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  • George

    There is something troubling me at the moment: It is the opposition partys’ leadership.
    I want to be serious here. Of course we criticise them mercilessly, and rightly so, they are such easy targets. However, what concerns me is the intrenched ignorance that motivates their vindictive, nasty and insulting commentary in the belief that, some how, it is appealing to voters. It was evident from the results of the last election that middle NZ’s were not impressed with this strategy, however they have continued in this vain, thus raising the question; Why?
    As much as I detest their philosophy, I have to concede that there must be a degree of intelegence, however misguided, in their collective makeup.
    I understand their frustrations when they are confronted with one of the most popular PMs and Governments in history. I understand their frustrations over a booming economy. I understand their own internal frustrations, but what I can’t understandis their inability to combat these frustrations. If they can’t engage the populous in positive alternatives then they will never be fit to govern.
    The opposition is barren. There appears to be no one who can guide this rudderless craft; and that is sad. I would never want a socialist government, but if it came to pass, then I would expect some dignity in the honour of leading our country and right now they are incapable of that. All the anger and abuse that erupts from these frustrations will destroy them.

    • Murray Smith

      Great ! Let them explode from within. I’ve seen their anger and it’s actually quite funny.

    • Cowgirl

      They may have intelligence but what they don’t have is imagination. They have no ideas for improving things beyond the old tax and spend. This no longer has the appeal it once did in the face of a popular government that hasn’t taxed and spent, but has still delivered prosperity. Add to that the inalienable idea they have that it’s their ‘turn’ to govern, and you get this debacle that is now playing out. I can’t see them recovering – I think they need to wind the party up and start over.

      • Cadwallader

        Their modus is to attack, criticize, tear-down etc….nothing positive, nothing new, nothing reasoned. Nothing, just nothing!
        This state of affairs doesn’t sadden me it intrigues me how 25% of the voters in NZ wish to subscribe to this vacuum of thought and inspiration. Well actually it is 36% of NZ voters because the Greenie Party exhibit the same degree of negativity that Labour is so proficient at.
        There does not seem to be a single unifying positive character in either Labour or Greens so this situation could well become permanent. I hope so.

        • Huia

          Labour used to get more than 25%, surely even they with their limited vision can see they need to change direction.
          When you get a party leader calling business owners parasites, then you have a problem. They haven’t got the nous to understand that business owners employ when they can afford to.
          All this negativity is wearying and its like water on stone, it does finally erode leaving the crumbling and weak, as the good and strong is gone.

    • ozbob68

      That’s probably why they go for the “mantra” approach; repeating factually wrong assertions in the media, in the hope that people will believe them (Remember the various “crises” we’ve had of late?).

    • kehua

      Love the pun, intended or not?

  • Korau

    Word of the day

    pregustator (noun) – A person whose job is to taste food or drink before it’s served.

    Source : http://www.collinsdictionary.com/submission/15152/Pregustator

    Etymology : From Latin pre- (before) + gustare (to taste). Ultimately from the Indo-European root geus- (to taste or choose), which also gave us choice, choose, gusto, ragout, and disgust. Earliest documented use: 1670.

    • Bobb

      What about “Callipygian” ?

  • conwaycaptain

    In the NZH today is a puff piece by Jack Tame as to why Akl is the Best Little City in the world. Goes on about Cafes and Walks in the Waitakeres etc etc.
    Nothing about Traffic Jams, Huge rates, an incompetent Mayor and council. Is this all about the NZH ACC love Fest

    • Aucky

      Spot on CC and young Jack is an ardent lefty to boot. Suits his career quite well working for both the Herald & ZB. He might even fancy himself as a labour MP prospect.

      • PsychoKea

        That boy is a total lightweight, just makes me angry when I see his smug face on TV

        • Cadwallader

          I have never seen him on TV but gave up on his inane radio show after about 30 minutes…a light-weight show-off?

          • ShoreRight

            It’s such a shame ..used to love having the radio on of a Saturday morning listening to Paul Holmes – sadly that can’t be – but the whole concept of having someone in NewYork doing a show about what’s happening topically here is set to fail…..let alone him , he is indeed lightweight and left …occasionally they have a stand-in and I may listen then but as soon as I hear his voice – OFF button !

