When will you thickos get it through your skull that it has nothing to do with Islam?


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  • The Accountant

    Pat’s on the money there. Looks like a duck, acts like a duck, sounds like a duck…… but it isn’t a duck?

  • Grizz30

    I wonder how much UKIP is going to gain from the Islam issues going around at the moment.

    • Salacious Crumb

      As long as their leader doesn’t post photos of himself on Facebook looking like Hitler, they should gain a lot of votes.

  • dgrogan

    Brilliant. So what are our politicians thinking when they watch this I wonder?

    • Pita

      Now there’s an oxymoron…!

    • MaryLou

      Most won’t watch. The others either agree already, or will pop a few blood vessels in doing so!

  • LesleyNZ

    This video is so good and so well thought out and so true.

  • BloodyOrphan

    Sharia courts in Britain?, You have got to be kidding, One law for all except for Islam ?.

    Just goes to show how well that Sociopath Muhhamads’ handbook of torture is written, 1200 years after his death he’s still cowering the Justice systems and Governments of the world.

    Ban the Quran, it is a book of Hate and Violence!.

    • Ban a book? sigh

      • BloodyOrphan

        Is there a better answer Pete ?, Bare minimum it should be explained.

        I.E. Muhammad was a psychopath, and the Quran is his legacy of Hatred and Violence, and it states that if anyone says differently they should have their heads cut off.

        • If you don’t understand why banning the Quran is a terrible idea, we have nothing left to discuss.

          • BloodyOrphan

            C’mon Mr Genius explain it to me.
            Nothing left to discuss?, or just scared that repeating words you do not own may leave you vulnerable.

            I make the statement for a simple reason Pete, No one else has the guts to questions the Quran directly, everyone is cowed by the Terrorism it promotes.

          • johcar

            Rather than jump into book-banning (slippery slope, freedom of speech etc) it would be far more effective – albeit one hell of a lot harder – to convince Muslims that books written over a millennia ago should be taken with a grain of salt.

            Christians (well, most of them anyway) don’t believe that the Bible should be taken literally – nor should the Koran.

          • BloodyOrphan

            It would make a statement, one that can’t be denied, The Quran is not valid in our civilisation, and is a text book of the Sociopath Muhammad, not the word of God, who we all know to be a silent creature.

          • Toasty

            As soon as you ban something you generally end up making it more attractive for people to seek out.

          • BloodyOrphan

            As long as they know the reasoning behind the ban I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

          • johcar

            Once you give someone the power to ban a book (irrespective of how evil we believe it to be) we are on a slippery slope. Quis custodes custodiet?

          • BloodyOrphan

            Yes indeed , a quote well used these days, but the problem is no one has the guts to call this work of a sociopath what it is, the fear is palpable, no one goes there, citing Religious freedom , discrimination etc etc, which is indeed the antithesis of what this particular book contains.

            Like I’ve said before the radicals using this book to justify their evil and hatred and separatist ways, are using statements like this as a sociopathic mechanism to continue their vile preaching.

            I’m saying ban the book as an extreme response to this, because the Governments and Justice systems of the world are literally too scared to broach the subject on any kind of intellectual or scientific level.

            And just so you know, there are indeed many Moderate Muslims who agree with me, they are just too damn scared to say it in a public forum, for fear of getting their heads cut off, or endangering their families.

          • mike

            Who can help Orphan out by naming some famous people who liked to ban or burn books?

          • BloodyOrphan

            Again statements like yours just help the Islamic sociopathic mechanisms to instill fear into the “Free World”. They are extremely well polished and rehearsed, and they know our weaknesses inside out.

            The little black book of Hitler youth Electrocution torture training was banned for a reason mike.

            They still have laws against antisemitism and hate speech in France, the main reason was every 12 year old in occupied Europe had “Hitler is a Genius” tortured into them.

          • mike

            Could you please cite a reference to substantiate your claim, because I have my doubts about its veracity.

          • BloodyOrphan

            Google “The Tears of Muhammad” for a starter, then go do some research about the Koran.

            It preaches illegal acts, Illegal in civilised countries anyway.

