Would you like the “Main holidays” shifted into February?


via AA

A poll of 500 people by Research New Zealand showed nearly half were in favour of a shift because the weather was better in February – when most people returned to work.

Support increased from the 42 percent who were in favour of the shift in 2010.

Research New Zealand director Emanuel Kalafatelis said city dwellers were most in favour, while those in rural areas were against the idea.

“The nature of the business activity in those [rural] areas as opposed to main urban centres, the average farmer can’t stop whatever their doing at the moment and shift their activities.

Personally I hope they don’t change it because things go nice and quiet after January and you have two brilliants months where nothing is overcrowded, there are no huge lines to wait in, and all the plebs are back at work.  (It’s just the dodgy tourists you have to compete with).

But it does make more sense.  As does staggering the holidays.  It will suit traffic (road toll), and accommodation and tourism resources will get better occupancy and attendance rates as there won’t be a big push over just two weeks.

Where do you sit on this?




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  • conwaycaptain

    Start the school year on 1/3 and there you have it. Christmas and New Year 2 days of holidays in adjoining weeks. Only problem is the people going back to their native country for the Christmas hols and rellies coming out. Also airline have problems with time tables.

  • Woody

    I certainly don’t want the “Main Holidays” moved to Feb. That is a time when my workload is low, the weather is generally good and all the best places for us to go in our motorhome have hardly anyone there.

    • Rick H

      Ha – I should’ve read down before posting my almost identical one. LOL

  • Whitey

    I like things just the way they are. Everything is nice and quiet in Feb, and the weather is good too. I really enjoy having time off in Feb.

    • Albert Lane

      That’s when we like to travel around the South Island. The kids have gone back to school. There are only campervans on the roads and in the motor camps. It’s all very relaxed, and the weather is at its best.

  • ozbob68

    Some government departments give 3 months grace to use up excess holiday allowance from the prior year, so Feb and March are great times to take holidays for those without kids. So leave it as it is please.

    edit: added Some

  • Leave it as it is please. On again/off again work patterns would be awkward. You would just get back into the swing of things after having family for christmas (unless your talking moving christmas too) and your back on holiday. Often makes me wonder how the US does it, just get back from thanksgiving and Christmas pops it head up. From a business perspective it must be a royal pain.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Some way of spreading the current holiday season would help the tourism industry, I bet.

    We often wonder how people manage to run successful businesses such as camp sites when a huge proportion of their trade falls into just 2 or 3 weeks around Christmas. This must have an effect on the amount of investment they can put into things like shower/toilet blocks, games rooms etc.

    The current arrangement means that to be able to cope with demand at its peak there has to be a huge overcapacity for the remaining 48 months of the year.

  • sheppy

    Leave it as it is, it allows those of us without kids to enjoy some peace and quiet with good weather during term times. Having everything shut down over Xmas is a pain but it can be planned for. It also allows those with family commitments to visit relatives over seas when they are off too.

  • Michael

    Leave it as it is – the extra break by adding the statutory days is a big plus.

  • RockinBob625

    The second MSM article in last week with a recommendation to do this….sounds like a great reason NOT to do it.
    First article was a piece on 3News talking about reading achievement in children and how Decile 10 kids did better over the holidays than lower decile. Main reason was going to the library, and second was taking a book home from the library. However one of the suggested fixes was a change to a five term school year.

    Ok, so in both of these suggested changes you will need to get the Teachers Unions to sign off on moving the school holidays. I am guessing that they will not be on board, and be rather militant in their opposition.

    As a retailer who relies on Xmas for a large percentage of my years remuneration, I cannot afford to be away from the business at this time of year. I get to go on holiday at a later time. Things are cheaper for me then, offpeak.

    So don’t mess with the holidays, don’t even suggest it. It is too hard to change.

  • Dave

    Leave it as is, when our kids were younger, and we were forced to take holidays in their school breaks, we usually went away for a few days between Christmas and new year, but worked every other day, until the last week of January and then went away with them. Now, we wait until everyone else is back at school and work and head off in late Feb, or early march, fewer kids around (YAH) and a more relaxed holiday. NB: whilst I’m in Aussie, i think this applies to us here too……

  • cows4me

    What are the “main holidays”?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Main holidays are between school terms finish and then start.
      Don’t cows go on holidays so you can have a rest C4M?

  • johcar

    Doesn’t worry me. I’m self-employed. I take breaks when my clients take breaks. And being self-employed, I also take breaks when I want or need to take breaks.

    As far as traffic and accommodation is concerned, if the holidays are moved then everything else will just shift accordingly.

  • Spiker

    Thats a big NO from us. Feb is when we take a few days, when every ones vacated our little corner of paradise.

  • RightofSingapore

    Against, for the reasons you’ve stated and because I don’t like change

  • Rick H

    Please, Please leave it as it is.

    We also, love the peace and quiet of our “purposely timed” Feb and even March camping trips.
    Can’t be bothered with the crowd over the school holidays.

    • Cadwallader

      Fewer speed cameras on the road too I imagine?

  • Cadwallader

    I am semi retired these days and favour November or early December. Weather can be potluck but there’s few others on a break.

  • Nige.

    Imagine if half the people took their break now and half in Feb. Ordering parts at this time of year is hard enough…..and then just when things are getting back to normal in mid jan and you need parts from another company who’s on holiday…. Urgh….

    • Rick H

      But, surely, half the staff at each company you deal with would still be there?
      No company should close down completely.

      • Nige.

        Ohh yes. Things get prrrretty slow in my current line of work.

  • Jafarma

    As a parent with kids now out of school so I’m not beholden to the school holiday timetable, leaving as is is just fine. I work on the non-public holidays over Xmas / New Year and also through January, and now take my holidays in Feb when all those with school children have left the holiday spots.

  • Rick H

    It is correct as it is now.
    Younger ones like having a heap of people, mates, others, etc when on holidays.
    Keep the holidays as they are now for them.
    They don’t like the peace and tranquility of a vacant or almost vacant camping spot.

    But, after you grow up a bit and the kids are gone, it is the complete opposite.
    Hate camping where there is a noisy crowd. Enjoy camping where the place is empty, or a few like-minded similar aged people arrive for the night.

    • El Jorge

      Isn’t ‘like-minded’ code for swingers?

  • Sally

    Changing it to February will be a sure way of making the climate change.

    • JKV

      Haha Sally. Loved that comment.

  • JKV

    No, please leave it as it is. Kids and parents enjoy the summer break at Christmas – as it should be. When we lived in New Zealand (back in the day) we always took our holidays in February – avoiding the summer crowds. After years of living overseas we are now back in NZ and planning out break in February – bliss!

  • andrewo


    I plan on retiring in a couple years – I want you wage-slaves off MY beach come February.


  • I.M Bach

    Don’t do it! My wife and I do our best to take leave in February so as to avoid the idiots, I mean masses. Moving holidays to Feb would ruin everything.

  • TreeCrusher

    I think public holidays should be scrapped altogether and just given to us as extra annual leave. I hate all the one off useless days off work, shortened weeks just stresses everyone out when deadlines still have to be met and I for one would rather add them all up and have an extra few days over Christmas or some other extended break during the year.

  • Mythrandir

    No change! February is a great month to take your own holidays when most are back to the daily grind. Great weather and less hussle and bustle of the festive season when traveling.