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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    aboral (adv) – Located opposite to or away from the mouth.

    source : http://www.thefreedictionary.com/aboral

    Etymology : ab- (“away from”) +‎ oral (“the mouth”)

    • Jafarma

      Too many MSN journalists brains to mention

    • Betty Swallocks

      As in ‘MPs from a NZ political party that has the same name as a colour invariably speak as aborally as is anatomically possible.’

  • GoingRight

    Countdown for youngest daughters wedding tomorrow week. It has become a production and is outside in a relative’s beautiful estate. Please pray for a lovely sunny day as the whole ceremony is planned in front of the beach. What a wonderful thing marriage is and they certainly will be getting a good send off surrounded by friends and family.

    • Aucky

      Good luck with that GR. Must be mayhem at your place right now!

      • GoingRight

        How kind thank you. Yes and great guys at Liquourland on Botany Road I think must believe we are all alcoholics due to the pre drinks we have purchased from them already as some guests have already arrived but the onslaught starts on Sunday through to Friday!

        • LabTested

          I went to a wedding in Canada a few years back. The father of the bride had purchased all drinks for the wedding night & they were stored in his garage. About 8 of us from NZ turned up & demolished the lot in the first weekend we were there (we didn’t know they were for the wedding) – so he had to go & restock.

          It was hugely embarrassing. He was Italian & had a certain view on being a perfect host. In the end we had to smuggle booze into his house as he would not let us bring any in.

          • GoingRight

            Haha, what a hoot! Yes all covered, Liquourland bringing down the booze all chilled by noon the day of the wedding! Have also had to get huge stocks in though for the many who arrive this coming week!

  • Dumrse

    The first glance at today’s headlines is a worry. Seems the Greens will cause all cycle ways to be closed as they will be deemed unsafe for kids cycling to school. I don’t suppose I should worry as the 1000’s that use the riverside paths will just revert to the busy road. Well done, another brilliant idea from a bureaucratic staffer that Greens will swallow.

    Also seems we are going to need written permission before rolling over for a bit of Rumpty.

    • peterwn

      This is in line with Greens policy of wanting to ban everything.

    • OneTrack

      That’s labour plan

  • Cadwallader

    I heard on the radio this morning that John Campbell’s tacky little show is returning on Monday next with “the stories which really matter to New Zealanders.” How many of those stories will be anti-JK? How can tearing down our popular PM be a story which matters to New Zealanders…other than Martin Martyn, Smalley, Little Angry etc..?

    • Spiker

      Don’t watch it, then its irrelevant.

      • OneTrack

        I don’t. Nothing there that interests me. Seen enough stories on Campbell about people living in lefty poverty ™ who just can’t afford the Sky Rialto channel and it’s all John Keys fault. There are only a limited number of ways you can spin that story.

      • Cadwallader

        I don’t watch television at all. On occasions in a bar or at others’ homes I am exposed to it. I find the act of sitting down to be entertained by filth merchants to be miles beneath my dicnity.

    • Simo

      7 years of hate and nasty – the gift that keeps on giving – Smalley needs to send her resume to ISIS they might have unique and fulfilling opportunities for her

  • Hedgehog

    I skimmed through the Herald site – looked at one story, Gaming gadgets to get your hands on this year. Saw the opinion pieces that normally rial me up. Didn’t even look and feel better for it.

    • pisces8284 .

      That’s the way

    • Aucky

      Good on you Hedgehog. My first major step was to stop commenting on the Opinion pieces. Did me no good at all entering into that toxic environment first thing in the morning. There are some very sad people there who comment each and every day and they all have a common factor – a blind unthinking hatred of John Key.

  • sarahmw

    If you read the online report you would think not a lot of staff went to Roger Sutton’s farewell. But according to the Press about 150 attended. And the sad little precious who laid the complaint of course was not there and had a day off. Can’t understand how she can stay anonymous or maybe we would see her for what she is, a sad unhappy person who thought it ok to make someone else’s life miserable.

  • Lord Evans

    When you see it…

    • LesleyNZ

      Took me a while ….

    • 1951

      Mine who does exactly the same, did even worse at 1:34 am. I woke to an unusual squeal from outside my window. I hadn’t heard that sort of squeal for many years. Sometime later the squeal became more & more persistent but now from the hallway. Got up to find the-cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-Lab poking-a-paw at a half sized frog. Delightful!!

  • Korau

    Two things of interest this morning.
    Firstly, Brent crude has finally breached the US$45 price so expect another round of minuscule price drops at the pump. http://home.nzcity.co.nz/finance/sharemarket/company.aspx?symbol=WESTEX&i=history

    And secondly, Steven Kelly says the Government was not providing enough of the life-saving procedures. What procedures? Stomach stapling, so out of control blobs can lose weight. Whatever happened to personal responsibility. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/264871/nz-%27set-to-become-fattest-nation%27.It's the gummints fault you are fat!!!

    • Reaper

      Stuff quotes Tariana Turia “Most often you’re talking to people that think it’s your fault, that you get fat, …”

      Ummm, yes, we do.

      • R&BAvenger

        Yes, it’s because you make the choices of what to shovel into your mouth, how much and how frequently.
        As a non-medical person myself, I would say theat morbidly obeses people probably have a case, but not before they have exercised some control measure of their own and made an effort to change.
        There are many may instances reported on were people have lost huge amounts of weight through lifestyle changes and exercise.
        there was also a documentary programme on last year following one person’s journey to a stomach stapling operation. The surgeon/specialists interviewed said it was not a cure all. As well as surgery lifestyle changes were needed.

