What is one thing about New Zealand you would love to fix, if you had the power to?


That’s the essence behind ACT’s current campaign “The way you want it”.


In five minutes of video, or five hundred words, tell us how you?d like to see New Zealand.

So, how would you like it?

10 million people? More money? More dolphins, fewer rednecks? Cheaper houses? Old values? New ideas? Better careers? Finally finish off tall poppies? There is no restriction on ideas, so long as they answer the question; how would you like New Zealand to be?

There’s even five prizes up for grabs. ?

The Prize

In five minutes or five hundred words, tell us how you?d like to see New Zealand to win one of five prizes of $500. The five winners will present their idea at ACT?s 2015 conference at a farm with giraffes. The ultimate winner will win a total prize of $2000. The finalists will be chosen by our expert panel led by Prof. Robert McCulloch, the winner will be chose by popular vote on the day.


Entries close February 7, finalists announced Feb 14, Final Feb 21.

ACT are going social, and more importantly, have started to campaign for the 2017 election. ?This is the part?of the election cycle where you can relax and shoot the political breeze without the rapacious “political journalists” dissecting everything for hidden meaning, policy inconsistencies or personal mistakes.

And what better time to sit back and have a chat? ? We’re not under any particular pressure right now – the country seems to be ticking along. ?But there are a few things that eat away at you. ?I’m sure there are.

Why not write a small essay (up to 500 words), or film yourself for a clip up to 5 minutes with how you would change New Zealand if you had the power to do so.

I’ve given it a go. ?If for no other reason than to win and be invited to speak at the ACT conference! ? But seriously, this is like a ‘new years resolution’ for the country.

What can we make better?