Whaleoil Investigates – Who is Andrew Little? Ctd

As expected with a political leader, they have a large and growing digital footprint.

Andrew Little’s footprint may not be as extensive as someone who has had a longer parliamentary career, but there are still plenty of good sources.

Andrew Little’s Parliament Page


There are plenty of great links from this page, including all his speeches and questions in question time. There are close to 250 speeches and questions online.

There are links to his Twitter and Facebook feeds. Please follow or friend him so you can make your own mind up about him.

Andrew Little’s Wikipedia Page


As may be expected with a man who has only been in parliament for three years, there is not much information on Wikipedia. Hopefully this detailed series of posts will find their way to Wikipedia so others can easily follow Andrew Little’s digital footprint. 

Andrew Little’s Labour Web Site Page

 Even after being elected leader on the 18th of November, the Labour Party web site does not have much depth.

Andrew Little

  • Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party
  • Labour List MP
  • Spokesperson for Security and Intelligence

Andrew Little was elected to Parliament in 2011.

Born in New Plymouth and educated at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, he studied philosophy, law, and public policy at Victoria University. He served as president of Victoria’s student association and was twice elected NZUSA president.  While at Vic he flatted with actress Robyn Malcolm.

His first job was as a solicitor for the Engineers Union (later EPMU), working on employment law and ACC issues. Appointed national secretary of the EPMU in 2000 he led negotiations with a number of major companies and developed a focus on high productivity work practices based on strong worker engagement. He was elected president of the Labour party in 2009 and has served on the boards of VUW, TEC, and WITT (Taranaki Polytechnic).

His work as a lawyer and union secretary demonstrated the need for government to be focused on both wealth creation and fair wealth distribution. He believes that a fair and just society should provide opportunities for people to excel and to be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Since becoming an MP he has held the ACC, Tourism, Justice and Labour portfolios, lobbying for a reversal of legal aids cuts, the introduction of corporate manslaughter laws to increase accountability in cases such as the Pike River disaster and the creation of a criminal cases review commission to review alleged miscarriages of justice. He also helped develop new policy to improve the rights of sexual assault victims.

In 2012 he gained widespread attention for performing the Gangnam Style dance in the House during the first reading of the Statutes Amendment Bill, accusing National of “riding the invisible horse of decision-making”.

Andrew’s hobbies include mountain-biking, skiing, golf, and kayaking. He and his family, including Buddy the cat and Harry the dog, live in Wellington’s Island Bay.

Yep, that’s his bio from Labour’s website…claiming widespread attention for performing Gangnam-style in parliament…I kid you not.

Strange, risky behaviour?

Strange, risky behaviour?


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  • Chris EM

    It’s been bugging me, and I’ve finally clicked as to who/what Angry Little reminds me of. It’s the stop motion puppets from Wallace and Gromit. Something to do with the way his mouth moves, it’s unnatural, as though someone somewhere else is operating it.

  • Rokopa

    Hmmm. That’s an interesting link to Robyn Malcolm. I wonder if she sought out Angry’s advice in regards to the NZ Actors Equity’s attempts to sink the NZ film industry?

  • Woody

    I have just gone off WhaleOil in a big way. Fancy telling me to follow the twit on twitter. That is cruel and unusual punishment for reading this blog, I’m sure I must be able to make a complaint to someone for making me go there.

    What an arrogant, supercilious, pointless jerk. I did already know this but was not expecting to have his own words confirm that within seconds of reading the twat’s tweets.

  • Sally

    How is who he flatted with of any interest? Does he think that will give him a few extra ticks?
    As for his twitter account that was very telling last week. I have saved some very interesting screenshots.

    • Hard1

      “How is who he flatted with of any interest?”

      Consider the target audience, Sally. We’re just uninvited guests.

      “While at Vic he flatted with actress Robyn Malcolm.The great Robyn Malcolm who tried to derail the Hobbit with H. Kelly”, who probably wrote this CV. The hero of the left Robyn Malcolm, who didn’t get a job on the Hobbit and resented those who did.

      • Jas

        Robyn Maclom who like her great friend Lucy Lawless is a ‘do as i say not as I do’ with regards to air travel.

  • Just a thought …

    To be fair he has managed to hide his true nature and pull off the first few months as leader quite well. ( with the help of a compliant MSM )
    But he will not be able to maintain this will revert to type soon and we will see the true Angry Andy in action………

    • Aucky

      I’m sure that the National front bench has figured that out and the likes of Finlayson will do their best to set Little off at QT.

