Winston back hatin’ on the Chinese to get in the news

I’d ignore this, but the problem is, he spouts this crap and the MSM are happy to give him the space.

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has criticised the number of foreign students choosing to study here, saying it is likely due to incentives such as permanent residency.

Mr Peters said there were 93,000 overseas students enrolled to study, an increase of 12 per cent in the last year.

He also noted that the number of Indian students studying in New Zealand had risen by 60 per cent over the last year. “The number coming in is spiralling thanks to ‘incentives’ being offered beyond the visa rules. The National government’s softening of restrictions, by allowing foreign students to work is pushing numbers to unacceptable levels.

What Peters doesn’t mention is that education is a substantial foreign exchange earner for New Zealand.  He makes it sound like they come into the country packed in containers with flat screen TVs.  

“At the same time, students are being ‘sold’ the student visa as a pathway to permanent residency.”

Mr Peters said many of these overseas students were “behind counters in supermarkets and working in service stations”.

“Kiwi workers now face more unfair competition for jobs, which are not in abundance. The official unemployment rate is 140,000 and about a quarter of young Maori and Pasifika do not have a job.

“Student visas should not be used to flood the job market, drive down wages and undermine conditions and increase the already record number of permanent immigrants.”

Gee, I don’t know.  They’re here.  They pay for their accommodation and living expenses, they pay GST, they do some work and pay taxes, and if they are the right kind of person to fit in, they may become a permanent resident who is well educated, a net tax payer, and a contributing member to New Zealand.

I wish Winston would just change the record.   Actually, scrap that.  I wish the NZ media wouldn’t give him easy column inches and sound bites.  This Asian bashing is getting really really tired now.




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  • sandalwood789

    The thing is – if Winston changed tack and made *Islam* the focus of his attention then he’d be doing something useful – drawing attention to a genuine danger.
    It’s a pity that this idea hasn’t occurred to him.
    If he left the Chinese alone and “turned his guns” on Islam then I’d be tempted to vote for him for that alone. None of our parties are doing that at present.

    • kehua

      Problem for Winston with that is, they might bite back.

    • petedude

      True. And it’s weird that the majority of NZers are openly racist towards Asians, yet if you say a single word against Islam the same people will accuse you of being “racist”.

      Aside from the hypocrisy, I fail to see how Islam can possibly be considered a “race” when Islam includes people of almost every culture and creed:

      • sandalwood789

        “…I fail to see how Islam can possibly be considered a “race”…”

        It can’t be and isn’t (a race). End of story.

        The lefties only use the “racist” tag against anti-Islam people because they have nothing else in their arsenal. “Islamophobe” is just utterly stupid and says more about the person using it than the “target”.

  • Teletubby

    Perhaps Mr Peters should consider why in a free labour market employers are choosing to employ these foreign studentss ahead of the 25% of young Maori and Pasifika he mentions . He can’t blame racism so what is it Winston?

    • The2Game

      And Mr Peters might care to wonder why it is an employer in this modern day and age would prefer to employ a Chinese or Indian graduate rather than a WinstonFirst-voting bigot.

    • Jas

      It is a combination of things.
      1) They will work for minimum wage (or even lower) in a job that has higher wages.
      2) Do whatever hours they are told too and in a lot of cases don’t know about Penals and Lieu days etc.
      3) Will tend to do extra hours more than they are contracted to do and do them for no extra pay.
      4) The owners tend to be from the same ethnic group which makes it easier to control the workers and with some of the cultural norms they won’t rock the boat even when they are getting screwed.
      5) The owners if from overseas tend to stereotype certain NZ groups so won’t employ anyone from that group.

      • ex-JAFA

        1) Good for them, setting their own conditions. More evidence that an arbitrary “minimum wage” interferes in free negotiations between employer and employee.
        2) They’ll be working the hours they’re asked (employees cannot be “told” to do anything) to work and earning accordingly. If they’re not interested in compensation over and above their wage/salary/contract, that’s more evidence that across-the-board penal rates/conditions interfere in free negotiations between employer and employee.
        3) Good for them, choosing go above and beyond. No doubt their current and future employers will value their commitment.
        4) Nobody’s indentured to a particular job or employer. If employees choose to work within a culture with which they’re familiar, and according to the conditions they’ve agreed with their employer, they’ll be very happy.
        5) It’s great that employers have the freedom to employ whomever they like. It is, after all, their business and reputation that’s on the line.

        • Jas

          1) They are not setting their own conditions, they are taking what the employer knows they can exploit them for. In some cases $5-7 dollars an hour.
          2) They do the hours they are ‘told’, sometimes up to 70 a week for which the employer tells the labour department they do 40, with the threat of instant dismissal and visa problems of they complain.
          3) No the employers sees it as a way to keep their costs down.
          4) Yes they are by threat of dismissal and loss of visa.

  • Murray Smith

    “The official unemployment rate is 140,000 and about a quarter of young Maori and Pasifika do not have a job.”

    Well first in, first served, unless of course they really weren’t that interested in obtaining the jobs ?

  • Mrs_R

    Winston won’t change the record because he is hitting the right note with many older voters who remember NZ as being a different place than it is today, and in their view it was better. These older people believe the country they fought for and worked hard to improve for future generations is now being sold off with very little consideration being given to the continued opportunities of future NZ generations (eg. their grand and great grand children). While most visiting this blog would like to see a reduction in Muslim immigration, those I speak to in Resthomes and Retirement Villages would like to see more wide spread limits to ease housing and job concerns for the ‘young ones starting out’. Winston understands that not everyone thinks the same, but he will chase votes where he knows he will find them.