          • Cadwallader

            In fact when Mike Hosking did the Saturday morning programme he was better than he is now. There was less packaging and more content, or so it seemed to me.

      • Wallace Westland

        I think he fancies himself as Mike Hosking’s understudy and future replacement.
        The boy is no Paul Holmes that’s for sure.

    • MaryLou

      Is this another one sponsored by Auckland City Council?

  • Sally

    A journalist has complained to the police about personal threats

    Well all her journalists mates are outraged. But where was their outraged when she delivered up a death threat herself a couple of months ago.

    “Well, if Labour are trying to kill Whaleoil I wish they’d get on with it”

  • hookerphil

    Last week officially left Christchurch – yesterday officially moved into new home in Waimate – look out Waimo’s there is a oilers cap coming to the streets near you.

    • Isherman

      Nice choice, lovely old word charm in Waimate, my Grandmother moved there some years back, lives on her own in a great big stone place, loves it. The rest of the family are spread everywhere between Te Whau just out of Kerikeri and Wellington, but she wont leave there for anything.

    • Cadwallader

      If you refer to Waimate in South Canterbury you have made a good choice. I recall playing cricket there, Knottingley Park, surrounded by majestic European trees. The town is sheltered from the southerlies by the Hunter Hills so it can get very hot in summer.

  • Murray Smith

    SPCA boss links dog attacks to ethnicity,

    I bet this gets a few PC pull downs.

    • Wheninrome

      One individual was trying to say it was the new Pacifica immigrants who didn’t understand? Really, I just wish Sir Bob named the actual ethnicity of the major offenders. The protectors of the flora and fauna of New Zealand maybe could use some help when it comes to imported breeds. Unfortunately the kuri didn’t survive.

  • Iva b ginn

    Just read a bit on Stuff about Cam & Jessie’s Boxing match, Cam said that he would get down to any of his opponents weight. To get down to that bag of bones (Hager) you would have to be Anorexic. Hehehe Just smack him at any weight.

    • Sally

      What a great way to get fit and lose some weight.
      Sounds like Cam needs to get out the skipping rope!

      • pisces8284 .

        Is Cam on BG2?

        • Sally

          Yes I think he is.

    • conwaycaptain

      Take on Hager and give him a trashing

      • Cadwallader

        Twice: In court AND in the ring!

    • Bart67

      You could take on Kim Dot Com and challenge him to get down to your weight! That would be a lot easier for you, surely!

      • edee

        Now that really would be a match made in heaven.

      • ex-JAFA

        It’s just occurred to me that KDC may be delaying his extradition because what he’s really afraid of is the one hour a day of exercise once he gets to his new concrete home.

    • Nige.

      Interesting that Cam would be put up against a non political figure. Its a bit of a strange match. I wonder, were there none of cams political or on line rivals willing to face him face to face?

      • kehua

        WhaleRyder 2, the sequel………. a Promoters dream.

    • spanishbride

      Made this morning by me :)

  • Hard1

    Many years ago, who could have predicted that our tough workforce would be happy to wear fluorescent garments all day. Necessity, and the law, overcame the macho resistance.
    Some savvy National politician needs to introduce and rush through legislation making life-saving fluoro buoyancy vests compulsory for all swimmers from kids on up.
    Far too many swimmers are dying on an almost daily basis. Who would be against this practical legislation?.

    • Wallace Westland

      Me. I’d be against it.
      No one is telling me what to wear when I swim or my kids.
      And I’m sure as hell not wearing a gay little buoyancy vest just because some people are too bloody stupid to swim where it’s safe and to their personal abilities, while not being fully dressed like the halfwits in yesterdays paper were.

    • Huia

      Think its up to the parents to actually do some parenting and teach their kids how to swim, if they cant do it themselves then there are plenty of swimming lessons around.

    • Bobb

      Are you for real? It’s called the Darwin Effect.

      • Hard1

        Yeah but it costs a bloody fortune every time it happens. It would cost less to give everyone in NZ a free life vest than the cumulative cost of all the SARs, funerals etc.

        • Bobb

          Fair point, but the morons that swim in their clothes and do other dumb things won’t wear them anyway.

