also interesting that somehow he subscribes it to a conspiracy of the rich, rather than something the vast majority acutally desire themselves.

  • Nige.

    *massive* protest against against so called “spy station”. Must have been about 60,000 protesters.

    • conwaycaptain

      And down the road comes ISIS. We didn’t know they were coming after the spy station was discontinued

    • Spiker

      Nice Landcruiser.

      • Nige.

        Yeah yeah. I was in a hurry. :)

    • Papillon

      I love your part of the world, what an absolute shame that it should be blighted by this misguided mob. I also despair for the kids that are drawn into their parents protests. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a healthy political debate and rant, but I don’t involve my preschoolers. I would prefer they enjoy their childhood than think the country they were born in is a horrible place.

    • greybeard

      Shame i’m working rapaura Rd way, i’ll probably miss them by the time I finish, last time I gave a similar group a serve like you, also complained to a couple of bemused cops nearby about the rabble disturbing the peace, obstructing the pavement etc. They had wry smile on their face, I think they’d rather be anywhere than keeping an eye on those half wits.

    • Skydog

      Was there any objection to base Woodbourne?

      Those on the traffic island should have moved a little further to the right for a very close view of the Coastal Pacific train.

    • This weird mob know they have no traction in or with government so they protest to give themselves a collective hug. I am sure they all felt better at the end of the day but their arrogance will vanish soon enough when we become a target. Of course the wets will say we became a target because we stood up for freedom and that we should have kowtowed to the creed that says Islam is about peace. Fortunately they will achieve little more than make idiots of themselves as they will never be in a position to veto government policy.

  • rantykiwi

    This parallels how the citizens of Auckland feel about PantsDown Brown.


    C’mon Len, do the decent thing and resign before someone bops you on the snout.

  • Alright

    The “You pay me what I want and I’ll work if I like” Cult ….

    “Tradesmen say young people are almost impossible to employ, with bad literacy, numeracy and work ethic high on the list of problems.

    Many have given up on advertising for apprentice roles, saying they have no hope of finding suitable applicants.”


    • Nige.

      i have heard first hand how this is true

  • crosstherubicon

    Just been to Riccarton to watch ‘American Sniper’. Brilliant movie and well worth watching. Funny enough I watched the original interview with Bill O’Reilly and Chris Kyle (before he was murdered) on youtube. I couldn’t believe the amount of slagging off this war hero got from youtubers. The USA is in real trouble if that’s the level of their thinking. Obama and the left really is on a wrecking spree in the USA if they treat their patriots like this. And with western world leaders hanging on to Obama’s every word, no doubt they’ll go down the same road. The the west is doomed to Islamification.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    My mum was …unconditional love