    • BJ

      He is a traditionalist first and foremost and continues to fight – using whatever ammo he’s got – to conserve what remains of the NZ lifestyle many of us will fondly remember growing up with. Although his methodology is questionabe I can’t dismiss his good intentions.

  • JC

    Looks like Winston and the Greens are both fighting over the remains of the Mana mob. Meteiria’s cut at destabilising the Treaty settlements may have set Winnies teeth on edge so he’s back on the Asian horse to get his share.

    Both probably like the thought of having all that youthful yobbism on their side for the demonstrations to come.


  • Sharky75

    Having worked in Finance in a tertiary institution – it 100% about the money to prop up budget shortfalls plain and simple.

  • caochladh

    Back in 2006, when addressing an ASEAN meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Peters made the following statement:
    “According to research completed by Massey University, Maori came from mainland China, and were part of a High Mountain national tribe (Gao Shan Zhu), one of the 55 Chinese minorities, Peters said in the speech. That means I have Chinese blood in me.”
    If what he says is factual and he believes it, then why does he hate his whanau so?

  • Adios Africa

    With Winnie, its difficult to know whether it is him or the bottle talking.

    Here is an example from the old wino in Parliament:

  • El Diablo

    I wasn’t aware that the student visa was a fastrack to getting permanent residence. If that is the case, then it sounds like maybe that is something that needs to be looked at. A 60% increase in Indian students in 1 year? Given that India has the third largest Muslim population in the world and given the concerns that this blog has voiced on numerous occasions with muslim immigration, it seems this could be a real cause for concern.

  • Backdoor

    I wonder how many Kiwi young people apply to the local petrol station to do the 4.00pm to midnight shift? Or even the 10.00pm to 6.00am shift? Employers will employ whoever is willing to work.

    • R&BAvenger

      The problem is, people from SE Asia, in fact most other countries outside of NZ, have a couple of key ingredients missing when compared to young New Zealanders – a work ethic and motivation.
      Both have been driven from them by the expansion of the welfare state. Thanks Labour/Greens.

  • R&BAvenger

    The whole political opposition are just a re-run of the same old, same old. It’s like Groundhog day. That goes for This waste of space (Peters), Labour and the Greens.
    Until they change their message the majority of voters aren’t listening.

  • ruawai

    My sister works in early childhood and says immigrants especially Indians are coming in this way. The wife comes to study early childhood at tech, then gets a job, then gets husband in as she has a job, then brings the extended family. I always thought you had to have money, education and skills to get into the country. Seems there is a loophole where if you come here to study you can then get a job and then family into NZ.

  • Jas

    Rather than blaming Asians I think Winston would be better off getting the Department of Labour to crack down on employers exploiting the students and immigrants.
    This would make the playing field more level and mean work ethic etc rather than pay rates would determine who gets the jobs.

  • Just a thought …

    Being Winston’s speech writer must be a “cushy” number……….

  • zotaccore

    I doubt Peters’ xenophobic outlook would go down with the many thousands of kiwi’s that head overseas to study and eventually stay on there before returning to NZ year’s later. Perhaps because he has not extensively lived overseas but been more cocooned within NZ’s borders that he hasn’t come to appreciate that in this day and age the world of global migration is a phenomena that is never going to go away – people seek opportunities where they see it is of benefit to their future. It’s a human right to decide own future – but not within Peters’ world – he’s got this dreadfully wrong.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It might well be a soft form of migration to NZ but it is a win-win for the tax payers. They come with a willingness to succeed and by the time they qualify/graduate they have already established some work history. Naturally they pay tax on this income being the first win. They are also not subsidised by the tax payer with interest free loans to gain a degree in modern maypole decoration. Win two.
    Conversely there are some who have begun to whinge about how tough they find here with high accommodation costs and having to work hard for their money but they do have an option. Go back home we already are over populated with whingers and some of those continue to be a liability even after they reach their degree level.

  • Sailor Sam

    Atr least they are willing to work.
    Too many Maori and Pacifica do not want to work, do not have to work because the government gives them money and they do not have the skills because the education system lets them down.

  • Wallace Westland

    I note that most people who support rampant immigration are the same people that are already in the housing market and also don’t have to compete with new migrants in the job market who (and I know this because I hire people and lots of them are migrants) will accept lower wages than their Kiwi counterparts.

    Make no mistake about it they are also the ones that know every single benefit and hand out going, use up all their sick days every year and have more family emergencies than anyone else.
    I’m no xenophobe and I am most definitely not a Winston supporter but I’m sick and tired of hearing people that make honest observations being labelled racist.
    Nothing he has said in that article is untrue and as it happens it wasn’t that long ago there were young Maori, Pacific and Pahkeha youth working nights in service stations. Now they don’t get a look in as the owners are all cashed up Indian migrants who employ their own people.

    EDIT: Added “and lots of them are migrants”

  • Mike K

    Much rather have a hard working Asian become a permanent resident that say….a angry religious fanatic who wants to transform my county into a copy of the same screwed up piece of dirt they just fled from.

  • Chris W

    Immigration levels are public policy and his constituents have a view on them. You don’t have to agree with them (I don’t), but I’m tired of people trying to rule certain points of view as unfit for expression.