        • Momo

          Yes. People can regain the weight as it’s possible to “cheat”.

        • Mick Ie

          My mum worked closely with the after care of stomach stapled patients. No one talks about enormous amounts of counselling involved prior to the operation and the huge psychlogical affects afterwards. No one talks about how many have to have the preceedure reversed because they can’t cope with the necessary lifestyle changes that are required.

    • Second time around

      To be fair, Steven Kelly is a surgeon, not a PR expert. The emphasis in his interview was that once you reach 150 kg, dieting will almost certainly never reduce your weight by more than 3-4 kg on a long term basis, and stomach stapling is the only real choice. However he definitely was not advocating that people aim for 150 kg to keep the surgeons in work.

      • oldmanNZ

        I have seen some fat old people reduce there weight with doing 1 simple thing…going for a walk…about an hour or so.

        Of course once you reach 150kg, going for a long walk is very hard..like reaching the point of no return. All you can do it eat.

    • wooted

      They would be better of subsidising fitness classes.

  • In Vino Veritas

    A funny, but pretty much true!

  • ychiefs

    Wonder if there’s still supporters of Mike Hosking on here after yesterdays herald opinion on Bain. I’ve said it before on here, the man is a lightweight,

  • Sailor Sam

    Glanced at the NZH, it reports that Prime TV news will be canned and that TV3 will provide the 5.30 news service for Prime TV.
    All staff except one have been made redundant apparently.

    • Aucky

      Goodbye Charlotte Belisse – without a doubt the best newsreader in the country.

      Prime is the only NZ TV news that I watch and there’s no way that I will be forced to watch the biassed rubbish on TV One or TV3 by default. Neither will I be watching what will be a condensed version of TV3 News on Prime. What is going on here? Our two last major independent news sources (Prime & ZB) both taken over in the last couple of months by left wing media organisations.

    • Cowgirl

      That sucks – Prime News was the only one worth watching.

      • pak

        Report I read said that Mediaworks was taking over production of Prime News and that Eric Young likely to remain as presenter. What that means in terms of content I suppose remains to be seen I suppose.

    • fairymai

      heard Hay & Fagan are to takeover Paul Henry’s TV3 late news slot! Help!

  • Ford

    In the Economist’s top 50 safest cities in the world, no New Zealand city features. In the top 18 safest cities in the Asia Pacific region, no New Zealand city features. I find that disturbing.

    • Rocket

      I find it entirely believable

  • Carl

    The Greens are holding a press conference that the political reporter said is very strange and suggested that someone may be quitting. Rusty maybe?

    • Sally

      Maybe they are going to announce that they all have texted Cam!

    • MaryLou

      Ooh – yes, I think it’s gonna be Russel – where’s he been all year? Meteria has been hogging all the limelight.

    • Cadwallader

      ALL of them quitting would be better.

  • Sally

    Russel Norman has resigned as leader but will stay a MP

    • MaryLou

      Oh well. The glass is half full…

    • Cadwallader

      So he still wants to be paid for being a whining waste of space and time?

    • no bullswool

      One down , more to come I hope!!

    • Hard1

      I have nothing nice to say to Norman. He has simply been a waste of space for his entire time in the public sphere. Good Riddance.

      All my bags are packed I’m ready to go
      I’m standin’ here outside your door
      I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
      But the dawn is breakin’
      It’s early morn
      The taxi’s waitin’
      He’s blowin’ his horn
      Already I’m so lonesome
      I could die

    • 1951

      Soooo, now Material Girl will co-lead with next in line, if I understood what Barry S just said. Would that be the Boy Wonder then? Oh wow, another good day :0

      • Sally

        According to their rules it has to be a male. Not much choice there. James Shaw might be a good bet.

      • Dean Brown

        Surely you don’t mean that funny wee fella ?Nah …

      • Carl

        This boy wonder.

        • 1951

          That’s the one! We must go out of our way to draw-out the talent that maybe hidden with-in. This young man may go places.

        • Cadwallader

          His choice of attire is more sedate than Turei’s. Suits him to a “T” or should I say an “M?”

  • WeaselKiss

    YAY!! Russel is leaving.
    “Does the Prime Minister stand by all of his statements?”

  • Second time around

    After Mike Hosking’s piece on the Bain compensation yesterday, Jock Anderson’s opinion piece in today’s Herald is like a full can of air freshener. Read the article, it’s worth it. Salient points to me were:

    1. In 2013 the judge reviewing Collin’s behaviour found that she had made no substantial errors related to the Binnie report.
    2. The same judge noted that Binnie’s standard of innocence on balance of probabilities but not beyond reasonable doubt was incorrect, it had to be innocence beyond reasonable doubt, nothing less.
    3. Cabinet would be irresponsible to hand out public money for mere sympathy.

  • Sweet Lips.

    There goes the Green Party, Russell taking a walk, just didn’t get what he wanted the last election, be interesting who steps into his shoes?

  • Sally

    The political journalists are busy today. Sabin has done the decent thing and has resigned.

    • Reaper

      I can’t help wondering if it has anything to do with this


      Probably too soon to speculate though.

      • SlightlyStrange

        Ohhh, good picking. I was just coming on here to mention that. Seems highly odd to have had such wide-ranging suppression orders put in place. No idea what this prominent NZer has done, or why they are prominent. Kind of pointless article, really, unless the media are intending to use the suppression orders to play some sort of game later.

  • yoyoyo

    something in the water today Mike Sabin has gone also

  • Sally

    Today I wanted to be Freed. Getting updated news online from one source would have been the way to go today.