          • mike

            Please tell me how that in any way shape or form provides any evidence to support your claim that “every 12 year old in occupied Europe had “Hitler is a Genius” tortured into them”

            You’re all over the place man…focus!

          • BloodyOrphan

            Unfortunately the only reference is historical, and incomplete, but look up Hitler Youth on Wikipedia, it’s accurate enough.

            As for the electrocution torture, that comes directly from My Father, who was subjected to it from the age of 6 through to the age of 12, He had been electrocuted so many times in that period that his teeth were so loose in his skull that they projected out at right angles when he ate any kind of food.

            His hands have a permanent grip on the chair shape as well, my mother also underwent such treatment, when she recalls that period of time she shakes uncontrollably , and has shattered her front teeth as a result.

            There are many people of their age that sport the same physical attributes, most only endured short periods , but my father at the age of six kept telling them to get F**** so they kept torturing him until he changed his tune.

            A great many of them ended up in New Zealand, and I know this because they all without exception will say “Hitler was a Genius”, they have no choice.

            Now I don’t care whether you believe me or not Mike, this subject is now closed as far as I’m concerned.

            I am talking about Islamic sociopathic mechanisms, which you obviously know about, as you have employed them in you attempts to troll my comments.

          • mike

            BO I’m sorry but I call BS… a 6 year old French boy in 1940 something telling a Gestapo agent to “get f’d”?…. yeah no.

            And now you compare me to an Islamic sociopath? Wow, really just wow… you Sir appear to have a few bats in the belfry.

          • BloodyOrphan

            When did I say French or 1940 ?

            U think u Know me Mike but you do not, and yes you are a sociopath.

          • mike

            Good lord man get your story straight… you claimed that “every 12 year old in occupied Europe had “Hitler is a Genius” tortured into them”… now seeing as you made that statement in reference to the Hitler Youth, laws against anti-semitism in France, and the only time France was occupied by the Nazi’s was from 1940 through to 1944 I made a logical guess that was when the supposed torture took place.

            Now if it wasn’t the Nazi’s torturing your father to indoctrinate them to think Hitler was a genius who was it?

            Either your arguments are poorly framed or you are talking nonsense.

            EDIT: And how can I be a sociopath? I am not a criminal, I have a strong moral code, I am sociable and I most definitely have a sense of social responsibility hence why I served my country in the Armed Forces.

          • BloodyOrphan

            Because you keep making assumptions that are incorrect, like I said read up on Hitler youth (It started in 1922), My father was Dutch my Mother was German/French. They started torturing him in 1930 and finished in 1936, my Mother was the same time period.

            Like I said before, I do not care if you believe me or not Mike, stay on the Subject of Islamic radicals and their twisting of our laws and political systems. Anything else you say about HItler to malign me is simple asshatery troll syndrome. You are trying to prove you has some kind of intellect without adding to the actual debate , unlike everyone else who responded to me on this thread.

          • mike

            I think you are doing enough to malign yourself… You don’t need my help.

          • mike

            Did the torture take place in Germany? And who conducted the torture, and why? What was the purpose of torturing a 6 year old Dutch boy to instill a belief that Hitler was a genius?

            And 6 years? That’s a long time. Look at the prisoners who were tortured by the CIA, most of them didn’t last a single session and would do anything they were asked.

            And I don’t have to prove anything… I’m not the one making outrageous claims. I’m just asaking questions and seeking clarification about some of your more outlandish statements.

          • LesleyNZ

            I think everyone should have an English copy of the Quran.Very easy to obtain. When you read it you will see how disjointed it is to the point of not making sense and how Muhammad has obviously copied (plagiarized) some Bible stories/Biblical events and added to them – to suit his religion.

          • WeaselKiss

            I have heard it said that just simply reading the Bible cover to cover ( as many have done) is quite pointless, the reader really needs the guidance of The Holy Sprit to help with interpretation.
            I wonder what spirit, if any, would be needed to help one interpret the Koran?

          • mike

            According to Islam… the very same God.

          • LesleyNZ

            There is no Holy Spirit with the Koran – all I can conclude is – it is an evil spirit which IMO is the devil.

          • mike

            And the Devil was created by God, who was Omnipotent and therefore knew exactly what he was doing, therefore the Devil is part of Gods great plan.