      • Just a thought …

        As long as it doesn’t turn into a ” dance off ” National should be fine …..

  • paul

    I thought it was Richard Little?

  • I hear Rachel Smallmind boosting him on Zb as I write this. With a little help from her left wing MSM friends.
    People, we really need a better daytime radio station!

    • Just a thought …

      We do. It’s called ” sport radio ” ………

      • I only checked back in with ZB hoping that Larry was back. I’m sure not listening now….

        • Just a thought …

          Absolutely. Larry is great, Leighton is past his use by and Danny Watson thinks reporting on cats stuck up tree’s is riveting radio…… how he lasted so long is a mystery to me…..

  • willtin

    Forgive me – or not, but every time I view his visage, Angry Andrew reminds me of a ventriloquist’s puppet. Maybe that’s not far from the Truth?
    The impression is emphasised when his jaw moves up and down.

    • Stuarts.burgers

      So who has his hand up his behind ???

      • willtin

        Surely it isn’t just one hand? There are more than one union.

        • Stuarts.burgers

          Whats does your Mrs Wiltin consider to be to correct usage in this context.
          May be we can rescue you here by deflecting on to her in doors any misuse of the Queens English

          • willtin

            My wife is not within this context. My life depends upon it…

          • willtin

            In other words.
            My wife and I share a life equal
            I depend upon my wife for a life as equals
            in being, in life

          • Wallace Westland

            There IS more than one union.
            There ARE more unions.
            Hope we see you tomorrow :-)

  • edee

    Just had a LOL moment to myself. Wouldn’t it be funny if in years to come Angry Andy is remembered mostly if not solely for his Gangnam Style dance in parliament. Its ok for him to do his silly dance but has the cheek to tell the PM to cut the crap!!!

  • taurangaruru

    So his entire working life has been spent as a Union hack or sucking on the taxpayers generous teat? Really instils confidence that this is the guy to run NZ Inc doesn’t it – especially when compared to the incumbent.

  • Wallace Westland

    “Andrew Little was elected to Parliament in 2011”
    See this is why Wikipedia should only be used as a reference source if the outcome of who is right or wrong is a jug of beer as it’s completely unreliable.

    Andrew Little was NOT elected to Parliament, he entered Parliament through the dodgiest back door that democracy has ever seen, a position on a list via MMP.
    His constituents gave a whole hearted and deafening NO to the question “Do you want Andrew Little to represent you?”

    • Adam Michaels

      Exactly-and in case Little didn’t get the idea in 2011, he got another walloping in 2014 to sheet the message home.

    • Rick H

      He has now, and never ever has had – – – constituents.

      Same as every member of the Greens

      • Wallace Westland

        Quite right. I should have said potential constituents or to be more precise the electorate..same result though..no one wants him…except the unions.

  • James

    Oh dear- no wife, girlfriend or kids listed. Here we go again.

    • Adam Michaels

      Is he ashamed of them, or something?

  • Adam Michaels

    Little…” believes that a fair and just society should provide opportunities for people to excel and to be fairly rewarded for their efforts.”

    Did he think that up by himself, the clever union lawyer?

    Anybody study philosophy?

    I think that Aristotle, (384-322 BC), argued that justice consisted of giving people what they deserved, and that a just society was one that enabled human beings to realise their highest nature and to enjoy the good life.

  • Rick H

    In a similar vein to “Little John” of Robin the Hood fame –
    Little Andy should be called “Big Andy”.
    Or perhaps “the Big Angry Tool”.

    Closest I could find.

    • dgrogan

      The “Big Angry Tool”. I like it.

  • D.Dave

    “Since becoming an MP he has held the ACC, Tourism, Justice and Labour portfolios, lobbying for a reversal of legal aids cuts, the introduction of corporate manslaughter laws to increase accountability in cases such as the Pike River disaster and the creation of a criminal cases review commission to review alleged miscarriages of justice.”….Complete Bollocks, he has been Labour spokesperson. He has never had any portfolio, as they are the domain of they who hold the Treasury benches. With luck, this will be as close as Andy gets to a ‘portfolio’.

  • dgrogan

    Man. That’s embarrassing having an MP acting like that in the House. Sillier even than parading two dead snapper, or wearing a Winklemann jacket, clearly two sizes too small. Oh well…we get what we deserve I guess.

  • So far, nothing to get excited about Mr Little. He seems to be a “nothing”. I have a feeling this ‘series” of “get to know” is going somewhere and I can’t wait to see where.