    • Mags

      I have always thought school pools at many small primary schools were a waste of money. Often a big fundraising effort goes into getting it ship shape when the pool is found to be cracked and after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent the kids swim in a small pool that’s freezing. My memories of school swimming are exactly why I had to learn as an adult. It’s just a big splash about. The teachers can’t be expected to teach everything and 30 kids to a pool must mean they actually probably get 10 mins in the pool even it they have parent teacher helps.
      Wouldn’t it be better to utilize the expert swim teachers at the local council pools and transport the kids to these facilities to learn properly. Then they could learn all year, not just in summer.
      In country areas the pool serves other purposes and is a community gathering point but for the purposes of learning to swim I don’t think the local school pool is always the best option.

      • I.M Bach

        In my experience school pools have worked well. My children attended classes after hours run by a competent lady using a local school pool. Their own school didn’t have a pool. I have been present at that school and another when teachers were instructing the kids on the basics of swimming and they did an admirable job; sure they weren’t professional swim instructors but I felt certain the kids were being taught enough to save themselves.”Splash-about” was at the end of the lesson.

        There are many schools with pools that have professional tutors taking classes after hours and some of the money they gather goes toward upkeep of the pool but you’re right; a lot of fundraising is required and that, combined with regulatory hurdles, hundreds (yes hundreds) of kiwi schools have closed their pools, which has been linked to increased drownings in NZ.


        • Mags

          The article seems to indicate there is conjecture whether there is a link with closure of school pools. Depends on the politician.
          I suppose what I want is to get the most out of the tax money/community $ that is spent. If my kids had had to rely on school pool lessons they would not have ended up the competent swimmers they are. Maybe it depends on the school, which I don’t think is good enough. In NZ swimming should be offered all year not just when the pool is warm enough. Maths, English(reading) and swimming would be about the top of my priority list for things to learn at school.

          • I.M Bach

            I agree, especially seeing as NZ is a country surrounded by, and filled with, water. Private lessons are a must if the school doesn’t have a pool and an additional bonus if it does.

  • Mikex

    Just another example of highly trained journalists on Stuff not understanding words.

    “Political journalist Barry Soper may be a big name in New Zealand, but in Indonesia he was just an unsuspecting tourist a traffic cop tried to bribe.”

    Why would the cop try to bribe a tourist, how about he was trying to solicit a bribe.

    • Mikex

      Now corrected, thankyou Stuff :-).

    • kayaker

      “A big name journalist”? Spare me.

      • Aucky

        Big frog, little pond.

        When I worked in Denpasar I was stopped every morning on my commute from Sanur by the same cops and every morning I paid the same ‘fine’ from a stack of 10,000 rupiah notes that I kept in my glovebox for the purpose. I’m surprised that Soper even bothered to mention it because you treat it just like a motorway toll. It’s only a couple of bucks unless they picked out Soper as a sucker.

  • Cadwallader

    I see on Stuff, another day, another beheading. This time one of two Japanese who were paraded earlier this week. The Japanese PM is expressing outrage! Why not commit an outrage in return?
    Japan is historically a nation founded on honour and chivalry. I only hope the ISIS filth have enraged the Japanese sufficiently for them to retaliate.

    • Cadwallader

      To add to the daily beheading I hear Boko Haram shot 15 people overnight in Nigeria. Random outbursts by lone -wolves. I hear too that David Cameron and Prince Charles are on their way to Saudi to mourn the death of its King. Will their entourage motor through Chop-Chop Square at the daily beheading hour? Bloody greasy hypocrites.

    • Second time around

      The Japanese press drew a distinction between the journalist (so far spared) and the other who was seen as an adventurer with no reason to be in the area.

    • Cadwallader

      And Japan is retaliating…with a meme caption contest. Where is the fighting Samurai spirit of yore? I would’ve thought that killing a Japanese national would have roused all of the country’s citizens to aggression?

  • spanishbride

    Cam said when he heard that quote that he was thrilled that his opponent was obviously deaf and blind LOL

    • Bobb

      I don’t think that this bout is a smart idea SB. Jesse is a very talented athlete with incredible eye/hand speed and amazing reactions. I admit to knowing nothing about Cam’s athletic ability but “the pen is mightier then the fist” comes to mind.