            Another reason why I don’t accept Christianity or Islam or any religion that teaches that life is preordained.

          • petedude

            Actually the Koran only seems disjointed because it’s ordered based on the size of the verses (possibly to make it seem more mysterious and “profound”). If the Koran is reordered chronologically and read in conjunction with the Hadith, it reads like a story. Amazon sells an abridged Koran by Bill Warner, which does this for you.

            I’m most of the way through it. So far it’s basically a big rant about how all unbelievers will be punished in hell, and how all past cultures who disbelieved their prophets were destroyed by Allah. I’ve just got to the bit where Muslims start killing unbelievers under Mohammed’s direction. IMHO it sounds more like the words of a madman than those of a god.

            Every non-Muslim should read the Koran. Then to the next idiot who whines “but the Koran is all about peace and love” you can say “How do you know? Have you actually READ it?”. Anyone who does read it will quickly pull their head out of the sand and stop spouting such BS once they learn the truth about Islam and its mission to convert the world to Islam (and kill or persecute those who refuse to submit).

          • mike

            Probably why the Jews referred to him as ha-meshuggah or the Madman.

          • LesleyNZ

            Yep – and I think a lot of Muslims have never really read the Quran themselves. I think every Muslim should also read the Quran.

    • There have been official state sanctioned sharia courts in the UK for a while now. They handle cases of Islamic inheritance and so forth amongst other things. Usually in conflict with actual English law, but it would be racist to say otherwise.

      • BloodyOrphan

        That’s categorically wrong, no wonder they are having riots.

      • Geoff

        Islam is not a race, therefore criticism cannot be racist.

    • Rimutaka

      You do know there has been a Jewish Court system in the UK for over 100 years don’t you. No, you didn’t know whoopsie…someone looks a bit silly.

      As for Banning the Koran because it is a book of hate and violence, many people would same the same of the Torah and by extension the Bible. Or do we only ban books that don’t share your own religious views?

      • BloodyOrphan

        I’d be happy to ban them all, they should be relegated to the shelves as texts of sociopathic manipulation and ignorance.

        The radicals Imams’ that stand on the Quran use it to shield themselves with religious sancimony, and the “Free World” lets them in the name of “Free Speech”.

        • mike

          Then you’d also be willing to ban any Christian influenced institutions?

          • BloodyOrphan

            What makes you say that mike ?

          • mike

            If you aren’t then you could easily be labelled a hypocrite… you want to remove Islamic and Jewish influenced institutions but not Christian ones? Smacks a bit of extremism to me… in fact it sounds exactly like what the radical Muslims want to do, its either their way or the edge of the sword.

    • JAFA Gazza

      Whilst I think I understand the basis of your sentiments, Banning a book of any religion will not quell the ideology it has inspired. Millions who subscribe to its tenets will not just simply “go away”. It will be the opposite. It will enrage, inflame and amplify anger and hostility.
      Ban the activists, the inciters and the abusers of our LAW in NZ….then there’s a basis of going forward I think….

      • BloodyOrphan

        I agree with your sentiment, banning the book is just removing on of their sanctimonious pillars.

      • mike

        No, don’t ban anything. Just enforce the law and punish those who break it.

        Inciting hatred (like those signs in the picture above do) is illegal and therefore anyone carrying such a sign should be arrested and prosecuted.

        Banning things doesn’t work, it just forces it underground where we can’t see it. If we can’t see it then we ignore it. If we ignore it then it festers and grows until one day BOOM!

        Ignorance (which banning will cause) is not bliss, it is dangerous.

    • Builder

      Banning the book will be impossible. We need laws enforced for those that incite violence such as shown the placards below.

      • BloodyOrphan

        Agreed, but no one is enforcing them, so I’m trying to make the point in a very blunt way, remove the religious sanctimony and look at those books for what they truly are, books of sociopathic manipulation and justifications of violence , separatism and hatred.

        • mike

          No they are just books. Pieces of paper with words on them… people give those words meaning and power… the words by themselves are harmless.

          You could easily replace the Qu’ran with the Book of Sith (now available at Barnes and Noble *snigger*) and if enough people “believed” in what was written we might have a bunch of evil Sith running around doing evil things.


