Whaleoil Investigates – Who is Andrew Little? Ctd

More source material here from Andrew Little here.

The first is his 35 second speech after winning the Labour Leadership.

It is only 35 seconds long so is not too boring.

The next video is Andrew Little’s first press conference as leader. It is 22 minutes long and typically awkward.

At  5.30 a journalist asks who’s phone keeps ringing and it is Littles own.

It is a pretty tough interview with Maori interests asking what they will get for getting Little across the line.

He is asked about getting “absolutely hammered” in New Plymouth, and he deals with repeated questions about front bench people. 



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  • Cadwallader

    Who are the two blonde ladies flanking him?

    • geoff2112

      The “chick” with the tie isn’t blond….she’s ginga

  • In Vino Veritas

    “I’d like to thank you for getting me across the line”. Must have been made specifically for the Unions.

  • Pluto

    The 35 seconds was plenty thanks, can’t imagine 22 minutes, I’d rather gargle cleaning fluid.

    • Captain Darling

      I got to 23 seconds, couldn’t take any more.

  • cows4me

    It’s quite sad really, the look of forlorn hope in his deluded team mates eyes. Is this the Saviour, is this the man that will lead the troops over the trenches, is this the new champion of the left. No, it’s the ball boy.

  • jonesboy70

    Still boring after 35 secs. I just hope he is there at the next election so we have a stronger National government

  • Bluemanning

    Two points in my humble opinion;
    1) If Little cares so much about the Labour Party he should have refused the slim margin ballot in his favour and asked for another round to elect a majority winner. He didn’t; it’s all about power.
    2) Allowing the interview to go on so long was unwise, showed his lack of political experience.

  • pak

    Still managed to pack plenty of boring into 35 sec! Tried to watch the 22.20 min vid. – got to 1.38 before became totally dizzy with the man swinging from side to side of the podium … and being boring! I know I should try and find out Who is Andrew Little but just can’t put myself through it all.

  • Morgy

    That’s not a press conference….unless it was the journalists who were clapping

  • Kiwibabe

    I couldn’t help notice other the holiday businesses in the regions advertising for sometimes numbers of staff from supervisory to manual. So much for no jobs.
    I also noticed large numbers of young people of all levels of society at the beaches obviously having a great time.
    Add throngs through the shopping centres, again every skin clour and creed.
    Trades folk with boats and fishing.
    No, just didn’t see poverty, no one with ribs showing (oh except a few trim fleshed in bikinees). No one in the City Mission looking underfed.