Whaleoil Investigates – Who is Andrew Little?

Instead of waiting for puff pieces to be released through the usual spin weasels to the indolent mainstream media I have spent the last few weeks finding the most important parts of Andrew Little’s career so far, and the most important parts of his public record.

It is with some disappointment that the mainstream media would rather have summer holidays than critically examine the man who would want to be Prime Minister.

So I will not do the kind of silly “at home with Andrew” articles that allow the MSM to portray their standard bearer as a nice family man.

I will also make it easy for anyone who wants to see the source material to see the source material.

Today let’s start with Andrew Little’s Maiden Statement, delivered on 14th of February 2012.

The full transcript of the maiden statement can be found here.

Maiden speeches matter because they set up an MP’s career.

They are an opportunity to tell parliament who you are and what you stand for.

They are the anchor point of a MPs parliamentary career.

Once I have published the entire research file on Andrew Little we will start publishing commentary, predictions and opinions about the man who would be Prime Minister.


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  • Monty

    Excellent. For too long the left leaders have not been subject to the scrutiny that is necessary for our political leaders.
    Of course my favourite quote was when Little Angry Andy called employers parasites.

    • Adam Michaels

      Well Angry should know what a parasite is!

  • terrynaki

    Met him,spoken to him many times,watched him work as a union rep,nasty angry little man who I wouldnt have anywhere near decisions of power or Governance.

    • Adam Michaels

      Amen to that, mate!

  • Cadwallader

    Labour tries its best not to grow the pie, just to divide it. This reality is why they can never be trusted to act in a financially responsible manner.

  • Excellent. Rather foolishly, I’ve been waiting for some investigative analysis re Andrew Little. I wouldn’t have thought that was too much to ask for really, he’s not applying to be New Zealand’s street sweeper after all. Bring on Freed.

  • Sally

    Tried to listen to it all but he is boring. Save time, read the transcript.

    • Ginny

      Would someone be kind enough to give us a brief summary of his speech? Sunday is too precious to spend time listening to this.

    • Murray Smith

      A boring read it was too !

  • Macca

    It still astounds me that there are those who are so blinded by their own jealousy and envy of John Key that they somehow figure this guy is a better alternative.

    I liken Little to a club or provincial rugby player being pitted against the likes of Richie McCaw (John Key). Little may have the odd good game but will never achieve that of John Key. What the left cannot comprehend is that what John Key has is something special. You can script it until you’re blue (or red), in the face but as Cunliffe found, natural charisma and straight out like ability just can’t be taught or learned – along with leadership skills which make others willing to follow. Don’t get me wrong, Key still has his faults but against Little. …………..!?

    Sadly, I see 2015 as yet another year of pathetic beltway issues coupled with snide innuendo from both the left and the MSM all designed to try to belittle Key and Nationals stronghold as the left are still bereft of both policy and talent. Can’t wait to be FREED!

  • Pete

    Union, union union.!

    • The Accountant

      Interesting how the Union always rides the coat tails of successful projects simply due to management listening to and involving staff. They never acknowledge their disasters of scorched earth politics.

  • HunuaRanger

    Q. Who is Andrew Little?
    A. Just a failed attempt to Wag the Dog.

  • Davo42

    Andrew Little kicked me out of the epmu, why? Because I put him in his place during a shop meeting when we were supposed to be discussing a wage settlement with our employer. Instead of facillitating our wage negotiations he used the opportunty to loby for Labour votes. When I reminded him that his union was employed to negotiate our agreement and nothing else he attempted to ridicule and discredit me infront of the whole staff, when I still refused to yeild he invited me to leave the union which I did (best 8 bucks a week I have ever saved). Because this played out infront of our whole staff of 180 I did not have any pressure by the bully boys (shop stewards) to be a member, ultimatley 30 of my colleagues also left and we formed our own negotiaing team – Nice one angry Andy, you are a natural born loser.

    • owl

      how long was this – this is important

      • Davo42

        This would have been in the middle of 1999.

        • Aucky

          Does anyone think that he might just have been planted as a union mole? How those entrenched PM wannabes must hate him.

          Fun times ahead.

          • Eiselmann

            Only won the Union vote….if Helen Kelly didn’t have a hand in this I’d be stunned. The Union giveth and the Union taketh away..his constitute is Helen and her mates …that’s who he will answer to before anyone else.

        • owl

          You should write a longer comment on what actually happen

    • owl

      Davo42 have been thinking about this a bit further.
      Can you confirm it was a shop meeting
      When you say kicked out – do you mean of the meeting or your union card ripped up?
      If you were de-registered from the union – did you get a formal letter as per the constitution and the right of reply?
      What role was he then in the EMPU?