          What I’m saying is the books are not inherently evil or good, they are inanimate objects.

          People can be good or evil, things can not be.

    • mike

      I could invoke Godwin here… or have I actually invoked Godwin by saying that I could invoke Godwin?

      Damn it’s all so confusing.

      • BloodyOrphan

        Don’t go there mike, I know more about Hitler than most, I am after all a product of that War, and I mean that literally. I have personal experience with torture, and I hate it with a vengeance.

        • mike

          I don’t know your personal circumstances, but unless you have actually met Hitler and had a conversation with him then you know about as much him as anyone who can read.

          And at a higher level we are all products of both WW1 and WW2. Our society as a whole and each of us individually is heavily influenced by both those events (and many more), both ideologically and emotionally.

          • BloodyOrphan

            Ya went their, you were right you have indeed Mentioned Hitler for no other apparent reason that to mention Hitler, so you are a student of Goodwin 4 sure Mike.

            What has any of your statements got to do with Islamic fundamentalism and it’s sociopathic manipulation of western media and political systems ?

          • mike

            You brought up Hitler you silly sausage! I just mentioned Godwin because Herr Hitler and his far right party were big into burning books and banning anything they didn’t agree with.

            Your very statement of banning the Qu’ran is an example of fundamentalism and the sociopathic ignorance of western ideals, which are tolerance, freedom, logic and reason. The hallmarks of the Great Enlightenment.

            You my dear Sir are not really showing those ideals.

          • BloodyOrphan

            No you brought it up Mike, Goodwins Law is about Hitler Mike.

            And yes I’m aware it flies in the face of “Free Speech”, I’m saying it because Fundamentalist Muslims use that very fact to continue preaching their doctrines of hate and violence.

          • mike

            I mentioned Godwin and if I’d dare invoke it, which I admitted may actually have invoked it… you brought up Hitler. However your original tirade was the provocation for my statement about Godwin, ergo you are cause of the Godwin parable.

    • Cremster

      Yeah and if anyone tries to print it, storm their offices and kill them!


      Having read the rest of your posts I think it is necessary to add a [SARC] here.

    • Intrigued

      Apparently there are approx 85 Sharia courts operating in Britain. The law society has even come up with guidelines for solicitors drafting wills so that they are compliant with Sharia. I kid you not! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2587215/Sharia-Law-enshrined-British-legal-lawyers-guidelines-drawing-documents-according-Islamic-rules.html
      In NZ we have our own Sharia developments in the law to be concerned about: http://www.otago.ac.nz/law/research/journals/otago036320.pdf
      It’s all in the name of embracing multiculturalism and sensitivity to cultural diversity. It will ruin our civilisation unless enough people say ‘enough’!

      • BloodyOrphan

        Well I have to say I am dead set against sharia law of any kind in New Zealand.

        • Intrigued

          I’m with you 100% on that. I just hope enough of our lawmakers, enforcers and judges are in agreement with that and can be brave enough to enforce NZ law against those among the Muslim community who commit crimes or contravene our laws, even when they are otherwise sanctioned by the Sharia system. It’s the Muslim women and children in particular who become the victims if we don’t.

  • Bartman

    Well said. I imagine this bloke has a small army of hired protection on 24 hour duty, brave man but one of many, with many more to come I am certain.

  • Reason1

    I have been watching Pat Condell’s videos for about 5 years, there is a place for his lack of PC blinkers. Search for the blind eye turned on Moslam gangs raping western woman in some European countries. That should be a shocking story, but it is buried by soft police and compliant journalists, not mention feminists, what happened to them?


  • Bryan

    are just reading sean McMeekin book “The berlin to Bahgdad Express” about 1914 and how the germans were using the moslems to ferment trouble for the british french and russians by getting them to start a jihad and what do i read quote
    ” The killing of the infidels who rule over the Islamic lands has become a scared duty, whether it Be secretly or openly , as the great koran declares in its word
    “Take them and kill them whenever you come across them” :” this was being printed and promoted by the germans to create a jihad uprising in 1914 100 years ago so here we are 100 years later and the same message, objective and mission, and this religion of peace so called want to try an tell you and me they have changed yea right