      • spanishbride

        I didn’t want Cam to do it but now that he has made the decision I will support him in it. It raises money for a worthwhile charity and gets Cam a personal trainer for free. He will lose weight, get fit and the sponsors will love the public interest his participation will get them. Whether he wins or loses he will have achieved his aims. Even though Jesse is younger and a sportsman I am concerned for his health, given his past head injury. Personally I don’t think that he should be risking his brain.Boxing would be the last sport I would chose if I had had a head injury but I guess the woman in his life had no say either :)

        • LesleyNZ

          Certainly benefitted Millie Holmes. She is very trim and healthy looking now. Good on Cam.

  • Wheninrome

    London Times It’s time to chuck the fatties off the benefits gravy train
    Rod Liddle Published: 18 January 2015
    Well worth a read

  • ShoreRight

    I note from the Herald on Sunday that Heather dP-A has been to Bali – recounting an inane conversation with a tour guide…what is it with those TV One reporters …are they on a corporate discount for Bali trips, or a roster to just happen to be there when a NZer gets put in the slammer for trafficking drugs…the piece of writing is all about capital punishment there V imprisionment/ rehabilitation here and then it’s overlaid with graphics about Shapelle Corby ..last time I checked she is still alive ! .???

    • Sooty

      Barry Soper has been there recently on jolly too!

  • jude

    Mr Jingles. His Mum is sitting on red perch!

    • patriot

      So cool! ‘Mr Jingles’ looks healthy and happy…well done!

  • Rocket

    After hearing/reading of some of the really dumb things this “cricket great’ has done, I am not convinced he can read.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Apparently, they are instantly recognisable faces here. I wouldn’t have thought so, since don’t they both mainly do radio now?

  • Skydog

    Ross Taylor needs to pull finger. I’ve just watched his partnership with Williamson. Taylor is lazy between the wickets. Just cost Williamson another century.

  • TonyM

    Unhappy to see the fun police at environment Canterbury have banned pizza ovens in residential zones. Hungis are still ok tho. If one is ok why is the other not.

    • LesleyNZ

      Is it because of a general fire ban? If not I can kind of understand why these pizza ovens are being banned – especially in my neighbourhood here in AKLD. The pizza oven at a very popular cafe puts out smoke most days – all day. The cafe opened in an established residential area – started small and has now grown (which is admirable) and so a wood burning oven was installed. It is a bit unfair that the immediate neighbours have to put up with the pizza oven burning and spewing smoke all day – especially now in the hot weather. imagine not being able to open your doors and windows on a day like today – because of the wood burning oven smoke from a cafe. I wonder if smoke filters are possible.

      • TonyM

        No, but the fire ban also means it can’t be used.

        Dunno about your situation, but like all burners ours smokes a bit until it warms up (max first hr). One it’s warm, like our wood fire for heating there is basically no smoke and you just see a heat haze at the chimney exit.

        Ours might get used 5-6 times a year. So I don’t think this should be a major drama.

  • TonyM

    Watching the cricket online anyone else discovered this free way to watch.

    • Wasapilot

      Nope, how do you do it? We don’t have sky so would love to see it.

    • Edward Bufe

      I have you just have to be nifty the cursor and the relevant squares but i think the the steaming will be changed again soon.

  • ex-JAFA

    This time yesterday, I was in Taupo enjoying Three Dog Night, Foreigner and Heart. Was anyone else there, or at the Whitianga leg of the tour today, or going to the Queenstown leg next week?

    • hookerphil

      Been thinking of going, worth it?

      • ex-JAFA

        Too right, if you like the music. These late-Jan/early-Feb triple-headers are becoming a bit of an institution. Friends and family have generously enabled me to get to the last two while I’ve been “between jobs”.

        2013: America, Bachman Turner, Pat Benatar
        2014: 10cc, Starship, Lynyrd Skynyrd
        2015: Three Dog Night, Foreigner, Heart

        • hookerphil

          Went last year, really enjoyed it, will probably go.

          • ex-JAFA

            This has been my desktop background for the last year (pic)

  • Don O’Brien

    Cameron has made a mistake with the Poverty Line figures.

    €979 (about $1,097) per person is a monthly salary.

    If it was weekly then yes the equivalent NZ figure would be around $75,000.

    According to http://www.salaryexplorer.com/salary-survey.php?loc=81&loctype=1

    the average German monthly salary is 4,069 Euro, but if you worked in a Beauty salon, you would get approximately 1,070 Euro, which would put you 91 Euro a month above the poverty line.