Will Winston support the Greens with a new Leader?


Greens? Don’t even eat them for dinner, why would I go into government with them


There is almost no way the Greens can get into government without Winston Peters letting them.

This basic fact is ignored by all in the liberal elite media, and no one has bothered to sit down with Winston and ask him whether he will let the Greens into government.  

The inside word from New Zealand First is that even though Winston respects the low bastardry exhibited by Kevin Hague and James Shaw to knife Russel Norman he still doesn’t like the Greens.

Yet no one has asked him what he thinks, and whether he will use his veto to stop the Greens getting into government.

So far the Greens have been in Parliament as a stand alone party since 1999, and they have never held a ministerial portfolio.

For them to hold a ministerial portfolio after the 2017 election they almost certainly need to be able to form a government with Labour alone, not Labour and anyone else because anyone else will leave them out.

Especially if anyone else is Winston.


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  • Isherman

    Labour really is the lefts problem. Lets look at it the other way, would Winston really want Labour on about 45% if the Greens could hold at 10% or above?, I suspect not because he potentially then becomes ‘disposable’, if Labour ever have an option to form a coalition with the Greens alone, or even with Peter Dunne thrown in for one more. As I suggested in another post, the whole left block is just an omnishambles until you have a 40-45% + Labour party, and can you see that any time soon?,.. I can’t.

  • Christie

    Can’t see it. In some ways, Russell Norman gave them a bit more respect – brought them more into the mainstream. Can’t see Metirei continuing with that. But the one to watch is Jamie Shaw. He has Future Leader written all over him. Whether this is good or bad, I have yet to decide.

  • BJ

    If Kevin Hague becomes the new Green co-leader, he is the very fish to caress the old ram’s ego until Winston is pliable, in time for the next election.

  • Boris Piscina

    Can’t see it. Winston has never criticised the Gweens on the basis of personality, in fact he’s reputed to be on very warm personal terms with Turei. Rather it’s their philosophical positioning, and policies particularly economics to which he is diametrically opposed, and there is no reason to believe that would change under any new Leader.

  • zotaccore

    Peters’ lacks modesty, therefore, by default, he will never hook up with the Green’s while they have a numptie like Turei who lacks modesty even more than Peters’ does – especially with her latest comments about Norman’s stepping implying it’s an indication of confidence in her. She needs to see a doctor, screws are looser than usual.