      • Davo42

        It was definitely a shop meeting.
        I was invited to leave the meeting and the EPMU by Andrew Little which I did by going to our Pay clerk, explaining what had occurred and stopping payment to the EPMU. He effectively gave me an excuse to opt out of the EPMU which I accepted, like I said earlier the main problem with not being part of a union in an EPMU workplace is that you become a major target for the Bullies who make you extremely uncomfortable until you capitulate. Because I had angry Andy’s blessing to leave the EPMU I was able to do so without being harassed.
        I believe he followed procedure, but ended up shooting himself in the foot as I became the catalyst for change.

  • Dave

    To me, little Angry Andy has physcopathic tendencies, and this is why he was attracted to the unions as he seems quite the manipulative bully. I’m looking forward to the series and running the personality traits of Angry Andy over the Hare checklist!


    • johcar

      That checklist appears to be a shopping list for attributes for a left wing MP….

      • Dave

        Yes, and there is the master shopper, or in this case the master manipulator and bully.

  • Captain Darling

    Well that was underwhelming.

  • Ilovelife

    Curious question: Was he born with an angry, tight, jutting jaw or has that developed through his long term, pent up rage

  • Tom

    The guy can’t even win an electorate let alone the Prime minister’s job. Wasted space.

    • Adam Michaels

      I agree. How can we have a man saying to New Zealanders: “Vote for me as Prime Minister!” when he has repeatedly been rejected by the people of his home city?

  • Melissa

    So that was Fonterra’s problem, frontline union maintenance engineers were involved!

  • Andrew Gibson

    Amusing how the lefties names are largely unfortunate: weakness v strength every time.

    Left – Right
    Little – Key
    King( female duh) – English
    Goff – Bridges

    Pity Simon Power is not with us.

    • Simon Power was never with us, he was a pinko in drag.

  • pirate vs ninja

    So his Dad strongly opposed pretty much everything that he stands for. And his Mum disagrees with him so much, she wouldn’t vote for him. I think we’re beginning to see where the years of pent-up anger come from…..

    • Wheninrome

      Perhaps he wasn’t breast fed long enough, or was he breast fed too long?

  • Cadwallader

    I have watched the clip again…he’s just so nondescript and BORING!!!!

    • johcar

      I would describe that clip similarly, however I would add “full-on bovine excrement”… There is no way in the world that he could possibly walk that talk!

  • Murray Smith

    And chicken Little ran around telling everybody “the sky is falling in.”

  • taurangaruru

    15 minutes & 25 seconds of my remaining time on Earth that I will not waste listening to that prat. I know enough already, he is a hard lefty Union apparatchik with the aim of spreading evil Socialism in New Zealand. Nothing, absolutely nothing he says otherwise will convince me he is a worthy leader of NZ.

  • Graeme

    Read prebbles take on little in the new listener

  • Murray Smith

    When the dusts of centuries has passed over our cities, nobody will give a toss about chicken Little.

  • Lou Hutchinson

    What a pack of losers you are

  • jeremy sayer

    At least this man has respect and compassion for his fellow country men and women.Unlike Key and his mates.I think that he represents a real threat to yourselves and National.Hence the attacks that have begun already.The time is coming where arrogance,deceit and hate,will be brought before justice in this country.We as a now united population want this kind of rubbish stopped for good.And the people responsible held to account by the laws of this land.

    • Adam Michaels

      You are brave! Let me understand this- you truly believe in what you have just stated?

      • jeremy sayer

        I sure do.

        • Adam Michaels

          Thank you, for that, jeremy sayer. But I would have to say that I vehemently disagree with your comment about Little having “respect and compassion for his fellow country men and women.” My experience of him is more in line with what happened with Davo42, who has posted below. I think that you may eventually be disappointed by Andrew Little.

    • Phill

      “arrogance,deceit and hate,will be brought before justice in this country”
      sounds like kim.com your talking about there. I shall look forward to the justice part.
      (but then again, could be Matt McCarten your talking about…..)

    • Yeahright

      If you looked at all the blogs before the election the “hate” was only coming from the left, maybe everybody needs a cuddle.
      I with the majority of voters believe that NZ will prosper under Key where everybody can go out and make money, anybody can if they have the desire and the patience, but most people who are down want a quick fix. This is not the real world where everything is achieved by hard work and from this comes reward, not reward and then work hard.

