What is it with election campaigns and sourcing content?

A lot of posters and slogans and little video clips as well as music is considered for an election campaign.  You will remember the faux debacle about National using an “unlicensed” version of a song as a background track to their Row Boat video.

I myself have caught parties trying to sell stock shots as New Zealanders many times over.

A similar stoush is happening in the UK where the Torys have used a German landscape to whip people into frenzy about sticking to the steady UK economic road.

tory road

Here is the image as it is being used during the campaign.  

And here is how to came about:

tory road 2

tory road 3

It seems campaign managers and staff still haven’t figured out that they can no longer get away with these things, and they actually have to take the effort to either use a quality local photo library or to get someone to take the photo themselves.

Cutting corners like these just appears amateurish and it totally destroys the message.


– Daily Mail



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  • Captain Darling

    They’ve probably spent many hours and loads of money on photoshopping, you’d think it was just as easy to drive to the country with a camera.

    • ex-JAFA

      I’ve done both on many occasions, and you’re dead right! After a couple of hours labouring away on an existing image, I usually say “sod it” and grab my camera and car keys.

  • Orange

    And mirrored. Nice work on it though.

  • AM

    Seriously, who cares? This is on par with the stuff the Greens moan about.

  • Rocket

    What do you expect from another lefty govt.? The truth unadulterated. Ha!

  • dgrogan

    Bet the Creative Department didn’t pay royalties on that original pic either. They probably thought the MAC operator had done enough to fudge its origins. Wrong.