      • jeremy sayer

        I beg to differ.Through out the elections,when I was engaging in debates with people on social media,I found that the National supporters were the ones who were quick to judge and to put down.This new form of arrogance and no respect for each other,is not the kiwi values I was taught and live by.

        • The wildman

          Keep enjoying your mass debates

    • Hard1

      Who needs respect and compassion ? Spell it out.
      I want a high dollar and a strong economy. Little wants stopworks and strikes . Strikes hurt the working class exclusively. Little doesn’t care about you, Jeremy, but he is happy that you think that.

    • thehawkreturns

      United? Maori seats?
      United? Waitangi Grievance industry?
      United? Judges issuing wet bus tickets for violent recidivists?
      United? Politicians too afraid to declare Islam is unwanted here in every form.

      United? Little is booooring. OK, here I am sure we can agree.

  • Mythrandir

    And after the next election it will be – Who was Andrew Little?

    • thehawkreturns

      Andrew who?

      • hookerphil

        He’s a Prince isn’t he.

  • la la land

    I agree that he more of a threat than Cunliffe and is going quite well so far. However you do not represent nz as a United group. National just overwhelmingly beat the left in a general election…

    • The wildman

      Wont feed the troll sayer,but you are right he is more of a threat than cunliff.however cunliff was an absolute numpty and little is just above that.he has’nt said much as yet but it wont take long before his angryness will come out.it might excite the left but the middle ground wont be impressed and thats where elections are won.watch for the veins in his forehead slowly develop.

      • Isherman

        Not sure, I see a grumpy, un-charismatic Union hack that was installed by a union bloc vote, who has consecutively failed to win his own seat, was first choice of only 4 MP’s, had to wait on specials to even get into parliament and will fail to bring a divided caucus together when the heat starts coming on the numbers. He’s gone in like a piece of half stale bread, and will come out as burnt toast I reckon.

        • Hard1

          Labour’s leadership election was like one of those fairground visits where you end up with no money, a guts-full of junk food and a stuffed teddy bear.

      • jeremy sayer

        I am not a troll.Just a NZ citizen who has had enough of all this bullshit.National has achieved one thing.We have all opened our eyes and will not be messed with again.The message has gotten through to the 1 million who did not vote.Things are going to change.Mark my words.

        • Goldfish

          OK, so you’re not a troll. But you’ve also said next to nothing.

          Why are that “missing million” suddenly going to start voting? Who are they voting for? And what makes you an expert in predicting which way they’ll vote? Is it true that they all didn’t vote because they either didn’t care or they’re too lazy?

          And if they are going to vote left (which is the usual prediction from left wing people), why do they accept the hate and lies that were espoused by the left wing in the election just been?

        • The wildman

          If it looks like a troll and sounds like a troll,guess what…..i believe you are right those million will change the govt but thankfully they are the lazy left mainly,those who cant be bothered getting off their chuffs expecting the unions to do their bidding (voting),most benefit grabbers who expect to be paid to vote and the poverty stricken yoof who are affected by teachers (some) that spout green psycho babble.i bow to your superior psychic abilities and your words have been marked.

        • Bazza63

          Wow very impressive, within 2 months of the election 1 million voters have suddenly decided that they would vote Labour without any campaign. If that is a fact then Labour should not have run any electoral campaign & just swept into power.

    • jeremy sayer

      That election result is under investigation.Also,1 million did not vote because they had no one to vote for.Things are going to change.And for the better.

      • The result is not under investigation. What a stupid statement…where is the result under investigation?

        • owl

          after each election there is a review of the election it is part of very good governance by our country – it happens every election – you can go to parliament website to see the process.
          There is no investigation – it is a stupid statement and lack of understanding of our election process. If I am right – I may need to be corrected but I think the process of review was bought in by a labour government. Apology if I have that wrong.

      • The wildman

        Ha ha ha what?????you are unreal.the only investigation is by sue bradford under the “anti spanking bill”.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Angry Handy Andy is doing a great job. Just let him continue to do his job – in oposition

  • Curly1952

    Early days for him yet. Everyone starting a new job no matter what the profession usually has a few months of a cream run. Make no mistake this old union hack will show his true colours as time goes on and that will be the end of the road for him

  • Mary-Ann

    How much is Key paying you to smear Little?

  • Can’t you understand nobody wants to read your kindergarten rubbish. We need somebody to lead us forward and discard the neoliberalism and fascism. You are out of a job. You can go and get some treatment for your mental health problems. Take the two Johns with you.

  • What a bunch of rightwing traitors you have here “Greasy”.